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When To Buy Gold? And Other Questions Answered

Gold Investments

Senior bullion dealer, Oliver Temple, answers some of the common questions we are asked.

When should I invest in gold?

This depends on you and your own objectives. Gold should be viewed as a medium to long-term investment. Historically, over time the precious metal has tended to perform well.

In times of economic uncertainty, the price for gold has increased. We saw this immediately after the Brexit vote and the next day after Trump won the US Presidential race.

In 2009, during the financial downturn, demand for gold saw prices being pushed up.

How much to invest?

It is up to you but we would suggest investing no more than between 10-15% of your portfolio.

Isn’t investing in physical gold risky?

Again it depends on your own objectives. If you are viewing buying and selling gold quickly then the commodity is not for you.

How do I recognise a good bullion dealer?

A good bullion house should be approachable. How knowledgeable are they? How long have they been trading? Do they go the extra mile by giving you honest advice?

We have seen some dealers offering prices at seemingly cheap rates although these prices may not always be as they seem. Check the headlines prices on their website. Also make sure that their gold is the highest purity. Gold Investments’ gold bars are 0.9999% purity.

All our orders are also taken securely via World Pay.

Can Gold Investments store gold?

This is a good point. Some dealers may not offer secure storage facilities but we do. In fact, ours are probably some of the cheapest on the market.

The reason is that many storage companies take a pecentage of the gold stored (which can rise, hopefully, and fall) leaving investors unsure of the total per month or year.

Our storage fees are fixed at £4.00 + VAT per ounce per year and are invoiced in arrears. Kilo bars are set at a much lower rate than this.

Approved refiners

We only sell gold from LBMA accredited gold refiners who are on the current Good Delivery List.

Why trust Gold Investments?

We were founded by Mike Temple in 1981 and we still have many original customers since then as well as new ones. We are family-run and we really care about our customers.

We are always happy to pass on our experience to investors.

How can I reach Gold Investments?

We’re located near Bank and we can be reached at:

Gold Investments Limited
88 Gracechurch Street
London EC3V 0DN

Tel: 020 7283 7752
Fax: 020 7283 7754

Email: [email protected]

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