Welcome to the oldest gold bullion trading company in the UK: Gold Investments! We’ve been buying and selling gold for over 45 years. So, if you want to purchase or sell gold bullion such as gold coins and gold bars, or unallocated gold, you may either come to our gold shop in London or do it safely and conveniently online. With our cash for gold services, we guarantee you will get your money’s worth.  

We know the genuine value of gold at Gold Investments! Gold is one of the world’s most valuable metals, and its value has risen steadily throughout history, despite the fact that it is a finite resource. As a result, Gold Investments is the go-to place to sell gold and receive the best gold price possible.  

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The Best Place to Receive Cash for Gold  

When it comes to selling gold, there are a variety of ways to do that. You can go to a pawn shop, a jewellery store, or even sell gold online, but none of these options will be as trustworthy as a well-known gold firm. Here at Gold Investments, we are the most reliable company for gold bullion trading in the entirety of the UK and the best place to receive cash for gold.  

We provide you with a speedy, safe, and easy way to sell your gold either in person at our London stores or online here at Gold Investments. Our gold specialists will examine and assess your gold using cutting-edge equipment to determine its value and provide you with the highest possible gold price. 

When you’re ready to sell, visit our website at Gold Investments to see the current prices of all available gold bars and coins. However, we recommend that you use our gold price limit alert to be notified when the price you want has been achieved, allowing you to receive cash for gold quickly.  

How You Can Get Cash for Gold  

You can purchase gold here at Gold Investment without a doubt, and you can invest in gold with excellent interest rates to match the value you’re paying for. When it comes to getting a return on a gold purchase, you don’t have to go any farther since we provide the most straightforward and safe step-by-step process for selling your valuable gold. 

Our website has all of Gold Investments’ gold bar and coin pricing, and all you have to do is select the sales menu to get started. To get cash for gold here at Gold Investments, first, you must become a member of our gold club. From there, you can contact us about what you wish to sell, and we’ll be able to offer you a spot price premium.  

In order to get the exact price that was agreed upon based on the gold spot price, it is important that you send us your gold within three business days. If we don’t receive the gold by then, the gold price will be nullified, and you’ll need to request a new gold price for the day we receive the gold.   

When it comes to transferring your gold to us, we encourage you to visit our London office or send it straight to us through insured special delivery so that you can rest assured that your valuables are in excellent hands. 

Invest in gold

How Much is My Scrap Gold Worth?  

Gold that is transferred to a refiner to be melted down and repurposed is referred to as scrap gold. As a result, any object containing gold that is intended to be recycled qualifies as scrap gold. So, if you have any scrap gold that you wish to sell, it is important to know how to measure it in order to know what it is worth.  

Scrap gold is frequently measured in troy ounces when bought and sold: 31.1 grams make up one troy ounce. In order to measure your scrap gold, you can use a digital gram scale to get the most accurate results. When it comes to gold testing and valuation, we take satisfaction in having the most advanced technology and industry experts on hand. We have the most up-to-date technological equipment for testing all types of metals.  

Finally, to know how much your scrap gold would be worth, you can check out our live gold charts. Just like gold coins and gold bars are priced according to the current gold price, scrap gold is also priced accordingly. Here at Gold Investments, you can keep track of the gold prices live, which means you can watch the gold price every minute of every day, no matter where you are. Our live gold price charts can help you plan your investments and make sure you get your money’s worth. 

Why Gold is a Great Investment  

If you’re thinking about buying actual gold, there are a lot of advantages to consider. No other investment, according to our team of gold trade experts, can equal the value of gold. Perhaps one of gold’s most well-known benefits is that it may provide you with the comfort you need when making such a large original investment. Gold has consistently retained its buying power throughout history, and no other investment comes close. 

Gold, unlike paper-based currencies, is unaffected by interest rate changes and cannot be created to manage supply and demand. In addition, gold is a rare asset that has held its value throughout time and has demonstrated its usefulness as an insurance policy in the case of a downturn in the economy. As a result, many investors perceive gold to be a safe and smart investment.  

Finally, gold has retained its worth over time, unlike paper money, coins, and other assets. Gold is easy to work with and be imprinted as a gold coin since it doesn’t corrode and can be melted over a regular flame. Furthermore, unlike other elements, gold has a distinct and lovely hue.  

Here at Gold Investments, we promote investing and look after our gold investors. We are committed to providing you with the most comprehensive collection of gold investing services at Gold Investments. We can help you with everything from improving the security of your gold bullion to determining the ideal pricing point to buy or sell at.  

How to Invest in Gold with Us  

Gold has long been regarded as one of the most valuable metals on the planet. So, investing in actual gold might be a good option for anybody wishing to invest their money and add some additional security to their portfolio in the present economic situation. One way to invest in gold is to purchase physical gold, also known as allocated gold, such as gold coins or bars.  

Other than investing in allocated gold, there is another way for you to invest in gold with us here at Gold Investments. You can also invest in unallocated gold, which is when your investment is secured by a bank’s physical gold holdings instead of you actually owning physical gold. Unallocated gold is the most popular type of gold investment. Because unallocated gold is owned by a bank, premiums are significantly lower, and because the investor keeps no physical gold, this is a far less expensive choice than holding physical gold. 

Regardless of how you choose to invest in gold, there are choices open to any and all investors if the desire arises, and our gold experts are more than happy to help make sure you make the proper investment.  

How to Sell Gold  

Here at Gold Investments, not only can we assist you in purchasing gold to diversify your investment portfolio, but we can also assist you in receiving cash for gold. Selling gold bullion may be a great way to get some cash quickly while also taking advantage of the present high gold prices.  

