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Family Investments: Savings Providers Reducing Guaranteed Protected Limit

F"Familyamily Investments: The amount that is protected by saving providers is being reduced in January 2016.

The reason is that the pound is currently strong against the euro – €100,000 protection is now equal to around £72,000.

The EU limit is not changing but to make sure it is still equivalent, the limit is reducing to £75,000.

To fall in line with the rest of the Europe, a £85,000 limit was imposed in 2010 so that everyone with a saving account had €100,000 protection or the equivalent.

Every five years, UK regulators have a duty to review the protection limit so that it is the same as the rest of the EU.



If you have more than £75,000 you may wish to choose gold as a way of spreading your family investments.

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