For the past half a century, Gold Investments has been trusted to trade some of the UK’s oldest gold bullions. As a result, Gold Investments offers you the most refined gold bullion for your consideration. Our comprehensive collection of gold bullion ranging from gold bars to gold coins caters to your needs. So whether you are looking to invest long-term in gold bullion or buy a gift for a loved one, Gold Investments is the place for you.  

Our extensive experience in the gold bullion trade has allowed our clients to trust us over the past five decades. However, we believe our clients should invest in their comfortability, which is why we offer our gold bullion online via our website.  

We are ready to guide you through the journey of investing in gold bullion today. Contact us by calling us on 02072 837 752 or email us at [email protected].  

The Premier Gold Bullion Company in the UK

It is relatively well known that gold bullion is an excellent investment, and you can always sell it for profit. However, investing in gold bullion might be a challenging new experience. Our specialists have over five decades of experience and are ready to help you with your gold bullion journey with perfectly tailored advice for your investment portfolio.  

Our customers have had complete trust in our gold bullion trade for the past half a century. Their confidence comes from our high-quality gold coins and gold bars that come from the oldest gold bullions in the UK and our extreme professionalism. Our experienced team will help you choose the right bars and coins for your portfolio. 

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Range of Quality Gold Bullion 

Here at Gold Investments, we provide you with a wide choice of gold bullion sizes to explore online. In addition, our collection contains a wide range of gold coins and gold bars.  

Our expert specialists are glad to guide you through choosing the perfect gold bullion, whether you are looking for gold bars or gold coins to kick off your investments. In addition, you can sort through our user-friendly platform, which is the first of its kind for gold trading. You can sort through gold bars and gold coins based on what you like or your price range.  

Our Gold Bars

If you are new to gold bullion investments, choosing between gold bars and gold coins might be challenging. However, you can choose whether you want to invest in gold bars or gold coins, depending on your goal. 

Investing in gold bars is better when you do not care about the sentimental value of gold and want to keep premiums on your investment to a minimum. Even if the gold coins and bars are equal in the purity of gold and amount, you can save up to 1% of the total purchase value if you choose gold bars.  

When you are investing in significant numbers, this can make a huge difference.  

We can offer gold bars in cost-effective unit sizes as they are bought in bulk. So, surf through our wide range of gold bars and choose what fits your needs. 

Our Gold Coins

When it comes to gold coins, first time and small investors love to start investing there. This is because gold coins offer a perfect entry point. You can also begin with coins because certain Gold Britannia gold coins do not have any capital gains tax.  

canada maple leaf gold coin 1/2 oz
2017 britannia 1oz gold obverse

Surf through our great range of high-quality gold coins that are ideal for investment purposes. We also offer insured delivery on all gold coins and gold bar purchases and store them in our secure London Vaults.  

Our Bullion Vaults

Our customers trust Gold Investments with all their gold bullion purchases. Our team has been trading in gold coins and gold bars for the past 50 years, making us one of the oldest gold bullion dealers in the UK.  

Gold Investment’s gold bullion is stored securely at the London Silver Vaults on Chancery Lane. The London Silver Vaults date back to 1885, known as Chancery Lane Safe Deposit Company.   

This was one of the first companies providing safety deposit boxes to the public in England.  Our vaults are protected 24/7 around the clock. We would be more than happy to show you around the place we keep our gold bullion safe and sound. 

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Buy Gold Bullion Online  

Gold Investments stands out with its exclusive approach to buying gold bullion. We are among the first to offer the option to buy gold coins and bars online. In addition, we provide live price charts on our website, helping our clients choose when and what they want to buy from our offerings of gold coins and gold bars.  

You can go through our website, check our price charts, and buy gold bullion according to live market prices of coins or bars with consultations from our professional team to help you through your gold investment journey.  

Other Precious Metals We Offer  

Here at Gold Investments, we offer different ranges of other precious metals on our website. We provide the opportunity to buy precious metals ranging from silver bars and coins to other coin sets. 

There are many benefits of buying coins, including the fact they do not depreciate in the same way money does and that precious metals are limited. Moreover, in times of economic crisis, the price of precious metals is known to rise, as people are looking for stable investments.  

Gold Bullion Experts You Can Rely On  

You can rest assured that our gold bullion specialists here at Gold Investments will help you through the journey to find suitable gold coins and gold bars. Our fifty years of experience in the gold bullion trade have provided our clients with exquisite gold and significant advice in their investment portfolios. 

Our specialists help diversify your investment portfolio. Our consultations will guide you to buying the perfect gold bars and gold coins for you in the UK, protecting your investment and storing it. 

Why Come to Gold Investments for your Gold Bullion? 

Here at Gold Investments, our customers’ needs are a top priority. We take care of our customer relationships, and we constantly look for better ways to help our clients through their journey in investing in our gold bullion. 

We are the first platform in the UK to offer you the chance of buying gold bars and gold coins from the comfortability of your own home. You can easily surf our pages to search for gold bars and coins for your portfolio. We also exclusively offer live prices and our competitive unit prices.  

You can also come and visit our London offices for yourself.  

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Why You Should Invest in Gold Today  

Gold is always considered to be a unique asset; it is a great investment. Gold always provides competitive returns, and you can always sell it for high amounts. Therefore, gold is also investment protection. Over time, it is also known that flat currencies fall in value against gold. 

For more information about gold coins and bars investments, get in touch with our team now.  

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With this extensive background in selling gold bars and coins, the Gold Investments team are well-placed to assist you. 

We are ready to help you with your gold bullion investment, from gold bars to gold coins. So, whether you would like to visit our website to buy gold bullion or visit our London offices, we have got your back. 

You can call our team today on 02072 837 752. You can also email [email protected]. We would love to get to know you and your goals for your portfolio.  

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