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Gold Investments is a family-owned business, which has been trading gold since 1981.

Gold Investments - Mike TempleHeaded up by Mike Temple, who has over 50 years experience and knowledge in the investment markets, the business prides itself in offering a personal service to all its clients, both private and institutional

Moving forward with the Internet era, Gold Investments is the only bullion house who now offer the ability to buy gold and sell on-line with live prices via their website backed up with the same professional service.

After investment into eligible gold bullion bars and coins became officially free of VAT throughout the EU, Gold investments offered a friendly and professional face to investment, and continue to do so to this day.

We always hold a wide range of coins and bars in our bank vaults for immediate delivery and all coins and bars quoted are in stock.


Leading Authorities On Gold InvestmentsGold Investments - Oliver Temple

Oliver Temple is one of our leading authorities on gold investments.

Follow his regular expert analysis and gold news here.


Over 45 Years In Gold Bullion Business

Our other leading authories in their own rights are:

  • John Clark who has been in the gold bullion business for over 45 years.

    Gold Investments - John Clark

  • Simon Temple who also has many years experience.







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