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April Newsletter

This time we have put our April blogs and links to some stories. Hopefully you have seen our new website and like it ? We have introduced interactive charts with both $ and £ as well as revamping the Gold Club. The club will be changing dramatically over the next few weeks with instant valuations, all your […]

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The Most Valuable Gold Finds in The World

Finding gold with metal detector

The obsession with precious metals is as old as the discovery of the materials themselves. But no matter how sought-after these valuable metals are, gold has always held a special interest and allure. Over the last century, metal detectors have been employed by “Detectorists” to make some of the most astonishing and valuable finds around […]

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The Trial Of The Pyx

It might sound like a Harry Potter novel, but the Trial of the Pyx is the ancient procedure of determining the quality of newly minted coins in the United Kingdom. The practice has been around since the thirteenth century and continues, largely unchanged, to this day. Historically, the Trial of the Pyx took place at […]

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The Origin Of Gold In Space

Gold ore

Gold has captured the human imagination for many thousands of years. Our fascination for the precious metal transcends cultures, empires and eras. In fact, it seems fair to say that there is something innate about the way in which gold captivates our species. So exactly where does this much-coveted material come from? What are its […]

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Meghan Markle to Keep Tradition with Welsh Gold Wedding Ring

Meghan Markle to have Welsh gold ring

The news has been awash with various details about the upcoming nuptials of HRH Prince Harry and US actress Meghan Markle. From the dress to the flowers to the guest list, the ceremony is bound to be steeped in royal tradition when it takes place at Windsor Castle this May. However, one tradition that particularly […]

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USA Federal Reserve & Potential Trade Wars Pushing Price of Gold

Dollar and Chinese banknote with gold bar

The price of gold is at its highest level in over a month due in part to the much-discussed decision by the United States Federal Reserve to increase interest rates and inflation in the next few years. The price of gold rallied to its highest level in over four weeks in March, securing the January […]

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Bitcoin vs Gold: Time to Invest in Something Tangible?

Gold and Bitcoin

Cryptocurrencies have taken the world by storm. In the same way as the dotcom industry blew up in the mid-nineties, this new and exciting investment opportunity had many traders selling up their existing assets to get in on the ground floor of a brand-new medium. However, when looking at precious metals vs cryptocurrency as investment […]