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Buying Gold


On Wed, Jun 7, 2017 at 6:47 PM, Tim Mitchell <[email protected]> wrote:

(Nicola is thinking about gold.

Worried about the election results and any potential economic exturbulence she is wanting to protect her portfolio.

(Nicola comes is Indian family back, the precious metal has always been important with its spirtusl heritage.

Nicola is an IT entrepreneur.

‘It’s something that as a family we have always invested in but I have been reluctant to invest too much in gold and I am looking at other assets’

Senior bullion dealer, Oliver Temple, says N xx is right not to not just look at gold.

Physical gold has actually generally been performing steadily but what we have seen is just how quickly the price of gold can change. So for, instance, we saw a huge demand for the metal. In fact, gold prices went up by 500 per cent.

Some investors, such as N, are worried about the economic outcome from the election. We would expect demand for the metal to increase.

It’s worth pointing out that many factors affect gold prices – we’ve been watching prices increasing in the US recently.

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