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Why Invest In SIPPs

Why Invest In SIPPs

For many, self-invested personal pensions (SIPPs) are attractive because they give control over their pension pots.

These DIY pensions can also be managed online – the websites look similar to online banking portals. So savers can see what’s in their pension immediately and where it is invested. People in effect can manage their own pensions.

Physical gold can be included as part of SIPPs – Gold Investments – works closely with established pension providers. Oliver Temple from Gold Investments says:

“A SIPP can include a range of assets such as such as gold, property, bonds and equities. Major investors such as Stanley Druckenmiller and George Soros have all had gold in their portfolios."


Temple also says that SIPPs can potentially offer higher returns:

“You can make a decent profit from investments, depending on whether the investments are successful and which markets you choose. It could in the long-term make your retirement more comfortable. It depends how much and what investment you are willing to put into your pension pot.

"We are always happy to share our knowledge of physical gold – we’ve been trading since 1981.”

What many may not realise is that SIPPs also offer potential tax benefits.

“Gold is exempt from Capital Gains tax anyway but all money invested has added on top 20% of its value. More can be claimed back by those on higher income tax rates.”

Oliver and his team are always happy to chat about gold and SIPPs to investors. He can be reached on:

Tel: 020 7283 7752
Fax: 020 7283 7754

Email:[email protected]

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