If you have been looking into investing in gold for the longest time, now is your chance to do it. Gold Investments is your local UK trading agency specialised in everything related to buying gold, selling gold, and investing in gold. 

We are one of the oldest gold buying and trading agencies here in the UK. Gold Investments is a family run business that has been passed down for over four generations. We are committed to passing our gold expertise forward. For over 35 years in the gold buying and selling business, we have been the go-to trusted partners for people and businesses looking to buy gold for investment purposes.  

Here at Gold Investments, our reputation precedes us. Our years of experience in the gold trading business have earned us a great deal of trust from our customers. Today you can have the option to buy gold online in addition to being able to buy it at our shop that is set up in London. 

The Platinum Gold Specialists

Gold Investments

Here at Gold Investments, we have accumulated over 50 years of experience in everything related to gold trading. Platinum gold trading is one of the most prized assets we work with. We remain pioneers when it comes to this specific type of gold trade, and we are the go-to service for anyone planning to buy or sell platinum gold.  

Variety of Gold to Choose From

Here at gold Investments, we offer a very wide variety of gold for you to buy. Turn your fortune into wealth and pick the most suitable type of gold for you to buy. Scroll through our page to see the list of gold and how each bar consists of different gold ratios.  

In addition to the great number of options of gold we have for you to buy, we also offer pure gold that is fine in nature. You can now buy your preferred type of gold bar online or ask our agents to help you select what to buy. 

London Good Delivery Gold Bar

In addition to the online service we offer for you to buy gold online, we also supply you with a secure delivery service to deliver your gold bars to your preferred location. Benefit now from a free delivery service if you buy £1000 worth of gold and pay only £10 for orders under £1000.  

For delivery services needed outside the UK, please contact our agents. 

Canadian Maple Leaf Gold Coin

Canadian Maple Leaf

To elaborate more on gold coins, one of our star gold coins you can buy is the Canadian Maple Leaf gold coin. This type of gold coin is one of the most widely traded and accepted gold coins around the world. They weigh exactly an ounce and are mint issued. Moreover, they are composed of 0.9999% gold content. 

If you are looking to invest in trading gold internationally, the Canadian Maple Leaf gold coin would be a great option for you to buy. Additionally, this particular type of gold coin is a great way to optimise your investment portfolio. 

Gold Sovereign Coin

When it comes to the Gold Sovereign gold coin, the greatest benefit you can retain is that it is not subjected to the Capital Gains Tax (CGT). Gold Sovereign Coin is the only coin, next to the Britannia gold coin, to have this specification. If you are an investor, you are only required to pay GCT on foreign coins attaining a profit of £11,000 or more. 

We greatly recommend you take a look at the many types of gold coins we offer, in addition to other types of coins in stock. 

The Buy Gold Process

Here at Gold Investments, we make the process of having gold to buy for investment purposes as easy as it can possibly be. The gold prices we set on our website are live and change according to real-time market fluctuations. When you intend to buy a gold item, simply press the” buy” button and have that initial price point fixed.  

Moreover, we also offer to set an alert for price limits. This allows you to receive an email whenever your intended price range was reached so you could buy your intended gold investment swiftly. 

You can also buy and sell gold online with us now. All of the posted kinds of bars and coins are in stock, so you can come to pick them up yourself or have them sent out to you by our delivery service. 

Our work hours are 24/7 online, and 8:30 am to 4:30 pm at our shop. If you wish to buy or sell gold, we require the payment to be delivered within two working days to fix the quoted price. 

Additional Gold Available

We have even more types of gold coins and bars you can now check out on our webpage. All of the gold types posted are in stock and have their real-time changing prices stated.

Why Come to Gold Investments for Our Gold?

One of the most prized assets we have here at Gold Investments is our pristine customer service. We believe that the process of buying and selling gold should be as user friendly as it can be. We provide our clients with the solutions they need to learn how to trade gold for investment purposes right here in the UK.  

From offering live stock market data to the Gold Club memberships and secure delivery and safekeeping services, we have it all. Our mission is to enable you to complete the best trades and investments you are capable of, and we deliver this as securely as it is humanly possible. We also accept multiple payment methods and can even offer to buy your gold in cash, granted you supply us with sufficient time notice. 

Our Gold Investments family has been buying and selling gold since 1981. Our over 45 years in the gold business have definitely taught us a lot, and we cannot wait to pass this knowledge forward to you. Diversify your investment portfolio with us here at Gold Investments and build up your trade knowledge with all the resources we provide.

Gold Experts You Can Trust 

For over 45 years, Gold Investments has been a loyal trusted partner for many gold investors in and outside the UK. Our team of experienced professionals offer only the most secure and trusted storage solutions you can utilise to store and safeguard your investments. We are affiliated with London Silver Vaults to deliver the best and safest storage service for all your prized investments. 

As one of our customers, you get to enjoy the ease and comfort of using our trusted storage services. At only £4 per one oz per year (minimum charge of £25), you can now securely store your physical investments at our London Silver Vaults. We will provide you with more details upon your selection of the storage option of your choice. 

To address offshore accounts, a lot of investors prefer to go for them to benefit from a certain country’s currency and tax laws. Moreover, they protect the investor from any unpredictable disruptions or social disputes within their nation of origin, like litigation or confiscation. 

Get in Touch Now

Start your gold trade career now with us at Gold Investments. Buy gold for investment purposes with the help of our team and learn the gold market patterns that enable your success. We have dedicated over 50 years to the gold trading business, and we are excited to share the sum of our knowledge with you.  

With us at Gold Investments, you get to have the guidance you need to buy and sell gold wisely in the market. By working with us, you can now benefit from a real-time stock market view in addition to a Gold Club membership and a secure gold safekeeping service. 

What are you waiting for? Buy and sell gold with our team now and build a long-lasting family bond that is built on mutual trust. Contact our agents now by calling us on 020 7283 7752 or email us at [email protected] for any inquiry you might have.