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Shock At Deceptive Tactics Competitor Offering “Buy Gold Online” Services Used

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"GoldScrolling through websites in Google looking for a reputable bullion dealer – if you’re looking to buy gold online – can be confusing at the least and at the worse costly if you end up choosing the wrong dealer, writes bullion expert Oliver Temple.

There seems to be so many websites where you can buy and sell gold. Who do you trust?

I’ve compiled my 10 top tips on choosing a gold bullion dealer particularly for the first time. The tips can be found here.

As a gold bullion dealer – we’re one of the oldest in the UK – we’ve always worked hard to deliver an exceptional level of service. We are trusted because of this. We don’t rest on our laurels and are always looking to improve.

Legal Action

Trust has to be earnt. We have never even tried anything underhand and that includes against our competitors. It’s an honest approach and one of the reasons why our many loyal customers continue to use us.

What I am about to share with you shocked us. It caused confusion amongst some of our customers and, for a time, harmed our reputation. This incident was so serious that we are considering taking legal action against our competitor.

Like many businesses we use Twitter as a way of building brand awareness and passing on advice which we feel may benefit the wider community. Sharing knowledge is the right thing to do.


We were, therefore, horrified that one of our main competitors had hacked into our own Twitter account. It meant that they were able to re-direct people to their own website – tweeting as us.

It caused confusion for our Twitter followers and customers. It cannot have been of any benefit to their customers either.

A number of tweets were sent out from our Twitter account in the incident last month. We still do not have any idea of why or how this was done but we reported the hacking to Twitter immediately. Twitter carried out their own investigation which led to them suspending the competitor’s Twitter account. Twitter takes impersonation very seriously.


If you visit the competitor’s Twitter account now you will see a message stating the account is suspended.

Due to possible legal proceedings I will not name this competitor. All I will say is that they have been trading for many years and use different websites to sell their “buy gold online” services. They are well known in the field.

Check Social Media Profiles

When you are choosing a gold bullion dealer you may want to check their social media profiles.

Not all gold bullion dealers – it seems – can be trusted. Our competitor has brought the sector into disrespect. I hope the action taken by Twitter and our possible legal action will stop these dealers, however long they have been trading for, committing offences – offences which at the end of the day mislead customers.


What concerns me the most is that if they stoop to low levels like this with Twitter, how are they treating their customers?

Please feel to talk to us if you are thinking about “buy gold online” options – we have been trusted by our many loyal customers since we began in 1981.

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