Welcome to Gold Investments, the oldest and most reliable gold bullion dealer in the UK. For over five decades, we’ve been providing old and young investors with the finest gold coins to buy and sell at the most competitive rates. 

Since 1931, we’ve been building and expanding our networks with the world’s leading gold mints like the Royal Mint to offer you the widest collections of gold coins with different origins, forms, and sizes. So if you’re looking to build an original gold portfolio, this is the right place to start your investment.  

At Gold Investment, we harness our 40 years of knowledge to provide you with all the services, tricks, and trades you need to stay at the top of your gold business game. From expert consultation and secure bullion storing to the most original gold coins collections, our services are the most inclusive ones you can find.    



The Best Gold Company Around

At Gold Investments, we consider your success to be our own. With 40 years of experience in the gold business, we are confident that we can provide you with the finest solutions, techniques, and prices you need to excel in the gold market. To stay at the top of your business game, you can now follow our blog, where we share the latest updates on the gold market.  

Gold Investments is the ideal place for gold coin enthusiasts. If you dream of having your personalized collection of gold bars and gold coins, you’ve come to the right people. Not only do we stock the most original gold bullions, but we also have a team of specialists to help you develop a gold coin portfolio tailored to your tastes and financial plans.  

With our expert services, you can now buy and sell gold from the comfort of your home and store your coins in our certified vaults in London. We accept a range of payment methods and can give you cash for gold coins sold through us.  



The World’s Most Popular Gold Coins

Gold coins are generally more appealing to gold enthusiasts due to their peculiarity and rich historical value. There’s an extensive array of gold coins for investment in the world, and each stands out in terms of quality, aesthetic, history, weight, and size.  

Since the discovery of gold in the region of South Africa, the Krugerrand coin was produced to encourage gold investment in the region. This coin, named after President Paul Kruger, grew in popularity and became the most common gold coin in the twentieth century, making up more than 90% of the world market. Krugerrands are specifically an excellent option for both young and old investors because they’re affordable and require minimal gold knowledge to invest in.  

On the other hand, the Sovereign coin was first struck by the British in the early 19th century and is still being produced today. It features Queen Elizabeth II and St. George’s image slaying a dragon on the reverse of the coin. Due to their exciting history, these coins have become one of the most popular choices for gold enthusiasts. If you’re looking for a diverse portfolio, this 500-year-old Sovereign coin would be an excellent choice. Note that Sovereign coins are free of tax. This means you get to keep 100% of your profit when you sell your Sovereign coins! 

Along with the Sovereign, the precious Britannia gold coin has recently piqued the interest of many investors. The stunning Britannia is considered the world’s most secure coin, as its carved micro text reads “DECUS ET TUTAMEN’’, or ‘’AN ORNAMENT AND A SAFEGUARD”.  

During the property of the British Empire, the Sovereign was being produced and utilized in Canada and Australia, who then issued their own gold coins, the Australian Nugget (1986) and Canadian Maple Leaf coin (1979). These two coins are now known for their modern minimalist aesthetics, along with their beautiful two-toned frosted effect, a feature that is not found in other gold bullion coins

Another popular coin is the American Eagle which was produced at the end of the 19th century and has recently increased in popularity during the financial crisis of 2008. This is because the American Eagle gold coin is accepted worldwide, which makes investing in it both easy and reliable.  

Other very famous coins in the gold market include the valuable Chinese Panda and the Austrian Philharmonic, which presents one of Europe’s best selling gold coins.  

2021 Gold Chinese Panda Coin

Range of Quality Gold Coins to Choose From

The good news is that the world’s most popular bullion coins are all available at Gold Investments ! Here, we stock the most original gold coins to help you build a personalized portfolio that can boost your investments. You can now buy gold from our 99.9% pure gold coins collection, which consists of:  

Most gold coins are minted in 1/10oc, 1/4oz, 1/2oz & 1oz form. But most of our clients opt for one-ounce gold bullion coins like Britannias and Krugerrands or smaller coins like the British Sovereign.    

Buying other Coins & Sets 

Besides choosing individual gold bullion coins, you can also buy gold coin sets such as gold Sovereign sets and Krugerrand sets.   

We also have a very rich selection of other coins, which includes the following: $1000 Hong Kong Gold Coin, 100 Piastres coin, 50 Piastres coin, 25 Piastres coin, Bahar Azadi gold coin, 10 French Francs coin, 1/10 oz Eagle coin, 4 Ducat coin, 1/2 Maple Leaf coin, Pahlavi gold coin, Silver 2 Dirhams coin, Mexican Libertad coin, as well as other unusual coins and bars.  

If you’re not sure which coin to choose, our team will be happy to provide you with expert consultation tailored to your budget and your needs.  

Why Come to Gold Investments for Our Gold Coins?      

