Are you looking for a trustworthy and reliable gold shop here in the UK? Then, you have come to the right place. Here at Gold Investments, we offer you the highest-quality gold and jewellery to choose from. We are proud to provide you with bespoke gold watches, jewellery, and rings for you to enjoy the highest-quality kinds of gold and silver. In addition, we here at Gold Investments offer you a wide range of gold and silver bars and coins in different forms to buy online. We are happy to provide you with only the finest quality jewellery and bars worldwide. 

To learn more about what we offer in the go-to gold shop here in the UK, do not hesitate to contact our gold experts. You can do so by calling us on 020 7283 7752, and a member of our team will go through our offerings from gold bars to chains here at Gold Investments.

The Go-To Gold Shop for Gold Investments 

We here at Gold Investments are glad to be the number one gold shop for all kinds of gold investing here in the UK. If you are thinking about investing in gold, you can rest assured that our online gold shop provides you with a wide range of high-quality gold and silver choices. You can find everything you need on our website, from jewellery to watches, rings, and chains. Our goldsmiths and experts ensure you only get the purest form of your gold jewellery and bars to allow you to diversify your portfolio in your investment journey. 

Gold Investments is an excellent choice for bullion collectors and investors. Here at Gold Investments, we offer you the chance of buying and selling gold in the most comfortable way possible to diversify your investment portfolio. If you’ve ever dreamed of owning your own gold collection, then Gold Investments is the place for you. Not only do we have the most authentic coins and bars from traditional mints, but we also have a team of experts and goldsmiths who can assist you in creating a gold portfolio that suits your preferences and budget. With our pleasant and accessible service, you can purchase and sell gold from the comfort of your own home and store it in our accredited vaults in London. In addition, we accept a variety of payment methods and can pay you cash for gold that you sell to us.

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About Gold Investments  

Gold Investments is a family-owned enterprise with over five decades of gold trading experience. Since 1981, we’ve thrived in the UK bullion market because of the long-term trust we’ve built with our past customers, whom we now consider family and friends. So, if you are looking to buy gold bars, coins, or jewellery online and at the comfort of your own home, you have come to the right place. 

We’ve teamed with the Royal Mint, one of the world’s oldest and most reputable gold mints, to bring you a diverse selection of gold from various origins, shapes, and sizes. In addition, Gold Investments is the UK’s first gold trading company that allows you to sell and buy gold online using live market prices and the advice of our gold experts.

Our team includes some of the most professional goldsmiths and gold experts so that we can offer you the best services to help you through your gold investment journey. Our fifty years in the gold business qualify us to provide you with the most excellent gold buying and selling advice and consultations in the UK. Our gold experts are ready to help you know what and when to buy and sell to match up with the portfolio catered to your needs. So, you can rest assured that you will get the most professional consultations and the highest-quality jewellery once you choose to work with Gold Investments. 

Benefits of Investing in Gold

Gold has always been deemed a significant investment over the centuries. When the value of other popularly held assets falls, gold tends to rise in value. As a result, experts recommend including gold in a diversified portfolio. Gold has been one of the best-performing UK investments in the twenty-first century, with annual gains of over 10% on average since 2000. Gold is still as vital as ever in the modern economy because it preserves wealth throughout generations.

Gold has traditionally served as a hedge in times of economic crisis. Gold is usually appreciated when inflation rises. When investors see their money losing value, they will begin to place their bets in a hard asset such as gold that has historically held its worth. Moreover, gold is considered a great choice to diversify your investment portfolio, regardless of the situation when it comes to inflation. 

Gold is a substantial investment, especially once you understand its value. As a result, we’d want to help you choose the ideal gold bullion to invest in. Our experts and goldsmiths are ready to offer you fantastic advice on making the best gold investment to benefit your portfolio. If you have any queries about assisting you, please do not hesitate to contact our staff.

Live Gold Price Chart 

When it comes to gold coins, first time and small investors love to start investing there. This is because gold coins Gold prices are rarely stable and are influenced by various factors daily all around the world. So, if you want to get into the gold market, you’ll need to keep track of gold prices in the UK every day so you can decide when it’s the best moment to purchase or sell. Gold Investments is pleased to present you with dependable, up-to-date, and accurate live gold prices on our website.

