Are you planning on diversifying your precious metals portfolio? Perhaps you have your eye on gold and silver coins and are looking to buy or sell. If so, you’ve come to the right place, as Gold Investments makes creating and managing a precious metals portfolio stress-free. We’re one of the UK’s oldest gold bullion dealers, so you can trust us to have the best range of sell gold coins.

We have gold coins from the world’s top mints, each bearing the mint’s mark that created it. And when you place an order of more than £1000, we’ll send your gold coins to you by FREE, insured delivery. Orders under £1000 cost £10 for insured delivery. Or you can store your gold coins in our secure London vaults.

They’ll be protected and professionally audited by an independent specialist. If you’re looking to sell gold coins, this is by far the best option available. If you’d like to get started, go online, or call our team today on 020 7283 7752.

The UK’s Leading Gold Dealership   

If you’re looking for the UK’s leading gold dealership, look no further than Gold Investments. Diversifying your portfolio with gold and silver is a great decision to make as precious metals provide a safety net during economic downturns. When cash-based currencies drop substantially in value, you can choose to sell gold coins as an alternate means of income.

With gold’s low-to-negative correlation with other major asset classes, gold actually increases in value whenever the value of shares and other assets declines. The same can also be said about silver. This makes investing in silver and gold coins and bars gold a smart decision.

And with the help of the UK’s oldest gold bullion, we make it super easy to sell gold coins quickly and from the comfort of your own home.


We Assist You in Selling Gold Coins   

You might think you need to be a financial expert to sell gold or know of some elaborate scheme. But the truth is that you just have to know the right gold bullion dealer, and that’s where we come in. Here at Gold Investments, we stock an excellent selection of silver and gold coins and bars from the world’s leading mints, including The Royal Mint, The South African Mint, and The Royal Canadian Mint.

All the silver and gold coins we sell bear the mark of the mint that produced them. All our silver and gold coins come with low premiums, making them a flexible investment choice. For instance, if you need to release funds quickly, it’s a lot easier to sell gold coins than it is to sell a 1kg gold bar.

You need only sell what you need in small increments, making the process quicker and smoother. Plus, gold coins are exempt from VAT in the UK, and The Royal Mint’s Britannia and coin Sovereign gold are capital gains tax-free. This is because both coins are still classified as legal tender.

Once you’ve made your purchase, you have two options. You can opt for insured delivery (FREE on orders over £1000), or we can store your gold coins in our secure London vaults. Here, they’ll be audited by an independent party. This valuation will remain so long as the coins are stored in our vaults. So, when you come to sell gold coins through us, the process will be easy and fast.

Why Should You Sell Your Gold Coins?  

If someone has recommended that you sell gold and silver bars and coins, you should certainly listen to this piece of advice. Most bank balances are weighted by how many zeroes appear on the balance sheet. But as economies enter rough patches, those zeroes quickly end up being worth far less than they used to be.

While paper money is highly vulnerable to market fluctuations, gold and silver are both highly resilient because of several key benefits:

The Value of Gold Has Remained the Same for Centuries

Gold is an Excellent Way to Hedge Against Inflation

• Gold Helps with Portfolio Diversification

• Much-Needed Safety Net During Economic Downturns


• Demand is Exceeding Supply

Gold and silver coins hold their value; specifically, they are coveted for the store of value function they possess. When the value of reserve or flat currency drops, the value of gold rises, making gold a solid investment during economic uncertainty.

In fact, gold is regarded as a ‘crisis commodity’ because of how it appreciates where other assets depreciate. This makes gold a great choice for portfolio diversification.

And when you need cash quickly, gold can be liquidated fast as there’s no lock-in period. In addition, gold coins can be liquidated faster than gold bars, so you can sell gold in small quantities as and when the need arises.

Lastly, supplies of gold are slowly running out, and as they do, the demand for gold and, in turn, its value, will only continue to climb.

Are Gold Coins Hard to Sell?  

Not particularly, especially with Gold Investments, as we work tirelessly to make the whole process as stress-free as possible from start to finish. Certain gold coins are easier to sell depending on where you’re located. For instance, if you’re outside the US, coins like the Canadian Maple Leaf and the South African Krugerrand dominate.

As always, we can advise you, and you can find useful information in our blog to help you make an informed decision. We’re here to make buying and selling gold coins as easy as possible.


How Much Will Your Gold Coins Be Worth? 

The price that your gold coins fetch will vary from one minute to the next. This is because gold prices aren’t static and do fluctuate. The good news is that we’ve made it easy to track the price of your gold coins with our handy live tracker, located in the top-right corner of our website. 

Other Coins You Can Sell   

In addition to gold coins, customers can also purchase silver coins, including the Silver Maple Leaf and the Maria Theresa Thaler. While silver is worth less than gold, it shares gold coins’ low premiums and flexibility, making silver a great investment. 

Why Come to Us to Sell Your Gold Coins 

You won’t find a more trusted dealer than Gold Investments for those looking to sell gold and silver. We leverage more than 40 years of experience to provide our clients with the best possible service. You’ll find our prices to be competitive, and with insured delivery and secure vaults, our service is matched only by our impressive range of gold and silver bars and coins.

 Our Gold Club

If you’re looking to maximise your gold investment portfolio, we recommend joining our Gold Club. Membership is free of charge and provides access to excellent perks.

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So, if you’re looking to buy and sell gold coins online, look no further than Gold Investments. Customers have been selling their precious metals with us for more than 40 years. As a result, we’ve earned a reputation as the go-to gold bullion dealer for those that wish to sell gold quickly and conveniently while securing the best market prices.

And remember that we’re not just the place to go if you want to sell gold coins; we also stock gold bars and silver bars and coins. Thanks to our handy live market tracker, there are options to suit all budgets and needs, and you can buy and sell at the right prices. And remember that you can store your precious metals in our secure vaults, so your investment is always protected.

To begin your journey of buying and selling silver and gold coins and bars, go online or call our team now on 020 7283 7752. Or complete our online contact form or email [email protected]