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We’ve been trading since 1981, and we’ve served thousands of clients. We’re highly regarded for our excellent selection of coins and bars, insured delivery, secure vault storage, competitive pricing, and live market prices. That’s right; you’ll find live market data on our website courtesy of the market tracker in the top-right corner. 

Plus, we pride ourselves on customer service, offering customers tailored solutions on how to buy gold bullion coins and more. If you’re looking to build your portfolio or are just starting out, we can help steer you in the right direction with bespoke advice. 

The world of precious metals needn’t be daunting, nor must it be difficult to wrap your head around. If you want to find out more or have questions concerning our process or products, pick up the phone and call Gold Investments on 020 7283 7752

What are Bullion Coins? 


Before you buy bullion coins, let’s get back to basics and begin by discussing what bullion coins are. These coins made from precious metals, usually gold and silver. These coins are produced by mints and are typically minted in weights that are fractions of one troy ounce. 

A troy ounce is a measurement unit used exclusively for weighing precious metals and dates back to the Middle Ages. Its name comes from Troyes in France, where it was originally used. One troy ounce is equal to 31.1034768 grams, according to the UK Royal Mint

Bullion can be found worldwide, and countries often have their own official coins. These include Canada’s Maple Leaf series, offered by the Royal Canadian Mint, and America’s American Eagle series, produced by the United States Mint. 

While bullion coins are mostly produced in gold and silver, platinum and palladium coins also exist. Some investors buy bullion coins as gifts or collectable items. While others buy them to diversify their portfolios, hedging against inflation. Whatever your reason for purchasing bullion coins, you’ll surely find what you’re looking for at Gold Investments. 

Gold Investments Coins 

Here at Gold Investments, we carry a wide assortment of options, making us the best place to buy gold bullion coins. Customers can coins choose from various well-known and highly sought-after coins, such as: 

The Gold American Eagle is one of the world’s most popular and iconic bullion. These coins have been minted by the US Mint since 1986 and are highly sought after for investment and collections worldwide. Each coin weighs one ounce and is composed of 22-carat gold. 

The Canadian Maple Leaf is another highly popular option, less sought after than the American Eagle but still very much in demand. The Gold Maple was designed by the same designer as the Krugerrand and features the iconic maple leaf on the reverse. Queen Elizabeth features on the obverse. The coin traces its origins to 1979 and is one of the purest bullion coins on the market at 24 carats. 

If you’d like to buy gold and browse our complete range, make sure to click on the gold coins section of our website. 

Silver Coins

In addition to gold coins, we also stock a wide selection of silver coins. While not as valuable as gold coins, silver is a fantastic investment all the same and a great introductory point for newcomers. We have some great coins available, including: 

As with its American counterpart, the American Eagle, the Silver Britannia is also one of the world’s most popular coins. The Royal Mint introduced the Silver Britannia in 1997, ten years after its gold equivalent. These coins are among the purest in the world alongside other iconic coins, like the Austrian Philharmonic and the Australian Kookaburra

Because the government mintBullion-Coins-Gold-coins-and-silver-barss silver Britannias, they represent a much more reliable investment and are, therefore, highly collectable. 

The Silver Krugerrand is another great option for newcomers and avid collectors alike. It is arguably the most iconic coin of its era, commanding much of the market before the introduction of the Canadian Maple Leaf. Also available in fine gold, the pure silver variant (0.9999%) weighs one ounce and is an affordable way of investing in silver. 



Some of the many gold coins we have in stock on our site include: 

At Gold Investments, we don’t just buy and sell bullion gold in the form of bars, ingots, and coins. We also special offer investors a range of silver products to invest in, such as silver bars and coins, and we can purchase silver from you, too. 

Buy Bullion Gold Coin and Silver Coins 

It’s super easy to buy bullion coin when you know how, and we’re delighted to share our knowledge with all prospective buyers. On our website, you’ll find live market prices for both gold and silver, so you can track our bars and coins and make a purchase when the price is right. Once you’re ready, just hit the purchase button. 

Once you select to purchase, the price will be fixed for a set period of time. The price won’t remain fixed forever, but you’ll have plenty of time to lock in your purchase. We also have a price limit alert system – just enter the desired price range, and an email will be sent when that limit has been reached. 