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2017 britannia 1oz gold obverse

It’s critical to keep an eye on today’s UK gold price fluctuations to make the best decision when buying gold bullion online. Live gold charts are essential for investment planning. At Gold Investments, we provide live prices on our high-quality coins and bars. The pricing will be locked in if you press the purchase tab at any time when you’d like to make a purchase.

Our live gold price charts can assist you in deciding when to buy gold bullion from the comfort of your own home. When you visit our live gold price charts, you may use the filters to locate exactly what you want. You can, for example, input today’s date and the gold type you’re looking for. From Brittania to Maple Leaf, you can choose from a vast list of high-quality gold bullion. Not only that, but you may also select the weights, which range from 5 grams to a kilogram with a variety of intervals. You can also choose whatever currency you want to monitor live gold prices, such as British pounds or US dollars.


How to Invest in Gold 

There are many ways to invest in gold as there are reasons to invest in gold. They can purchase gold through Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs), stock in gold miners and related companies, or real gold. Physical gold is an accessible commodity here at Gold Investments. We are happy to be the go-to gold shop here in the UK, offering you bespoke gold bullion, coins, and jewellery to buy from the comfort of your home. Each offers unique investment opportunities and should be used to tailor investment strategies.

Jewellery is frequently invested in as a work of art. However, because of the time and talent required to create jewellery, it has a high price tag, which does not always make it the best investment for people seeking pure gold exposure. Gold coins are elite collectables offering great rarity and value. Gold bars are a great source of stability and profit as well. 

We have the ideal platform for buying and selling gold here at Gold Investments. Our platform was built to make gold trading safe and secure. As a result, you can be confident that all gold transactions on our site are safe and secure. So, whether you’re looking to sell for financial stability or buy to diversify your portfolio, Gold Investments is the best gold shop to choose.

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Gold Bars

Gold bars are an excellent investment since they can always be sold for a profit. However, risks are high when buying gold bars as their value is not to be messed with. Our skilled professionals, who have over five decades of experience, are more than willing to walk you through the process of gold bar investment, providing you with carefully designed guidance that will improve your portfolio.

Gold Investments has a large selection of gold bars for you to choose from. Our selection includes everything you’ll need, from a 5g ingot for a present to a 1kg gold bar for a long-term investment. Our gold experts are ready to guide you through selecting the ideal gold bars with which to begin your investment. You can search our user-friendly page for what you’re looking for. You can arrange the gold bars by the most popular among our regular clients or the most recent addition. If you’re on a budget or searching for something more prestigious, you may also sort by price.

Our smaller gold bars are more adaptable because they are easier to sell. However, they do not provide the same level of value as our more comprehensive products. Consequently, each has its distinct worth and versatility, whether you choose a troy ounce or a 100-gram bar.

As we have so many various kinds of gold bars, it can be challenging to find precisely what you’re looking for. As a result, our team of experts is ready to assist you with expert consultations to provide you with what you require and to locate the ideal gold bars for you. 

Gold Coins

Gold coins are popular for first-time and small investors to begin investing. This is because gold coins have an ideal pricing point. You can also start with coins because capital gains tax does not apply to certain Gold Britannia gold coins. Browse our large selection of high-quality gold coins that are suitable for investment. All gold coins and gold bars purchased from us are delivered, insured, and stored in our safe London vaults.

We recommend buying gold coins because of their modest premiums and adaptability in investment projects. In addition, gold coins have the advantage of being VAT-free in the UK. The Royal Mint’s Sovereign and Britannia gold coins, on the other hand, are legal tender, which means they’re tax-free.

We work with the world’s top mints, like The South African Mint, The Royal Mint, and The Royal Canadian Mint, at Gold Investments. As a result, you can trust that our gold coins are made with skill, excellence, and love so that you may invest in high-quality gold. Simply choose the gold coins that appeal to you, and we’ll deliver them to you with comprehensive insurance.

Other Services  

We here at Gold Investments are proud to offer you a wide range of services to help you throughout your investment journey from beginning to end. We offer a wide range of gold and silver options on our website, including coins, bars, and sets. Not only that, but our gold experts provide you with the most professional consultations to help you diversify your portfolio the way you intended. We are happy to be the only gold shop that allows you to buy and sell gold and silver online. 

