Gold Investments and Live Gold Prices

Although gold has always been treasured in and of itself, as a rare metal with unique properties, it was only when nations began to use it as a form of currency that it began to have a measurable and stable monetary value, and became a financial instrument in its own right.

Price of Gold

When live gold charts exploded into action…

Gold as money…

When paper money was introduced (in the form of ‘promissory notes’) it was a promise to pay the bearer in coins, and issuers would only print bank notes corresponding to the amount of gold bullion they held.

London Gold fixing

The London Gold Fixing of the UK live gold price is widely relied upon to determine prices in many global markets. Since 1919, excluding a 15-year break from the beginning of the Second World War, a group of five City institutions (currently the main Bullion Houses) has met and agreed this fixed UK gold price twice a day, at 10:30 AM and 3 PM (naturally, nowadays meetings are by phone rather than in person).

The real-time live prices are not actually fixed at all, and will vary minute by minute throughout the day, but the daily ‘fixings’ do offer useful reference points. They give a benchmark to help international gold traders to balance their live gold prices and holdings at a fixed point in time.

Monitoring variations in the gold live price

Daily newspapers have long reported the gold price, but have been overtaken by technology. Thanks to the Internet, today anybody can check this metal’s price online at any moment, anywhere in the world and, in dozens of currencies – there are even mobile apps to help you!

Computer trading

As with any commodity or financial asset in the internet age, actual live prices for the precious metal vary by the millisecond, so by the time a live gold chart is drawn it is out of date! However, live gold charts are invaluable for research purposes and for planning your investments.
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