1 oz Britannia (1987-2013)

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Our extensive range of gold products includes the coveted 1 oz Britannia, a symbol of British excellence in the world of bullion. Contact us today on 020 7283 7752 to find out more about the Britannia gold coins we stock and to explore your gold investment opportunities.  

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As the foremost authority in the world of gold bullion in the United Kingdom, our family-owned and operated business proudly boasts a rich legacy dating back to 1981. With a team of dedicated experts, some of whom have amassed over 50 years of invaluable experience in the gold industry, our commitment to providing unmatched quality and service is unparalleled. 

Our extensive catalogue features a wide array of gold products, including the iconic Britannia coin. Our competitive prices and comprehensive range of products ensure that investors have access to an unparalleled selection of gold coins, in addition to bars and silver options. 

At Gold Investments, we prioritise customer satisfaction, offering convenient delivery options and stock gold readily available for sale. We are your trusted source for gold Britannia coins, and a wide range of other gold bullion products. 

The History of the Britannia Coin 

The Britannia coin has a storied history that spans centuries, making it an enduring symbol of British identity and heritage. Britannia’s likeness has graced British coins since the time of the Roman Emperors, when she was depicted as a symbol of their conquest of new territories. As the Romans colonised Britain, Britannia became an emblem of resistance against the invaders, often portrayed in ancient British war attire. 

During the reign of Charles II (1630 to 1685), Britannia appeared on copper coins, signifying the significance of British naval power. In 1797, she reappeared on the “cartwheel pennies” and two-penny coins, minted during King George III’s rule. These substantial coins, weighing an ounce with a diameter of 36mm, featured Britannia holding a trident while seated amidst ocean waves, a representation of her as the Queen of the Seas. 

Britannia continued to adorn bronze coins until the decimalisation of British currency. Today, she remains an iconic figure, gracing the British 50 pence coin, as well as silver and gold bullion coins. The Britannia coin’s rich history and enduring appeal make it a sought-after investment in the UK’s numismatic landscape. 

About the 1 oz Britannia 2014 – 2021

The 1 oz Gold Britannia stands as an iconic emblem of British numismatic excellence. First introduced in 1987, it swiftly gained recognition as a formidable counterpart to renowned gold bullion coins like the South African Krugerrand, Chinese Panda, and Canadian Maple Leaf, which entered the market a few years prior. 

Distinguished by its exceptional purity, the 1 oz Britannia boasts 24-carat gold, equivalent to 99.9999% fine gold, placing it among the purest gold coins globally. Its design has largely endured since the late 1980s, featuring Queen Elizabeth II on the obverse and the iconic Britannia figure, designed by Philip Nathan in 1987, on the reverse. 

The Britannia coin weighs 31.104g, with a diameter of 32.69mm, a thickness of 3mm, and a milled edge. While its face value is £100, its true worth far surpasses this, given its high gold content. Importantly, the 1 oz Gold Britannia is exempt from capital gains tax, and all coins are officially verified, ensuring their authenticity and quality. 

Other 1 oz Britannia Gold Coins 

In addition to the esteemed 1 oz Britannia (2014 – 2021) gold coin, our inventory encompasses a diverse selection of other 1 oz Britannia’s. These include: 

1 oz King Charles Britannia 2023

The 1 oz King Charles Britannia 2023 gold coin, a testament to British heritage, features King Charles III on its obverse side. This exquisite coin is part of the Britannia series, renowned for its historical significance and investment potential. 

1 oz King Charles (Crown) Britannia 2023

The 1 oz King Charles (Crown) Britannia 2023 gold coin pays homage to British history with its regal design. On the obverse side, it features the image of King Charles wearing his crown, a symbol of his royal authority. This coin is a distinguished addition to the Britannia series, celebrated for its rich historical importance and investment potential. 

