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Gold Prices, Man Who Discovers Huge Gold Haul & More News

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April 2017: Gold News From Around The World


Global Tensions Pushing Up Gold Prices

Increasing global tension around North Korea and Syria have pushed gold prices to their highest level since November 2016.

Bullion rose 0.2 % on Wednesday to $1,274 per troy ounce as of 9:40am GMT after earlier reaching its highest level since November 10 last year of $1,279.85.


Germany Brings Back Gold 

The Deutsche Bundesbank in 2016 brought back around 216 metric tons (238 tons) of the precious metal to Frankfurt. The central bank said in a press release that its plan to move more of Germany’s gold reserves back home was ahead of schedule.


Huge Haul Of Gold Found In Ex War Tank

A man has found £2,000,000 in gold in the back of an old Soviet War tank that he bought for £30,000. Video footage of Joe Hewes (23) discovering his find has gone viral.


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