10 oz Kookaburra

2 oz Silver Content
2oz Minimum Gross Weight
99.9% purity

Produced by the Perth Mint since 1990.The design changes each year but always depicts Queen Elizabeth 11 on the obverse.

The 10 oz Kookaburra Silver Coin is one of four silver bullion coins released by the Perth Mint, which remains one of the premier government mints in the world. The other weights include the 1kg, 10oz and 1oz. First minted in 1990, the Silver Kookaburra proved instantly popular, and by the 2010’s, half a million were produced yearly to meet demand. It was rumoured that 1 million would need to be produced in 2013, but for now the half a million limit remains in place.

The Kookaburra is one of only a few annually released coins that change its design upon each release. This has led to it being particularly popular with collectors, who often attempt to obtain each release as part of a set. For this reason, the 10 oz Kookaburra Silver Coin is often worth more than its silver content alone.

Another reason for the coin’s popularity is its purity, something that has actually been improved upon in 2018. All releases until this year had the coin’s purity measured at .999% fine silver, but this has improved to .9999%, to the delight of investors and collectors alike.

With the exception of 2015, which commemorated the coin’s 25 year anniversary by duplicating the original 1990 design, the coin’s inverse depicts different Kookaburra engravings, each unique to that year. On the coin’s obverse, the portrait of Queen Elizabeth II has remained the same, with the exception of the updated portrait by Ian Rank-Broadley, which was first seen on the 1998 release.


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