Where To Buy Gold?

It will help you to formulate a gold investment strategy if you have a clear idea of the way you prefer to buy your gold from the outset, and where you intend to buy it from.


Have a plan

Choosing where to buy gold is a subjective decision and depends to a large extent on how much you are wanting to invest and for how long you intend to hold onto that investment, what your objectives are in your investment portfolio as a whole, and how much risk you are prepared to take to gain a good return on your investment.


Find an honest broker

There is no substitute for finding a dealer or broker you can trust, and one that you feel comfortable with. It goes without saying that you need to choose an established dealer with a proven ability and a good reputation. Today you can buy gold remotely online, but the same guidelines of due diligence apply.


How about ‘paper’ gold?

You may wish to add exposure to gold values in your investment portfolio by buying financial instruments such as gold mining stocks, exchange traded funds (ETFs), and even speculative vehicles such as futures and options.

Unless you are an experienced investor with a specialist knowledge of these investment types and the markets trading in them, you should take professional advice from your stockbroker or financial adviser.

Fact: Gold can be hammered into thin sheets and ultimately gold leaf can be so thin that an ounce of gold will produce a wafer of 100 square feet – or can be drawn out to make a thin gold wire around 50 miles in length.


Holding gold bullion

‘Paper’ gold investments are far more speculative and subject to fluctuations in the particular markets in which they are traded than gold bullion. The degree of risk involved contrasts starkly with the low volatility and security which makes holding physical gold so popular with risk-averse investors.

It goes without saying that you cannot buy cheap gold (and if you are offered any, then it is likely to be less of a bargain than you think!)

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