Welcome to Gold Investments! We are a family-owned trading organisation established in the UK. We specialise in all areas of gold bullion investing, buying, and selling. We are one of the UK’s oldest gold bullion traders as we’ve been dealing in gold coins and gold bars since 1981. Our personnel have more than 50 years of experience in the gold bullion market and are committed to sharing that knowledge with you. Here at Gold Investments, we provide you with all the necessary means to quickly and easily sell gold online.  

So, if you want to sell gold online and make some quick money, Gold Investments is the right place for you! To know more about our selling gold online services, get in touch with one of our gold experts by calling 020 7283 7752. Alternatively, you can email all of your queries to [email protected], and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.  

The Number One Sell Gold Online Service  

There are several options for selling gold, but not all of them are equally reliable. You’ll undoubtedly get a greater price online than you would at a jewellery store or local pawn shop if you sell your gold through a reliable buyer. For this reason, you should come to us, the number one business to sell gold online service that you can always trust.  

Here at Gold Investments, we provide you with a quick, safe, and simple option to sell your gold online. Our skilled gold experts will analyse and evaluate your gold using cutting-edge equipment to establish its worth and provide you with the best potential price. 

Sell Gold Online

We Help you Sell Gold Online  

We at Gold Investments can not only help you buy gold and enhance your portfolio, but we can also help you sell gold. Selling any gold bullion can be an excellent opportunity to acquire some cash quickly while also benefiting from the current high gold prices.  

When you decide to sell, you can find all the values of all the gold bars and gold coins posted live on our website at Gold Investments. However, we encourage you to set up our price limit alert so that you know when the price you desire has been reached so that you can sell quickly.  

How to Sell Gold Online?  

To get all the information you need to efficiently sell your gold online, join our free Gold Club. You’ll be able to contact us about what you want to sell from there, and we’ll be able to provide a spot price premium. You can also check the prices online by choosing the sales tab next to the gold bullion you want to sell, and the price will be set.  

After that, because the price stated is based on the gold spot price, it is critical that you send us the gold within three working days of when the cost is given for us to be able to assist you in selling your gold bullion as conveniently and safely as possible. If you don’t, the price will be invalidated, and you’ll have to receive a new one for the day the gold was deposited.  

Sell Gold Coins  

Just as you can easily buy gold coins from us at Gold Investments, it is just as straightforward to sell gold coins with us online in a safe and secure manner. From Sovereign gold coins to Australian Nuggets, you can sell all your minted gold coins as long as they are bullion coins, irrespective of dealership or origin.  

When compared to huge bullion bars, gold coins are a far more versatile way of selling gold since you can control the quantity exchanged much more readily. Gold coins are also struck at a consistent weight, allowing for easy international trading. 

canada maple leaf gold coin 1/2 oz
2017 britannia 1oz gold obverse

Sell Gold Bars  

Gold bars, on the other hand, have a lower spread. However, because gold bars have a high value, they provide security against the instability of other metals. As a result, it is a safe investment. So, if you want to sell your gold bars safely and quickly, Gold Investments is the perfect place for you.  

We can provide you with affordable rates and experienced financial guidance. On the day you send us the gold bar you wish to sell, we pay extremely close to the spot London gold price. It is important to note that the approximate worth of gold bars being shipped should not exceed £2,500  in any one shipment, as Royal Mail will only insure parcels for this figure.  

Sell Gold Online

Our Gold Club  

Our Gold Club is a private venue designed to bring all of our networks together in one place. With a Gold Club membership, you will be given access to even more unique gold bars and coins, as well as frequent market updates and the option to finalise deals online.  

It is entirely free to join our Gold Club because our objective is to make our special Gold Club membership available to all of our customers.  

Sell Gold Online Today  

From gold coins to gold bars, we can help you sell all kinds of gold with us here at Gold Investments at the click of a button. Although the quickest way to sell gold is to bring it to one of our stores in London, selling your gold online from the comfort of your own house is also just as efficient when it comes to getting the best price possible.  

Join our Gold Club at Gold Investments for free and begin the process to sell gold online today!  

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Contact Us  

If you are searching for the perfect trading company to help you sell gold online, then look no further than Gold Investments! We can offer reasonable rates and competent guidance on your investments because we have been in the gold dealing business for over 50 years. We are prepared to walk you through the process of selling gold coins and gold bars in the UK. Whether you use our website to sell gold online or come to one of our London stores, we will be happy to assist you. 

To sell gold online in a quick and efficient manner, get in touch with the gold experts at Gold Investments right away. Call us on 020 7283 7752 and get all of your questions answered immediately. You can also contact us by sending an email to [email protected]. We’d want to learn more about your objectives to sell gold online so that we can help you get there.