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The Most Valuable 50p Coins

Beatrix Potter 50p coin

eBay isn’t always the most accurate platform for ascertaining a coin’s value, particularly if a competitive bidding war leads to anomalous sales, but that does not mean that such results should be completely ignored. Special edition 50p coins are a case in point, with recent bids reaching several hundreds of pounds and pricing being magnified […]

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Goldrush 2018 – Where Can You Still Pan For Gold

Panning for gold

“There’s gold in thar hills,” said Mark Twain’s Mulberry Sellers in the novel The American Claimant. The line was actually inspired by Dr Matthew Fleming Stephenson, who worked for the Dahlonega Mint in Georgia. At the time, Stephenson was trying to stop prospectors from moving to California during the most famous, or infamous, gold rush […]

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Elvis’ Gold RIng Sells At Auction

Elvis gold lion head ring

More than forty years after the singer’s death, the world’s fascination with Elvis Presley shows no sign of abating. With tens of thousands of Elvis impersonators in just about every corner of the planet, his songs can still be heard in discos, weddings, karaoke bars and cabaret. Whether it is the high camp of his […]

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Where Produces The Most Gold And Why?

Gold nuggets on a map

Despite its seeming ubiquity, gold is one of the rarest materials on Earth, so it might come as something of a surprise to discover that more than 3,000 tonnes of gold is mined each year. Proof, if it was needed, that our fascination and hunger for the precious metal knows no bounds. Gold itself makes […]

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Precious Metals: The Vital Statistics You Need To Know To Invest

Gold coins and silver bars

Investment in precious metals is a highly complex subject. No matter how informed an investor is, there are no guarantee in how the market will perform. Quite simply, no one is a clairvoyant, but there are tried and trusted methods that can minimise risk while still ensuring a high possibility of profit from your investment. […]

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The History Of The Australian Gold Nugget

Australian Gold Nugget

One of the world’s most iconic gold bullion coins, the Australian Gold Nugget is one of the most collectable items of annually released gold products. With a vast array of weights, special editions and designs to choose from, it has been designed from the beginning with the coins aesthetics in mind. The Introduction of The […]

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The Most Expensive Coins In The World

Most expensive coins in the world

The coin is a lot more than just a token. It connects us to our history, can signify a country’s independence, can be a thing of aesthetic beauty, and, just occasionally, it can be exchanged for a bag of peanuts and a pint of ale. It is little wonder then that the humble coin can […]

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Is Now The Best time To Invest In Gold?

Invest in gold

In the wake of the financial crisis in 2008, precious metal prices, gold in particular, rose sharply, leading to a huge increase in investment. While the market has settled down to some degree since, falling in 2013, there are signs that another significant increase in the value of gold is on the cards for the […]