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£4billion of gold is secretly flown from London to Poland

£4billion of gold is secretly flown from London to Poland: 8,000 bars weighing 100 tons is returned after it was hidden from the Nazis in Britain during WWII Poland has repatriated £4billion worth of gold from London to Warsaw in a top-secret operation involving planes, helicopters, high-tech trucks and specialist police, writes the Mail. You […]

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The relevance of gold as a strategic asset

“Gold is a highly liquid yet scarce asset, and it is no one’s liability. It is bought as a luxury good as much as an investment.” writes the Gold Hub. An interesting analysis from a Japanese perspective, editions are also available for the UK and US. Read more here.    

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The World’s Most Expensive Precious Metals

Black gold engagement ring with diamond gem.

There are many precious metals out there, each with different historical and financial merit. From the intrinsic value of gold to the dense and striking iridium. We’re going to take a look at the five most expensive precious metals and what makes them so valuable. 1. Rhodium Rhodium is the most expensive metal in the […]