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Gold Christmas Discount Quiz Day-1




Day 1

In the lead up to Christmas, we’re giving a discount on all gold coins and bars (excluding kilo bars).

To receive your discounts, all you need to do is to work out the easy discount code names from each new clue every day over the next 12 days (ending at midday on Friday 23rd December – the last day before we close over Christmas).

When you checkout, you can simply enter the day’s discount code. 



On the first day of Christmas my true loved gave – what was given? We’ll give you the first discount code answer today (a one word answer).

The answer is: partridge.

So when you check out on the 12th December only, use the voucher code: partridge.


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*Each discount gives 1% off. Only the discount code for that particular day is valid on that day. Payments are taken securely. Physical gold can be held securely at our vaults in the London Silver Vaults,Chancery Lane.


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