Are you looking for the best place for you to buy gold? Have you been wondering about the best practices one can follow during the process of buying gold? Well, you are in luck, as our team here at Gold Investments is the best team to be helping you invest in gold. If you have been hesitant to buy gold and to start your gold trading, then Gold Investments is the trading agency for you. 

 Here at Gold Investments, we are simply the oldest and most renowned agency here in the UK that helps you buy gold in the wisest ways possible. When you come to us here at Gold Investments in order to seek assistance with where to buy gold, you will be benefiting from some of the most experienced gold trading professionals. 

Buying gold has never been easier with us here at Gold Investments. You can now buy gold at the most competitive rates and even optimise your investment portfolio. So, call us today on 020 7283 7752 to find out more. 



The Number One Gold Traders

Earning the trust of our clients is one of the most important considerations at Gold Investments. Over 50 years of full transparency and mutual trust has earned us a unique place in the market. Not to mention, here at Gold Investments, we are a family-run and owned business. We take full responsibility for your gold investments as if they were our own. 

Here at Gold Investments, we make sure to provide our clients with the finest, most trusted storage vault facilities. These facilities are made for safer storage and a better guard. Therefore, your physical metal assets are guarded safely in a trusted high end vault. We highly rely on our partners such as London Silver Vaults and other certified contractors that offer us trusted vault storage solutions. 

Gold coins and bars | Where to Buy Gold | Gold Investments


Our Gold Investments clients can now benefit from choosing what vault storage suits them best for storing their metal belongings whether they be silver or gold. Plus, the rates for gold bars and gold coins we offer here at Gold Investments are some of the most competitively priced in the UK.  

In addition to all those benefits we offer here at Gold Investments, we also offer affordable gold storage options for as little as £4 per one oz per year of your gold and silver bars and coins at the London Silver vaults. Gold Investments will help you decide upon which storage option to choose by presenting every storage option we have to offer in detail.  

Storing your gold with the help of Gold Investments is safer for the investor since their assets are closer to them, unlike using offshore accounts that tend to keep the belongings of the investor far away. While it is true that offshore accounts have the benefit of deflecting certain countries’ tax and currency laws, safety proves itself to be more important.  

Range of Quality Gold Choose from

Here at Gold Investments, we offer a great range of quality gold bars and coins for you to choose from for your future investments. If you are interested in finding out more about where to buy gold, different weights, characteristics, and values the different types of gold coins retain, please read on. Here are some options for coins you can invest in. 

To begin with, the most popular coins our traders sell, we offer the Krugerrand Coin. This coin arises from South African variations and seems to be only rising in popularity as time passes, and is getting more and more popular in the field of fine metal trading. It is now the most common coin amongst all coins we offer. The Krugerrand coin has the weight of 33.93 g containing (1) troy ounce regarding gold content. This makes it easier and faster to be trading with. 

The American coin is the second coin we offer. This coin is well known among Americans, unlike other places such as Asia and Europe where it does not have much popularity. This coin has its benefits. Similar to the Krugerrand coin we mentioned above, it is made up of 22-karat gold. This makes it bigger than other coins that might be only 24-karat gold. Despite everything, the American Eagle coin never fails to be a unique item for trade purposes, in addition to being a main key in boosting your investment portfolio.  

The Canadian Maple Leaf Coin is the third type of coin we offer. It comes second after the Krugerrand coin in popularity. It is widely known and accepted internationally. It weighs an ounce and contains 0.9999% in sheer gold content. The Canadian Maple Leaf Coin is your go-to coin in case you are looking to get into the international trade of fine metal coins. 

Finally, we offer you the British Sovereign Coin. What makes this coin an attractive investment tool is that it is not subject to Capital Gains Tax (CGT). All the Britannia gold coins have this aspect as well. GCT payment is only permitted on foreign coins that currently retain a profit of £11,000.  

The Buy Gold Process Here at Gold Investments 

Here at Gold Investments, we focus on simplifying the process of our customers searching where to buy gold. You are going to be able to pick what payment method you prefer easily with the help of our team. Our team will cover you whether you want to pay through cash, checks, or bank transfers. You have to keep in mind that we follow the UK regulations for money laundering which allows us to accept only cash payments up to £7,500.  

