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The World’s Most Expensive Precious Metals

Black gold engagement ring with diamond gem.

There are many precious metals out there, each with different historical and financial merit. From the intrinsic value of gold to the dense and striking iridium. We’re going to take a look at the five most expensive precious metals and what makes them so valuable. 1. Rhodium Rhodium is the most expensive metal in the […]

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Toothpaste And The Innovative Gold Smugglers Of India

Pile of gold bars

We’ve all seen gold teeth, but how about gold toothpaste? Or to be more accurate, gold disguised as toothpaste. Well that’s what one innovative gold smuggler in India has done and many can’t help but be impressed with the innovative attempt. What’s even more fascinating, however is this is just the tip of the iceberg. […]

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Canadian Mint Releases Silver Coin With Real Meteorite

Stars and space

Special edition coins come in various shapes, sizes and colours and have been issued to celebrate anniversaries, sporting events and public figures. Coins have been struck with holographic effects, laminated in various sheens and, on occasion, contained certain materials that make them unique. It is hard to remember, however, any coin that has been manufactured […]