Our available stock rotates often, and any coins listed are coins that we have in stock. Once you’ve made your purchase, you have two choices. We can post your coins to you via insured special delivery, or you can collect them from our London office. Alternatively, you can store your coins in our London Silver Vault

Let us know if this is your preferred option, and we’ll provide you with additional details regarding our storage service

Customers can buy gold bullion coins on our website 24 hours a day, seven days ago a week. You can also sell gold coins at any time. If you’d prefer to interact directly with one of our team members, just give us a call for live prices and more. Our trading hours are from 08:30 to 16:30. 

Prices remain fixed for two working days. We must receive payment in that time to guarantee the quoted price. And while you’re at it, we encourage you to sign up for our Gold Club. Membership is free, and you’ll enjoy great benefits, like regular updates, e-newsletters, access to more coins, and entry into our monthly prize draw. 

Buy Gold Coin

As mentioned above, we stock a wide range of sought-after gold coins. These coins are highly popular and a great option for any investment portfolio, thanks to their low premiums. Plus, they are flexible when it comes to realising your investment. In the UK, VAT is not applied to gold coins and because of their status as legal tender, The Royal Mint’s Sovereign and Britannia gold coins are capital gains tax-free. 

Gold Bars

We source all our gold coins from the most trusted mints in the world, such as the aforementioned Royal Mint, the United States Mint, and The Royal Canadian Mint. Gold coins are an excellent way to begin an investment portfolio or further diversify one that already contains gold bars. That’s because coins are much easier to sell in small quantities than bars. 

Buy Silver Bullion Coin

In addition to gold coins, we also hold a large, ever-changing stock of silver coins. Silver coins, like gold coins, are a great way of diversifying your portfolio, especially in the face of uncertain economic times. For instance, buy silver coins are a great hedge against inflation. And while not as valuable as silver bullion coins, silver coins are a great entry point for newcomers. 

If you’re considering delving into the world of precious metals, you should begin with silver coins unless you feel somewhat more ambitious. As with our gold coins, all our silver coins are struck by the world’s leading mints, such as The Royal Australian Mint and the Austrian Mint

#1 Trusted Gold Bullion Dealers in UK – (Why Choose Us?)  

If you’re searching for the number one trusted gold bullion dealer in the UK, your search is over now that you’ve discovered Gold Investments. Gold Investments is the smart way to invest in precious metals. When contacting our London-based team, you can expect to receive honest, impartial, and professional advice from the outset. 

We tailor your service as we recognise that every customer has different needs. Your portfolio should reflect you as a person, from your lifestyle to your financial circumstances. You’ll find plenty of tips and insights in our gold investment guide, and when you sign up for our Gold Club, you’ll have access to even more helpful advice. 

Gold Investments has been operating steadily for the last 41 years under the guidance of Oliver Temple, who brings many years of the gold investment industry to the table. Through his knowledge, Gold Investments exists as the reputable company it is today. 

We’ve embraced technology by implementing live market prices on our website – we’re one of the few UK bullion dealers to offer this feature. When you make a purchase, your fixed price will be locked in for two working days, giving you ample time to buy your gold and silver. And we provide worldwide, fully insured delivery with FREE UK delivery on orders over £1,000. 

Join the thousands of clients who’ve benefitted from our stellar range of products, excellent service, and competitive pricing.  

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So, if you’re looking to buy bullion coins, whether as a first-time buyer or a long-term investor, you’ve come to the right place. Remember that with Gold Investments, you have the peace of mind knowing you’re buying quality gold and silver coins produced by the world’s most reputable mints. 

We stock gold bullion coins and silver bullion coins to satisfy even the most demanding investor or collector. And we have options to suit all budgets. Plus, there’s fully insured delivery and the added security of storing your coins in our secure London Silver Vaults. Your purchase will be accessible anytime, so you can sell with complete freedom. 

Begin your journey today with Gold Investments and begin diversifying your investment portfolio. To buy coins bullion or learn more, go online or call us on 020 7283 7752. Alternatively, fill out our online contact form or email [email protected], and we’ll reply as quickly as possible.