Our Gold Investments team focuses on the accessibility element of the gold services we offer. That’s why we provide our customers with the chance to pick their purchased items in person inside our London shop

Another advantage is that we deliver items to your doorsteps, wherever they are in the world. We are also now offering free silver delivery services for all your orders exceeding £1,000. 

We have a team of metal trading experts that are always ready to give you advice on the best ways to safeguard your new fine metal investments. We are great partners with many fine metals storage vault facilities that are certified and trustworthy. This helps our clients in getting only the finest storage services for their new physical investments. 

London Silver Vaults is one of our close affiliates that offer their well-known stellar storage vault services for a rate of only £4 per ounce per year. Feel free to contact our metal trading experts if you want to know more about the fine metal services that Gold Investments offer. We would love to answer any questions you have on weekdays from 9h00 till 16h30. 

We focus on simplifying the process of buying fine metals for our clients as much as possible.  We gathered a team of seasoned experts who are always ready to make your fine metals trade as easy and user-friendly as possible. 

Of course, the live prices on our website are regularly fluctuating depending on the stock market changes. However, the moment our client decides upon purchase and clicks “buy”, the price will be automatically fixed. It will no longer fluctuate throughout the checkout process. You have 48 hours after you click ”buy” for it to remain fixed, so make sure you buy quickly!

The team here at Gold Investments alerts our clients when their target price point is reached. This alerting service is one of the highly convenient services we offer. We will send you an email whenever a piece attains your goal price so you can buy it immediately. 

Additional Metal Available

Here at Gold Investments, we don’t only manage to offer a huge range of gold stock that you can find here in the UK, but we have also managed to cover the silver trade as well. In case you’ve been looking for the finest range of silver bullion that you can find locally, seeking Gold Investments is the right thing to do. 

Some elements should be present in the mind of any investor before sinking deep into the silver trade. Silver investment is similar to gold investment, as it proves itself to be a timeless investment. Paper money retains way more room for drastic value depreciations than silver does. Silver’s value is timeless mainly because there is only a limited amount of silver available, in addition to the inability of manufacturing new silver. 

Our customers regularly tend to choose precious and tangible assets that are normally accepted and traded worldwide when choosing to start investing in silver. In addition to that, the investor tends to undertake a safe investment that proves itself in being resilient to cybercrime and hacking when choosing to trade in silver, since silver is not as vulnerable as other digital investments are. 

Silver is suitable for a low commitment investment since it is cheaper than gold. A client can now sell a small denomination of silver instead of an entire ounce of gold to meet their needs. In addition to that, silver is more practical in international trading. 

You can scan the options of silver we offer on the Gold Investments website by scrolling through the silver section we display. You can also contact us for any specific type of silver that you have in mind and is not available on the website.  

A fact has been standing for 50 years in the metal trading business, and it is that every single item we offer in our stock is supplied by a London Bullion Market Association approved refiner. Assuring the purity and quality of the items in our stock is one of our main concerns here at Gold Investments, it helps us ensure maximum profit margins. 

Gold Investments works on maximising your future profits by selling all our stock markets at the lowest premium spot regardless of market fluctuations.  

Gold Bar Storage

Our main concern at Gold Investments is improving the customer service sector. We work on helping every single client in accomplishing the gold investment solutions they need in order to excel throughout customer interaction. We also provide customer consultation to our clients to help them boost their investment portfolio.  

Our team of gold trading experts will make sure to have all live market prices broadcasted on our website. These broadcasts are guaranteed to be real-time live market relays of prices that will help you make the most informed decisions when it comes to your next step. To add to that, we are also dedicated to providing all our customers with a very diverse set of payment methods.  

Whether your preferred payment method is cash payment, check payment, or even bank transfers, our team of Gold Sovereign experts here at Gold Investments can definitely make it happen. As an addition, we are also able to provide you with fair cash prices for the gold you are willing to sell, provided that you supply us with enough time to secure the payment. 

Our team of gold trade professionals will put in the time and effort necessary to diversify your gold investment portfolio. We will assist you in discovering the methods that will show you how to acquire gold for investment purposes here in the UK. In addition, we’ll add our list of reputable gold vault providers whom you can now contact to safeguard your new investment. 

At Gold Investments, we are dedicated to providing our clients with all of the information they require to ensure the success of their future investments. Our staff has secured all the resources that are necessary for your next gold deal. From an exclusive Gold Club membership to live market price rate broadcasting and verified gold storage vault recommendations, our team has got you covered. 

