Why Buy Gold?

Buying gold has always been regarded as a safe and reliable investment. Paper currency can lose much of its value overnight as a result of political uncertainty, war, or natural disasters, whereas tangible, durable gold always maintains its intrinsic attraction as an asset to invest in.

Investors make gold purchases feeling confident that their investment is virtually guaranteed to retain most of its value as a highly marketable commodity.


Swings and roundabouts…

Prices for the metal may rise and fall in line with markets, but individual governments cannot manipulate the price of gold, a globally traded and stable commodity, as easily and as quickly as they can change the face value of their own paper currency.

So, gold remains a secure hedge against fluctuations in markets and national currencies, as there are very few places in the world where this precious metal is not acceptable as a universal form of currency for trading and exchanging value.


Stable markets

Gold is widely regarded as a fundamental asset with a place in any long-term investment portfolio, since it offers a stability rarely found in any other financial instrument.

Its worldwide presence and the diversity of forms and security of locations in which gold is stored make it easily tradable and broadly immune to the wilder swings of the financial markets.


A safe investment

Whereas promissory notes (paper money) depend on an issuers promise to pay the bearer, gold bullion has its own intrinsic value. This gives it a stability which is its greatest strength, and to a degree a potential weakness as an investment proposition for those looking for capital gain in the short to medium term.

However if you are looking for reliability and security there is little reason to look any further – buying gold is your safest bet!


Get good advice

When looking to buy gold, as with any other investment, it pays to seek advice from the experts. That's why it is essential to choose your dealers and investment advisers with great care, and find honest brokers you can trust. We would be delighted to help if you are still wondering "why buy gold".

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