Are you considering creating a portfolio for gold bullion? Perhaps you’re thinking of starting small with a few gold coins or considering something more ambitious, like a couple of gold bars. Whatever you desire, you can buy gold online with Gold Investments.  

We are one of the oldest gold buying and trading agencies here in the UK. Gold Investments is a family run business that has been passed down for over four generations. We are committed to passing our gold expertise forward.  

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Gold Investments

Buying and selling gold and silver is not something most people are accustomed to, so it helps to have a helping hand in such matters. As one of the oldest gold bullion dealers in the UK, we’ve garnered the trust of thousands who do business with us every year. We stock a range of gold bullion options, from coins to bars to suit all requirements, from complete novices to avid collectors and investors. 

For over 45 years, Gold Investments has been a loyal, trusted partner for many gold investors in and outside the UK. Our team of experienced professionals offer only the most secure and trusted storage solutions you can utilise to store and safeguard your investments. We are affiliated with London Silver Vaults to deliver the best and safest storage service for all your prized investments.  

As one of our customers, you get to enjoy the ease and comfort of using our trusted storage services. At only £4 per one oz per year (minimum charge of £25), you can now securely store your physical investments at our London Silver Vaults. We will provide you with more details upon your selection of the storage option of your choice.  

To address offshore accounts, a lot of investors prefer to go for them to benefit from a certain country’s currency and tax laws. Moreover, they protect the investor from any unpredictable disruptions or social disputes within their nation of origin, like litigation or confiscation. 

Regardless of whether you choose us to look after your gold bullion or not, you can trust us to offer you sound, impartial advice on all your investments. We’re here to make it incredibly easy to buy and sell gold bullion, so even if you’ve never bought or sold gold bullion before, with our help, you’ll be buying and selling like a pro in no time. 

Gold Products Available to Buy

Here at Gold Investments, we stock two gold bullion products – coins and bars. Coins are considered a great entry point for those just starting out buying gold bullion. They are great for investment purposes as they sport low premiums and are a lot more flexible than bars. They are exempt from VAT in the UK, with the Royal Mint’s Britannia and Sovereign gold coins listed as capital gains tax-free. This is because they are recognised as legal tender. 

All our gold coins are created in the world’s leading mints, including The Royal Mint, The South African Mint, and The Royal Canadian Mint. 

Gold bars are seen as a more advanced gold bullion investment. We have a range of gold bullion bars to buy at low premiums to suit all requirements. We have various sizes available, including: 

  • 5g 
  • 10g 
  • 20g 
  • 1oz 
  • 50g 

We also stock larger sizes, ranging from 100g to 1kg! Plus, you can purchase 50g blemished gold bars too. All our gold bars are pure 24-carat gold (999.9) and are created by London Bullion Market Association (LBMA) approved refiners, such as: 

  • Heraeus 
  • Metalor 
  • Umicore 
  • PAMP 

Insured delivery is available on all gold bullion coins and bars, and you have the option to store your purchases in our secure London vaults. 

Why Choose Us for Gold?

If you’re looking to buy gold bullion but have never done so before, it can be a hugely daunting experience. Do you buy coins or bars? How much do you purchase? How do you keep track of live prices? When is a good time to buy or sell? The questions can quickly stack up. The good news is that we’re here to provide you with the advice you need to make informed decisions. 

Our Gold Investments family has been buying and selling gold since 1981. Our over 45 years in the gold business have taught us a lot, and we cannot wait to pass this knowledge forward to you. Diversify your investment portfolio with us here at Gold Investments and build up your trade knowledge with all the resources we provide. 

One of the most prized assets we have here at Gold Investments is our pristine customer service. We believe that the process of buying and selling gold should be as user friendly as it can be. We provide our clients with the solutions they need to learn how to trade gold for investment purposes right here in the UK.   

From offering live market prices to the Gold Club memberships and secure delivery and safekeeping services, we have it all. Our mission is to enable you to complete the best trades and investments you are capable of, and we deliver this as securely as it is humanly possible. We also accept multiple payment methods and can even offer to buy your gold in cash, granted you supply us with sufficient notice time.  

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So, if you’re interested in buying gold bullion and are searching for a great place to start, try Gold Investments today. As one of the UK’s oldest gold bullion dealers, our reputation is second-to-none. We hold in stock a variety of gold coins and bars, with options to suit everyone, from novices to the most avid collectors and investors. 

With us at Gold Investments, you get to have the guidance you need to buy and sell gold wisely in the market. By working with us, you can now benefit from a real-time stock market view in addition to a Gold Club membership and a secure gold safekeeping service.  

What are you waiting for? Buy and sell gold with our team now and build a long-lasting family bond that is built on mutual trust. Call us on 020 7283 7752 or email us at [email protected] with any inquiry that you might have.