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Four Fixes To Stop Silver Bars Tarnishing

Silver is naturally shiny. This shine is part of how historically it came to be in demand.

Today silver’s value is traded on the demand, purity, and weight of the piece. However that doesn’t stop many of us from wanting to keep our silver bars in the best condition.

The problem is if silver bullion bars are not stored or looked after properly they can soon lose shine.

That is why we put together this post. To help you with 4 tips and tricks to keep you silver shimmering.

These tips were picked up from over 30 years as London’s top precious metals investment house.

To understand why these work so well it’s important to know why silver bars tarnish…

Why Silver Bars Stop Shining

Silver tarnishing occurs because of a chemical reaction. When hydrogen sulfide comes into contact with silver it starts to fade. Hydrogen sulfide is found in low quantities in the air however you might know it more commonly through the smell of rotting eggs. There are places that Hydrogen sulfide can be found in high quantities also which will be revealed shortly.

The second major cause that rapidly increases this reaction is moisture. The higher the moisture environment silver is stored in the faster it fades.

So How Do We Stop It?

Now we know the main reasons why it happens – what can we do to prevent it?

Here’s the thing, the two causes above happen faster depending on how it’s handled and stored. If you can do these two right you can help stop silver losing its shine.

And that’s exactly what our four fixes focus on:

  1. Store your silver in plastic or zip lock bags – This will help slow down any reaction to the surrounding air or brushing up against harsh surfaces.
  2. Use charcoal to remove Hydrogen sulfide – Carbon takes Hydrogen sulfide out of the air which will slow down damage.
  3. Don’t handle or wrap with wool or rubber – Use white cotton gloves to protect the bullion from the oils and irritants in the environment.
  4. Do not store in a warm area – Heat will speed up reaction times, the cooler the storage the better.

If you can follow those four simple steps your silver will be more likely to stay shiny and less likely to lose its shimmer.