To get your cash for gold process started, it is important that you sign up for our Gold Club membership. This membership will give you access to an exclusive set of gold coins and bars that aren’t available on our website. Moreover, it can help you keep track of the live market prices and alert you when it’s the most profitable time to sell gold.  

After reaching the gold spot price that satisfies you and quoting it, it is vital that you send your gold to our stores in London within 72 hours or else the price will be invalid, and you’ll have to issue a new one for the day the gold was acquired. To add to that, the approximate worth of gold being shipped should not exceed £2,500 in any one shipment, as the Royal Mail will only cover items up to that price.  

The gold must all be in good condition. All bars must originate from a refiner on the LBMA Good Delivery List to get the set rate. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you’d like to open an account in person, chat with us about investing, or get cash for gold.  

How to Buy Gold  

Here at Gold Investments, we strive to make the process of buying gold as easy as possible for our customers. You will be able to easily select the payment type you like with the help of our experts. Our staff will take care of you whether you wish to pay with cash, cheques, or bank transfers. 

We only advertise things we have in store, and we only provide the highest grade metals from throughout the world, from Krugerrands and Britannias to bars solely from LBMA accredited refiners. You may then pick up your order at our London office, or we can send it to you through insured special delivery.  

The pricing for all of our coins and bars are live on our website; simply hit the purchase tab at any time you want to buy, and the price will be established. A price restriction alarm system is also available. So, when your desired price has been reached, you will receive an email instructing you to purchase. 

However, since the stock market varies, the prices on our website vary as well. When a customer agrees to buy anything and clicks the purchase button, the pricing is locked in and does not alter until the customer completes the purchase process. As long as the money for your planned transaction gets through the system, this pricing will stay fixed for the consumer for a period of two business days after purchasing the gold.  

Our Range of Gold Commodities  

From the rarest of gold coins to the heaviest gold bars, we offer it all here at Gold Investments. Gold bars of various weights and gold coins of various characteristics are available. If you’re interested in learning more about the features, weights, and values that different varieties of gold hold, keep reading. The following are some gold coins and bars for you to consider. 

Gold Coins  

Gold coins are generally preferred over other types of gold because they are created and minted by governments rather than private sources, making them more likely to be acknowledged by dealers if you wish to receive cash for gold.  

At Gold Investments, we have a range of popular gold coins in store that are perfect for investment owing to their cheap premiums and flexibility in realising your investment. In addition, due to their status as legal money, gold coins are exempt from VAT in the UK, and the Royal Mint‘s Sovereign and Britannia gold coins are also capital gains tax-free.  

In addition to the Sovereign and the Britannia gold coins, we also offer other popular coins such as the Krugerrand coin, the Australian Gold Nugget, the Canadian Maple Leaf, and the American Eagle. The Chinese Panda and the elegantly crafted Austrian Philharmonic are two more well-known gold coins that are also popular among merchants and available at our stores.  

To know more about the special characteristics of each coin, please visit our website and read their specifications to invest in the coin that suits you best. 

Gold Bars  

Investing in gold bullion is a great way to protect against inflation since currencies fluctuate; however, gold’s value remains fixed. So, when it comes to gold bars, they are a great method to protect your money and can also be a great way to get cash for gold quickly. In principle, they are the most cost-effective method to invest in real gold, making them an appealing option for experienced investors wishing to accumulate vast quantities of a non-currency commodity.  

Here at Gold Investments, our gold bars are made of pure 24-carat gold (999.9) and are produced by London Bullion Market Association (LBMA) approved refiners such as Heraeus. We stock a large selection of gold bars for sale at reasonable prices to meet the demands of any gold investor. From 5g gold ingots to 1kg gold bars, we offer it all. 

Our gold experts, who have over 50 years of experience in the industry, are here to assist you every step of the way, whether you’re looking to buy or sell a gold bar.  

Gold Storage Options  

If you’ve decided to invest in gold with us here at Gold Investments, then you’re probably wondering where you are supposed to store it to keep it safe. The good news is that we offer you a variety of solutions when it comes to gold storage.  

Gold Investments’ team of gold trading professionals is committed to providing you with gold storage options that represent a variety of regions and expenses. Our gold merchants would begin by calculating the value of the gold bullion you have along with the total weight. Then they’ll pair you up with the best gold storage solution available. The safest and cheapest option we offer is storing your gold in our London Silver Vaults.  

Our Gold Club  

Our Gold Club is an exclusive offering that brings together all of our contacts in one spot. We encourage everyone who wants more from their gold investment portfolio to join our Gold Club. A Gold Club membership grants you access to even more exceptional gold bars and coins, in addition to constant market updates and the ability to complete transactions online. 

Joining our Gold Club is completely free, as our goal is to make our exclusive Gold Club membership available to all of our clients! 

Why use our Cash for Gold Service?  

Our first focus at Gold Investments is to improve client service. We work hard to help each and every client find the gold investment options they need to succeed in every user interaction. Customers can also make use of our consumer consultations to help them improve their financial portfolios. We are dedicated to providing only the finest solutions for each of our clients’ individual investment portfolios. 

We pledge to provide all the required information for our customers’ long-term investments to ensure that they are fruitful. To make use of our cash for gold service, our gold experts have compiled all of the necessary resources and made them available to all our clients. Our team has you covered from an exclusive Gold Club membership to live market pricing rate reporting and confirmed gold storage vault suggestions. 

At Gold Investments, we can help you sell various types of gold at the touch of a button, from gold coins to gold bars. Although bringing your gold to one of our London locations is the fastest method to receive cash for gold, selling your gold online from the comfort of your own home is just as efficient when it comes to receiving the greatest gold price.  

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