£5 Gold Coin


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About £5 Gold Coin

The five pound British gold coin, or quintuple sovereign, has a nominal value of five pounds sterling. It has been struck intermittently since 1820, though as a circulation coin only in 1887, 1893 and 1902. Through most of its history, it has depicted, on its reverse, Benedetto Pistrucci’s portrayal of St George and the Dragon, which has traditionally been used on the sovereign, or one-pound gold coin.

Since 1980, the five-pound gold piece has been struck in most years by the Royal Mint for sale to collectors and holders of bullion. Although generally featuring Pistrucci’s design, commemorative versions have been issued, such as in 2022, as a memorial following the death of Elizabeth II, featuring the bust of her son and successor, Charles III.


Weight 39.94 g

Diameter 36.02 mm

Purity .917 gold (22 carat)

Gold Content ; 1.1771 oz