Gold Investments has thrived for 50 years on the trust and loyalty of our clients. We work hard to ensure that you receive consistent and high-quality services. Buying gold coins has never been easier. Our helpful gold professionals are standing by to help you select the best gold coins for your investment goals. From planning your investment to safeguarding your gold bullion coins, you can rest assured that we will be walking every step of the way with you. 

Only Bullion House Where You Can Invest in Gold Coins Online 

Gold trading is one of the oldest businesses and certainly a passion that runs through our family. As gold enthusiasts, we’ve worked hard on digitalizing the global gold market to help investors like you extend and globalize their trading networks. Today Gold Investments is the only gold bullion house that enables you to buy and sell gold coins online following live market rates on our website. With Gold Investments, the world’s gold is in the palm of your hand. 

Extra Benefits with Our Free Gold Club 

The Gold Club is designed for everyone who wants to get more out of their gold coin investment portfolio. You will be able to sell and buy gold coins online, stay updated on the gold market’s latest news, access additional coins in our inventory, and enter into our monthly draw. In addition, there are customized graphs that display what is happening to your gold coin investment in real-time and much more!  

The Gold Experts You Can Trust  

Here at Gold Investments , we supply the rarest and most original gold bullion coins, backed up with our expert consultation services. So if you want to excel in the gold coin business, you can count on us to help you build the most diverse and appealing bullion coin portfolio that suits your financial budget. Many of our loyal customers started by buying only a few coins and have built over time incredible coin collections that we are proud of. To make your investment experience as pleasurable as possible, we also provide you with our certified vaults to safeguard your gold bullions. 


The Buy Gold Process at Gold Investments 

At Gold Investments, we aspire to encourage people like you to invest in the most reliable and flourishing business, gold coin trading. For this reason, we’ve worked hard to offer you consistent quality services. Our gold experts are here to help you choose the perfect gold coins and gold bars for your future investment plans, with your budget and aesthetic preferences in mind. 

Because gold seems like a sophisticated business, we’ve digitalized the global gold market to make it more accessible to old and young investors. With Gold Investments, you can now buy and sell gold coins online using live market rates on our website

To make investing in gold coins and gold bars easier for you, we’ve made sure to consider a range of paying methods. You can purchase our gold bullion coins using cheques, bank transfers, debits cards, and cash. Please note that we don’t accept credit cards.  

When you buy gold coins and gold bars with us, storing them will be the last of your worries. Here at Gold Investments, we anticipate the needs of our customers and go the extra mile to meet them. You can now store your gold bullion coins in our secure vaults in London, and rest assured that they are in the safest hands.   

Why You Should Invest in Gold Coins Today 

Investing in gold coins and gold bullions is significantly more reliable than investing in any other asset. Unlike paper money, gold is a rare resource that cannot be extensively printed. Therefore, in times of economic inflation, gold coins maintain their inherent value, making them the safest investment.  

To add to that, gold bullion coins are created and minted by the government rather than private sources. This means that when you want to sell your gold coins, you can guarantee that international traders will accept them.   

There are many trustworthy sources to buy gold bullion coins that are well defined in terms of purity and value. These include the London Bullion Market Association in the UK, whose refineries are globally approved and trusted. We’ve partnered with LBMA for 40 years today to make the world’s finest and oldest gold coins accessible to you.  

If you’re thinking of investing in a gold coin or gold bar, relying on Gold Investments is the best decision you can take. It’s safe, easy, and lucrative.    

Gold in different forms 

Besides our gold coins, we also offer a comprehensive range of low premium gold bars to fulfil our investors’ needs. Our gold bars are pure 24K gold and manufactured by London Bullion Market Association’s most reputable refiners. So whether you want to gift someone a Sovereign gold coin or make a long-term investment in a 1g gold bar, our team with 40 years of experience in the gold business is here to assist you. You can now explore our diverse collection of gold bars on our website or visit our offices in London to see for yourself.  

Additional Metal Available   

At Gold Investments, we’ve made sure to diversify our bullion collections to cater to all investors. This is why we also offer platinum and silver bullions minted into the most elegant coins and bars. To learn more about our available additional metals, you can call us now or browse through our coin and bar collections displayed on our website! 

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Now that you’ve learned about our bullion collections and trustworthy services, why don’t you get started with your gold investment with us? Our gold specialists are ready to walk with you every step of the way to ensure that you have the most fruitful experience in gold coin investment. Whether you want to buy Sovereign gold coins, sell gold bars, or stock your precious gold bullions, we are the people you want to speak to! You can browse our website to buy gold bullions online, or visit us in our London offices.  

Here at Gold Investments , we work on perfecting our services to meet your expectations and exceed them. We are eager to listen to your requirements and offer you an expert consultation tailored to your vision and plans. Get in touch with us now by calling us on 020 7283 7752 or emailing us at [email protected].