Welcome to one of the oldest gold shops in the United Kingdom: Gold Investments! For over 35 years, we have been buying and selling gold at our gold store in London and online. So if you’re looking to buy or sell gold bullions such as coins and bars or unallocated gold, you can either come to our gold store in London, or you can safely and easily do it over the internet. 

At Gold Investments, we know the true value of gold! Gold is one of the most valued metals in the world. Throughout history, the value of gold kept increasing, although it is a limited resource. This makes buying gold a worthy investment that you will never regret! As it has sustainable store value, it can be sold later on for a greater value than you bought it for. That way, you can turn your gold into cash!  

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Selling Your Gold to the Highest Standard  

When it comes to selling gold, never settle for selling less than the highest standard! The gold trading and gold price monitoring industries have been permanently transformed thanks to contemporary technologies. Today, almost everybody in the world has the ability to track gold prices in whatever currency they want. If you want to track gold prices, you don’t have to look far! At Gold investments, you can track the live prices of gold online with a simple click.  

As our customer’s best interest and satisfaction is our top priority here at Gold Investments, we want to ensure that you’re selling your gold at the highest value possible. Because the price given is based on the gold spot market, it is critical that we receive the gold within 48 working hours of when the price is quoted. If you don’t send them in this timeframe, the initial price will be cancelled, and a new price will have to be given for the day that we received the gold.  

Which Types of Gold have the Highest Value?  

As gold experts here at Gold Investments, it is important for us to share our rich knowledge about gold with our valued customers. To make a good investment, it is important to know which type of gold is going to make you the most money.   

Invest in gold

At Gold Investments, you can find gold bars of different weights and gold coins of different properties. When it comes to the value of each, gold bars are made of 24-carat gold, which is 100% pure gold, which means they retain a very high value. Although gold bars have a higher value than gold coins, gold coins are easier to sell. This is because when selling gold coins, compared to selling huge bullion bars, you can simply manage the amount of gold exchanged. Gold bars, on the other hand, have a lower spread. Coins are also produced at a uniform weight, allowing for easy international trading. 

What Influences the Rise in Gold Value? 

At Gold investments, we acquire the best and most accurate value when it comes to setting your goal investment. The price and value of gold are usually dictated by a standard that every seller works upon.  

One of the many factors that come into play when the price of gold might rise or fall is the world market. When the USD decreases in value compared to other currencies, the value and price of gold increase due to investors looking to buy gold as insurance for asset protection.  

Another factor is supply and demand, where availability of the product can cause the price to increase or decrease, and gold is not easy to come across as only 2000 tonnes are attained yearly!  

Finally, here at Gold Investments, we encourage investment and take good care of our gold investors. This is one of the factors that lead gold prices to change, as investors look into getting the best interest rates for their investments. Meaning, with increased interest, the value of gold is sure to rise! 

Our Cash for Gold Exchange Process 

Here at Gold Investments, we provide the service of selling your gold for cash. You are most welcome to head straight towards our London office to personally purchase or sell gold as our wide array of gold found on our website are always in stock! 

We at Gold Investments offer a 24-hour service on our website where you can buy or sell gold. When purchasing gold, the price and value will be fixed and attributed to the gold price at that time and within 48 hours until your payment is secured.  

We welcome you to open an account here at Gold Investments in order to take your first step in buying and selling or even hopefully investing in gold! 

Get Cash for Your Gold Immediately 

You can, without a doubt, buy gold here at Gold Investment, and you can invest in gold with impeccable interest rates to fit the value you are paying for. Now, when it comes to you wanting to get a return on a purchase investment of gold, you need to look no further as we offer the most simple and secure step by step method for selling your valuable gold.  

All Gold Investments’ gold bar and coin prices are available on our website, and all you have to do is click the sales menu to begin. To trade with Gold Investments, you must first be a member of our Gold Club if you want to sell your gold online, and when it comes to sending your gold to us, we welcome you to our office doors in London or by sending the gold directly to us through insured special delivery to always be reassured that your goods are in safe hands.  

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