If you have been considering investing in gold for a while, now is the chance for you to do it. Here at Gold Investments, we are the leading gold company in the UK where you can buy gold bullion from. We take pleasure in being a family-owned and operated company. You have access to a wide range of distinct gold types at your fingertips. You can effortlessly buy gold bullion by browsing our online gold shop. 

Over the last five decades, our clients have trusted us because of our significant knowledge in the gold bullion trade. We realise, however, that our consumers ought to invest in their comfort, which is why we sell gold bullion online through our website. 

Our members can assist you in creating a personalised gold portfolio that is tailored to your specific financial goals. So, if you want to buy gold bullion with us, give our friendly team a call on 020 7283 7752.  

What Is Gold Bullion?

Gold bullion, also known as ingots, are formal forms of real gold 99.5% to 99.9% pure. The word gold bullion is occasionally used only to refer to gold bars; however, this is inaccurate. Coins and bars, as well as rounds and tokens, are all examples of gold bullion. It’s any gold that’s high in purity and in a form that’s acceptable for investment.  

The worth of gold bullion is determined by the current gold spot price and the amount of gold it contains. The price of gold changes every two minutes as a result of a variety of economic and geopolitical reasons. Gold bullion’s value fluctuates as a result, and it has no set value. However, if you wish to buy gold bullion at the best price possible, you can rely on our specialists at Gold Investments. We have a page dedicated to showing the live prices of gold, and you can set up an alert that will notify you of the best time to buy.   

In an age of fast computer transfers and cyber-currencies like Bitcoin, the notion that one precious metal plays such a significant role in the global financial system could seem bizarre. However, gold has repeatedly demonstrated its worth and endurance as a monetary asset throughout history. 

gold bars

Why Invest in Gold Bullion? 

Gold has long been regarded as one of the most precious metals on the planet. This long-term value indicates gold’s stability and desirability throughout time. Investors see gold as one of the safest assets, with its value swiftly rebounding during economic downturns.

Choosing gold bullion as your investment comes with a wide array of benefits. Investing in gold is not the same as investing in equities or bonds. You may get actual gold by purchasing gold bullion. When considering the global market, you need to also account for inflation. Gold is a much safer investment than stocks and having paper money. Gold is a simple and effective way to save money for the future. 

Moreover, investing in gold bullion will protect your money for the future while also providing significant profits in the long term. Furthermore, because gold bullion is so easy to purchase and sell, anyone can invest in it. Therefore, gold is always in great demand, and you need not be concerned about liquidating your assets since you will always receive immediate cash when you sell the gold. 

A very attractive benefit of investing in gold is its low maintenance. Unlike investing in a property that will demand your time, effort, and even financial attention, gold requires no maintenance at all. Moreover, gold bullions are investments that are much easier to pass down and keep with your family, unlike stocks and properties. As a result, years and decades will pass, and your gold investment will not deteriorate, nor will it get affected in any way as gold prices remain quite stable even during a crisis. 

Benefits of Our Bullion by Post Service?

The first step in building a precious metals portfolio is to choose a trustworthy gold bullion dealer, such as Gold Investments. With a large selection of coins and bars to pick from, buying and selling gold has never been simpler.  

With Gold Investments, you can have the gold delivered right to your door with our bullion by post service. Of course, after spending so much, you could be hesitant to rely on such tactics. However, you can rest assured that we provide secure shipping that’s available everywhere in the world. We’ll give you the FREE UK insured shipping if you spend more than £1,000 with us. A £10 shipping fee will be applied to orders under £1,000.  

Some of the other benefits of using our bullion by post service would be the following: 

  • Access to Live Gold Prices Online  
  • Competitive Gold Prices  
  • Professional and Impartial Advice  
  • Gold Club 

On the other hand, if you’d rather leave your gold and silver with us, we’ll gladly keep them for you in our approved London storage vaults for a small fee.  

Additional Products Available 

Here at Gold Investments, we offer a large variety of different services for you to benefit from, other buying and selling gold. Other than our gold bullions, we also provide gold in other forms as well as silver in many different ways that include: 

  • Gold and Silver Bars 
  • Gold and Silver Coins 
  • Unallocated Gold and Silver 
  • Other Coins & Sets 

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Why Choose Us For Gold Bullion?

Here at Gold Investments, our clients’ demands are a primary priority. We value our customer connections and are always looking for new methods to assist our clients in their gold bullion investment journeys. Our gold trading experts will devote the time and effort required to diversify your precious gold investment portfolio. We will aid you in locating the ways that will teach you how to obtain precious gold in the UK for investment reasons. We’ll also include a list of trusted gold vault providers who you can contact now to protect your new investment.

To help you, even more, our team of gold trading experts will provide all live market prices on our website. These feeds will always be real-time live market price relays that will help you make the greatest decision possible. Additionally, we are dedicated to providing all of our clients with a variety of payment alternatives. So, whether you want to pay with cash, cheque, or bank transfer, our team of gold trading specialists at Gold Investments can help.

Contact Us  

You can begin your gold investment journey right away with us at Gold Investments. With the support of our staff, you can buy gold bullion for investment goals and discover the gold market trends that will help you succeed. We’ve been in the gold trading industry for over 50 years, and we’re happy to share what we’ve learned with you. 

Our gold experts and enthusiasts are here to accompany you every step of the way to guarantee you get the greatest gold investing experience possible. You can get in touch with our team by giving us a call on 020 7283 7752.  

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