We are dedicated to providing only the highest quality solutions to meet the specific requirements of each of our clients’ investment portfolios. At Gold Investments, we offer a comprehensive set of gold transaction services targeted only at making your next gold trade a success. From improving the security of your gold bullion to determining the best price point, we have got you covered. 

Our team of seasoned gold traders has a combined experience of more than 50 years in the industry. This, along with the fact that Gold Investments is a family-owned and run company, all contribute to the trusting connections we build with our clients. 

Gold Investments provides each of our clients the opportunity to join our exclusive Gold Club. The Gold Club, which we have established here at Gold Investments, is a network of highly experienced and dedicated individuals who know everything there is to know about the gold trade. 

Providing Gold to the Highest Standard

Our team of experts in gold trade are very firm believers in the notion that there is not one investment that could compete with a gold investment, one of the most highlighted benefits that offer you great reassurance when it comes to gold 

Gold investments offer the most reassuring collection of benefits in which their profit margins are situated. This means that gold prices are more or less vulnerable to any market hiccups that may occur. 

This is a very appealing characteristic of gold price rates, which are becoming increasingly resistant to inflation, stock market decreases, and even real estate market drops. These high profit margins appeal to investors who want to put their money into tangible assets. 

Gold Investments’ team of expert gold investors will supply you with real-time gold prices derived directly from worldwide stock market updates. On our website, these rates are always updated and contain only the most recent of market prices. 

Furthermore, all of our gold is sourced from London Bullion Market Association (LBMA) accredited sellers at Gold Investments. This shows that every gold item on our website has been certified as being of the highest grade and standard gold available in the United Kingdom. 

Gold Experts You Can Trust 

Our team of gold professionals are extremely competent in every aspect of gold trading. We are entirely dedicated to bettering our customer services sector by providing each and every one of our clients with the most comprehensive set of gold services they can get. Our team is committed to delivering only the most fitting set of advice for all your future gold investments. 

Even more, our gold trading experts here at Gold Investments will offer you the widest range of gold storage solution options. We have the best set of gold trade experience to offer all our clients. Our accumulated expertise is the best fit for all your future investments. When you come to us here at Gold Investments for your gold trades, rest assured that you will be guaranteed a profitable trade. 

Our Gold Club   

Here at Gold Investments, there is no limit to the range of services we offer. We aim to provide each and every one of our clients with our exclusive Gold Club Membership. This allows our clients to be introduced to a very broad network of gold traders who are experts in their field.  

Our designated Gold Club is an exclusive facility that is solely aimed at condensing all the networks we have into one outlet. Our Gold Club will give you the chance to receive regular market updates, close deals online, and even get access to more exclusive gold bars and coins we have in stock. Our Gold Club is free to sign up to.  

Where to Store Your Gold Bar?  

Our gold specialists are entirely dedicated to offering all our clients comprehensive gold trading solutions. When it comes to gold storage options, we are proud to say that we have got all our customers covered. The diverse storage options we offer here at Gold Investments are guaranteed to cater to all your gold storage needs. 

Our experts will offer you gold storage options that vary in location and cost. They will first assess the number of gold bars you have and how much they weigh. Next, they will aim at matching you up with the best gold storage option we offer. 

Our team of gold trading professionals here at Gold Investments are closely affiliated with London Silver Vaults in order to provide you with nothing less than the best storage options for your new gold investments.  

Get in Touch with Our Gold Value Specialists Now   

If you have been looking for the best way of buying gold but were not sure where to start looking, then you are in luck. Gold Investments is the best trading agency to be guiding you through your next gold trading venture. For over 50 years now, we have been the leading gold agency assisting all local gold traders attain their profit margins. 

Here at Gold Investments, we have managed to acquire a substantial team that is made up of a set of seasoned gold trading professionals who are the best fit for any gold trade. The set of processes we follow for gold trading here at Gold Investments are entirely efficient and guarantee the best profit margins for all your future trades. 

Pile of Gold Bars | Where to Buy Gold

Our team of experienced gold traders are the best set of gold trading professionals you want to be assisting you. In the case that you have any further inquiries about where to buy gold, please do not hesitate to reach out to us. Call us now on 020 7283 7752 or email us at [email protected] and our team of gold experts will be right at your service.