Our website offers you live rates, and our website is designed to guide you to find the perfect gold piece you have been looking for. We also provide bespoke storage services for your purchased gold and silver. With our approved storage solution, you can rest assured that your investments are protected. London Silver Vaults provides gold and silver storage.

Once you buy gold bullion from our website, you may have your gold shipped to you anywhere in the globe, and it’s free if you spend more than £1,000. Alternatively, you may pick it up at our London headquarters. At London Silver Vaults, we also provide certified storage services for as little as £4 per ounce each year.

Invest in Silver 

Our seasoned silver bullion traders’ staff will ensure that your next silver bullion transaction goes as smoothly as possible. In addition, Gold Investments offers a range of storage alternatives for your next silver bullion investment. These silver bullion storage choices are built around the idea of making silver bullion storage as simple and secure as possible.

If you’re still indecisive about which silver bullion storage option is best for you, our experts at Gold Investments can help. Our silver bullion experts will provide you with the best set of specialised recommendations when it comes to your next silver bullion investment. We’ll start by determining the length of time and distance required for your storage requirements and then proceed as necessary.

We sell our silver bullion stock directly on our website at Gold Investments. We offer a wide range of silver bars, coins, and sets, perfectly tailored to your tastes to match your investment portfolio. You can now purchase silver 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The prices we’ve listed next to each item are current market pricing.

We have put up a team of committed silver bullion trading specialists here at Gold Investments who will go to any length to share their silver bullion trading experience with you. Our over 45 years in the silver bullion industry have taught us everything there is to know about every variable that affects silver bullion investing.


Gold Storage Options 

The first question after investing in gold is how you should store it. Not to worry, as we at Gold Investments are happy to offer you a wide range of gold storage options once you decide to invest in our gold shop. So whatever option you choose to choose, you can rest assured your gold is safe with us. 

Many first-time gold investors may consider storing their gold or silver in a bank locker. While this method may be secure for small amounts of gold, such as coins, it can be exceedingly costly and inflexible compared to alternative solutions.

Another alternative for safe gold storage is to put your gold in your house secure. Then, you would know precisely where your gold is kept without anyone else knowing. The fewer people that are aware of your gold storage, the better. However, it is less liquid than other options when holding gold at home because a dealer must appraise it before being sold.

Storing your gold bullion in a vault is probably the most secure option there is. In the vault, your gold bars and coins are accessible and safe. In addition, your assets will be accessible from a single site, allowing them to be bought and sold from a single spot.

We at Gold Investments offer you the utmost safety and security with our gold and silver storage with our London Silver Vaults. Our annual fee is £4.00 per ounce (minimum price £25 per year), with significant discounts available for kilo and 100g bars (£50 and £12, respectively). Your metal is kept in a secure environment, fully insured, and audited by a third party.

Why Choose Our Gold Shop? 

We take pride in being the number one gold shop for all your gold and silver investments here in the UK. Our clients’ needs are a priority at Gold Investments. We value our customer relationships and always look for new methods to assist our clients in their gold bullion investment journeys.

We are the first platform in the UK to allow you to purchase gold bars and coins from the convenience of your own home. You can easily navigate our pages to get the appropriate gold bullion for you. We also offer live prices and our low unit prices exclusively.

We accept debit cards, bank transfers, and cash as payment methods to facilitate your purchase of our high-quality gold. Please note that we only take cash up to £10000.00 per person to comply with UK money laundering legislation. We can also pay you cash for gold if you give us enough notice.

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Now that you have learned all about our gold shop here at Gold Investments, we are confident you will visit our online platform the next time you are thinking about diversifying your investments into the world of silver and gold. You can rest assured that our goldsmiths and gold experts can help you find the perfect match you have been looking for among our wide range of options.

If you would like to learn more about what we do here at Gold Investments, do not hesitate to contact us. You can get in contact with our gold experts by calling us on 020 7283 7752, and a member of our team will be glad to answer all your inquiries. Alternatively, you can fill in our online contact form or send us an email to[email protected], and we will reply as soon as possible.