Have you just purchased gold or silver and are looking for somewhere secure to store it? Of course, you could store it in a bank or keep it in your home, but a far better option is to use our Storage Vault. Here at Gold Investments, we offer an affordably priced, secure storage service at our London Silver Vaults. 

A decade ago, the FBI in America reported that $1.6 billion worth of precious metals were stolen, highlighting a 51% increase from the previous five years. So much has happened in the last decade and a bit, and with the current cost of living crisis, it’s now more important than ever to ensure your valuables are protected. 

With many options available, you might be tempted to consider other avenues, but we assure you that vault storage is the way to go. If you would like to learn more about storing your precious metals in one of our vaults, call Gold Investments today on 020 7283 7752. 

Highly Secure Storage Vault   

Storage VaultIf you’ve recently invested in gold or silver or are considering it, you should also consider where you’ll store it. It’s not uncommon for first-time investors to consider using a bank locker. After all, you’ve used a bank all your life, and this is surely what they’re good at. It’s very expensive, however, making it only good for small quantities. 

There’s also far less flexibility. For instance, if the market price changes on a Friday and you decide to sell, you likely won’t have access to your precious metals until Monday. But, by then, the price could’ve changed to something more unfavourable. 

Investors also often consider storing their precious metals at home in a safe. You’d know where your metals are and could access them at any time. This can make your home a target, so you should keep any knowledge of the safe on a ‘need-to-know’ basis. Crucially, however, gold and silver are not as liquid when stored at home. 

In other words, you’d need to have them assessed by a dealer before they can be sold. But, again, this will almost certainly cost you that lucrative market price you’ve spotted. 

And this brings us nicely only storage vaults – easily one of the most secure and liquid ways to store your gold and silver. Your metals are accessible, secure, and audited, so they won’t need to be assessed by a dealer. They, therefore, have the liquidity to be bought or sold from one central location at a moment’s notice. 

Here at Gold Investments, we recognise that our customers are making sizeable investments and want complete peace of mind. So, we provide highly secure vault storage at our London Silver Vaults. Storage is available from just £4 per ounce per year (a minimum charge of £25 applies per year). 

We offer generous discounts for kilo and 100g bars (£50 and £12 respectively). And while stored in our vaults, your metals will be secure, fully insured, and audited by an independent party. The gold and silver are held on your behalf and are in no way connected with our business, so you can trust that it’s safe. 

Why You Might Need a Storage Vault?  

Why would you need a storage vault? After all, you might have an excellent relationship with your bank, so surely, you’d trust them to look after your investment? Then again, what use is having gold and silver if you have no access? Surely storing it at home makes more sense. 

Let’s delve into why you might need a storage vault and why it would be a better decision than the above choices. Benefits of using vault storage include: 

  • Vaults Provide Better Security 
  • Your Investment is 100% Insured 
  • Vaults are Affordable 
  • External Audits are Included 

One of the largest reasons for choosing a vault is security. Our vault security is top-notch, and your gold and silver will be protected physically and financially. We might hold onto it for you, but it’s YOUR gold and silver. It is not tied to our business or creditors in any way. So, your metals won’t be seized should something happen to the business. 

Your investment is fully insured while stored in our vaults, meaning that you’ll be fully reimbursed for the value of any metals stolen or lost in the highly unlikely event anything should happen. 

While in our vaults, your metals will be independently audited, too. This ensures you receive an unbiased service and a fair valuation of your gold and silver. You don’t even need to have purchased your gold and silver from us. At Gold Investments, we offer storage to everyone, irrespective of where you purchased your metals from. 

These audits ensure that, when you choose to sell, you need only give the word, and it’ll be done with the utmost haste. 

Lastly, vaults are affordable. You might think that vault storage will set you back a lot, but with prices starting at just £4 an ounce and a minimum charge of £25 per year, vault storage is much more affordable than you might realise. 

About Our Storage Services?   

Our vault storage is a no-brainer for high-quality storage that’ll protect your investment and guarantee the liquidity of your gold and silver. Prices start from just £4 per ounce, and we offer fantastic discounts the more you choose to store. With our storage vaults, you’ll always have access to your gold and silver. 

If you’re looking to sell, you need only sign into your account, and you’ll be able to sell more or less on the spot. No wonder our vault storage is far more popular than bank or home storage. 

Additional Products We Offer 

In addition to our vault storage services, we at Gold Investments do more, with services that include: 

We have a wide range of gold and silver bars and coins, with options available to suit everything, from first-time investors to avid collectors. All our bars and coins are produced in some of the world’s leading refineries and mints. And they all bear the mark of the refinery or mint that produced them. 

Our gold bars are 24-carat gold (999.9) and manufactured by London Bullion Market Association (LBMA) approved refiners. These include Heraeus, Metalor, Umicore, and PAMP. Insured delivery is available if you choose to store your metals elsewhere. 

As for our coins, these are ideal for investment purposes as they boast low premiums and great flexibility. In addition, gold coins are exempt from VAT in the UK. The Royal Mint’s Britannia and Sovereign gold coins are also considered legal tender. As such, they are tax-free. 

You might have heard of unallocated metals are gold and silver that you don’t physically own. Instead, it belongs to unsecured creditors, making unallocated gold and silver an investment structure. You (investor) provide capital to the supplier. You assume full risk for the loss of the capital if the supplier becomes insolvent. 

With Gold Investments, you can purchase allocated gold and silver, which you physically own. This remains yours, even if we become insolvent. 

SIPPs were introduced by the Government a while back and enable you to place different types of investment into a single pot. This includes gold and silver, which people often turn to in times of economic downturn. 

Gold Investments has supplied gold and silver for investment portfolios for many years. So, we’re the best company to call if you’re looking to diversify. 

Why Choose Us  

We’re committed to providing great customer service here at Gold Investments. Our customers’ needs are always put first, and we endeavour to provide the best options to help them realise their portfolios’ full potential. You can always count on our experienced team to guide you every step of the way. 

And when you’ve made your purchase, our affordably priced vault storage is your way of keeping your investment safe. We have excellent storage options that keep your gold and silver liquid. With our storage, you can sell your gold and silver at a moment’s notice, without waiting for a bank to open or your metals to be assessed. 

We’re confident our storage option is the best around, so call us now for more details. And remember, we offer live market prices on our website, so you’ll always know the current market prices. 

Contact Us Today 

So, if you’re looking for a company that lets you buy and sell gold and silver with convenience and offers secure storage vaults, Gold Investments has you covered. Our vault storage offers you complete peace of mind that your precious metals will always be safeguarded. Access them whenever you like and buy and sell at your convenience. 

There’s no need to have your metals appraised, as we do it for you. So, if you see a great price and want to capitalise, you can. Our gold specialists are passionate about what they do. As always, they would be delighted to speak to you concerning your requirements and answer any questions. 

If you want to contact our team regarding our vaults or our products or service, call us today on 020 7283 7752. You can also contact us in writing by filling out our online contact form or emailing [email protected].