100 oz Silver Bar

100oz Silver Content
100oz Minimum Gross Weight
0.9999 Purity

Silver bars such as the 100 ounce bar are one of the most popular ways to buy silver.
All our silver bars are from London Bullion Market Association approved refiners

The 100 oz silver bar is the second largest of the standard silver bar weights and as such are one of the most valuable, assuming that the bar’s purity is high. Silver bars have, in one form or another, been present in trading for thousands of years, although it wasn’t until the advancements in the refinement process that occured in the Roman era that the bars began resembling those that we would recognise today.

Silver bars of this size (towards the larger end) are one of the most popular methods of investment for seasoned and new investors alike. This is partly due to the fact that they provide a more affordable option than gold. The product’s value remains high and stable, however, much like its gold counterpart.

When at its purest, the 100 oz silver bar is 0.9999% fine silver, which makes it one of the most reliable investments in the world of precious metals. They also weigh a whopping 3.11kg. It should be noted that not all silver bars are as pure as advertised, so it is vital that any precious metal investment, particularly bars, are bought from reputable sources to ensure that you are not investing in inferior products.

Gold Investments are one of the world’s leading online traders and have a history that goes back many decades. We are also happy to provide expert guidance for your investments, whether you decide to purchase 100 oz silver bars through us or not. All our products are from London Bullion Market Association approved refineries, which means you can be sure that the product’s purity is of the highest quality and as described. Feel free to drop into our London based office, or give us a call if you want to hear more.

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