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COVID-19: Buying Gold & Silver

Every investor has seen the turbulence caused by COVID-19 over the past few weeks. The daily market swings have seen uncertainty unfold to an all time high. While that has been going on there has also been major moves happening in the gold and silver bullion markets.

Many have been purchasing gold and silver as a safety hedge to protect against what has been going on in other places in the market. With London being the world capital of Global precious metal trading, that has meant a busy few weeks here at GoldInvestments.

While some precious metal houses have talked about supply chain disruption in delivering precious metals. We have been working overtime to ensure that 100% of orders placed on our website will sent out within days.

But that’s not all. We are now giving every investor who buys through our site Free Postage on any and all Gold or Silver. All orders placed on the site will be shipped with ‘Special Before 1PM Shipping’ so you (or a storage facility) will receive your order promptly.

Stock Levels

Currently we are still running with a good level of stock across all the range found here.

If you have specific questions about any of the gold or silver we stock we are around to talk and answer them by phone or email on 020 7283 7752 or [email protected]