1 oz QEII Britannia 2023

The 1 oz QEII Britannia 2023 gold coin, a distinguished member of the Britannia series, features Queen Elizabeth II on its obverse side. This coin represents a continuation of the rich tradition of Britannia coins, known for their historical significance and investment potential.  

Other Coins and Bars for Investment

In addition to the iconic gold Britannias, our inventory encompasses a diverse selection of coins and bars designed for investment, available in both gold and silver. These offerings cater to a wide range of investors, allowing them to diversify their portfolios with ease. 

Our extensive range includes coins and bars that vary in size, denomination, and weight, offering flexibility to suit individual investment goals. Whether you prefer the timeless allure of gold or the stability of silver, our collection provides numerous opportunities to explore the world of precious metals. 

Investors can explore options that align with their preferences, making it convenient to acquire assets that combine heritage, intrinsic value, and investment potential. Discover the range of investment-worthy coins and bars that can help you secure your financial future. 

Gold Bars and Coins

Our selection of gold bars and coins provides investors with a diverse range of options to explore the world of precious metals. Whether you’re a seasoned investor or just beginning your journey, our inventory caters to all investment preferences. 

Among our featured gold bars, you’ll find a variety of sizes and weights to suit your investment goals. These bars represent a tangible store of wealth and are known for their purity and quality. Investing in gold bars allows you to own a piece of the precious metal in a highly portable form. 

In addition to gold bars, our collection includes a wide array of gold coins, each with its unique historical significance and investment potential. From the iconic Britannia coins, symbolising British heritage, to other globally recognised gold coins, such as the Krugerrand and Australian Gold Nugget, we offer options for investors of all backgrounds and preferences. 

Investing in gold bars and coins is not only a tangible way to diversify your portfolio but also a means of preserving wealth for the long term. Explore our selection to find the perfect gold bars and coins that align with your investment strategy and goals. 

Silver Bars and Coins

Our extensive collection of silver bars and coins presents an array of opportunities for investors seeking to diversify their portfolios with precious metals. Whether you’re a seasoned silver enthusiast or new to the world of precious metals, our inventory caters to all investment preferences. 

Among our featured silver bars, you’ll find a diverse range of sizes and weights, each boasting the highest quality and purity standards. These bars offer a tangible and easily tradeable form of silver investment, making them a practical choice for both new and experienced investors. 

In addition to silver bars, our collection includes a wide selection of silver coins, each with its unique historical significance and investment potential. From silver Britannia coins that celebrate British heritage to a variety of internationally recognised silver coins, including the Silver Maple Leaf and Silver Philharmonic, we offer options to suit the preferences of every investor. 

Investing in silver bars and coins provides a hedge against economic uncertainty and currency fluctuations. It’s a tangible means of preserving wealth and diversifying your investment portfolio. Explore our vast stock to discover the perfect silver bars and coins that align with your investment requirements. 

Why Choose Gold Investments for Your 1 oz Britannia?

When it comes to acquiring your 1 oz Britannia coin and delving into the world of precious metals, there are compelling reasons to choose Gold Investments as your trusted partner. With over 45 years of experience in the gold bullion business, we bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the table. 

Our founder, Oliver Temple, boasts over 30 years of hands-on experience and a deep understanding of the investment markets. At Gold Investments, we take pride in offering a personalised service to all our clients, whether private individuals or institutional investors. 

In an era dominated by the internet, we stand out as the only bullion house that provides the convenience of buying and selling gold online with live prices through our website, all while maintaining the same high level of professionalism and service. 

Moreover, after the investment of gold bullion bars and coins officially became VAT-free throughout the EU, we dedicated ourselves to making precious metal investment hassle-free and accessible to all.  

Our commitment to transparency is reflected in the fact that all the coins and bars quoted on our website are in stock, ensuring swift and secure delivery. Choose Gold Investments as your trusted partner in the world of gold bullion, where experience, professionalism, and a wide range of products converge to provide you with a seamless investment experience. 

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