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How To Buy Gold Coins Online: Advice For New Gold Investors

How To Buy Gold Coins Online: Advice For New Gold Investors

Where to start if you want to buy gold coins online.

When 44-year-old John Mitchell from Epsom, Surrey was looking for a sound investment to build up his family nest egg it was gold that caught his eye.

John wanted something that could be treasured by his two daughters – Harriet (aged 7) and Alice (aged 3).

It had to be an investment that potentially would offer a sound return over time.

The business management consultant started thinking about his own childhood and the mementos he has kept over the years.

“I remember receiving a silver coin in 1977 for the Queen’s Silver Jubilee. I’ve still got the coin and it’s a wonderful momentum. I’m not sure how much it is worth now but I wanted to give something similar and tangible for my daughters.”

John says he was put off originally from buying gold because of a lack knowledge. He thought you had to have ‘lots of spare cash’ to invest in gold.

“I really didn’t know where to start but I came across Gold Investments through colleagues at work. For me the website seemed so clear and it was easy to see how to buy gold coins. I felt I could trust them straightaway which proved to be true.

John says that Oliver Temple from Gold Investments offered friendly and very knowledgeable advice.

“It was the Sovereigns which I liked and these coins fitted into my price range. What was good was that I could actually see the live prices changing on the website. I could also check historical prices and sign up for gold alerts if I wished.

“Certainly it’s got me thinking about investing more in gold particularly through Gold Investments. I would consider gold coins for significant family birthdays and anniversaries in the future,” says John.

About Sovereigns Gold Coins

Oliver Temple from Gold Investments says:

“Sovereigns – the old pound coin – are the size of a ten pence piece. These coins are internationally recognised and are the most widely traded semi-numismatic gold coin in the world. They are also legal tender and for people such as John these coins would be a good starting point as a gold investment.

“Anyone buying gold should have in their portfolios Sovereigns. John may wish to consider later on Britannia coins which like Sovereigns are exempt from Capital Gains Tax. Britannia coins perhaps look more attractive and feel good to handle.”

Find out how to buy gold coins online here. To chat about your gold investments generally contact Oliver Temple. Gold Investments also welcomes visitors to their London offices.

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