1 oz King Charles Britannia 2023

The Britannia has always offered beauty and reliability. Now it also gives you 0.9999 fine gold purity.The legendary figure of Britannia, which first appeared on Roman coins in the second century AD has come to symbolise Britain’s strength and integrity Capital Gains Tax exempt.

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About 1 oz King Charles Britannia 2023

With over 40 years of experience, Gold Investments proudly stands as one of the oldest and most trusted gold bullion dealers in the UK. We specialise in offering investors a diverse selection of gold and silver products, including the coveted 1 oz King Charles Britannia coins.  

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As one of the oldest bullion dealers in the UK, Gold Investments has established itself as a cornerstone of London’s precious metals market. With decades of experience in buying and selling both gold and silver bullion, we’ve become synonymous with expertise and reliability in the industry. 

Our journey has been marked by assisting thousands of clients in finding the perfect bullion product to align with their investment goals. We pride ourselves on offering competitive prices and an unparalleled level of service. 

At Gold Investments, we understand the significance of the 1 oz Britannia King Charles III coin. Our extensive range of mint products includes these cherished pieces, allowing our customers to explore the historical and numismatic value they hold. 

At Gold Investments, our commitment to excellence and our dedication to delivering the finest bullion products have made us the go-to destination for investors.  

Introduction to 1 oz King Charles Britannia Coins

The 1 oz King Charles Britannia coins represent a significant moment in numismatic history. Released by the Royal Mint in January 2023, these coins mark the first Britannia  gold design post Queen Elizabeth II‘s reign, following the accession of His Majesty King Charles III. 

These coins proudly feature the classic coins Britannia design by Philip Nathan on the reverse, symbolising Britain’s enduring spirit. However, the obverse showcases a momentous shift, with the striking new portrait of King Charles III by Martin Jennings. This design change encapsulates a historic chapter in British coinage, making these coins a valuable addition to any collection. 

Investors and collectors alike are drawn to these 1 oz Britannia King Charles coins for their unique blend of tradition and innovation. As the numismatic world embraces this fresh era, the value and significance of these coins continue to grow. 

1 oz King Charles Britannia Gold Coin

This 1 oz gold King Charles Britannia coin, an emblem of British numismatic excellence, stands out as a true masterpiece. Crafted by the creators of the world-renowned 12-sided £1 coin, known for its security features, this Britannia 2023 bullion coin incorporates cutting-edge security technology, making it the most visually secure coin globally. 

Struck in 999.9 fine gold and boasting a diameter of 32.69mm, this coin is a testament to meticulous craftsmanship. Designed by the acclaimed Philip Nathan, it showcases his timeless portrayal of Britannia, radiating elegance and strength. 

Notably, this coin carries a unique financial advantage for UK residents, being exempt from capital gains tax due to its legal tender status. Additionally, it is VAT-free for non-VAT-registered private individuals, making it an attractive choice for both collectors and investors. 

1 oz King Charles Britannia Silver Coin

The 1 oz King Charles Britannia Silver coin heralds a new era in British numismatics. Struck in 999 fine silver and boasting a diameter of 38.61mm, this coin embodies elegance and craftsmanship. 

Along with its gold counterpart, this coin holds the distinction of being the world’s first bullion coin to feature the inaugural coinage portrait of His Majesty King Charles III. This makes it a historical treasure for collectors and investors alike. 

Adding to its appeal, the coin incorporates four advanced security features, ensuring its authenticity and value. What’s more, for UK residents, it enjoys exemption from capital gains tax due to its legal tender status, making it a tax-efficient investment. 

The 1 oz King Charles Britannia Silver coin is a shining testament to British heritage, innovation, and artistic excellence. It stands as a symbol of the rich history and promising future of British coinage. 

Why Invest in King Charles Gold Britannia Coins? 

Investing in King Charles Britannia coins presents an appealing opportunity for both experienced collectors and astute investors. Britannia’s coins, renowned for their intricate designs, with their high gold and silver content, and rich historical legacy, have earned a prominent place in the UK’s numismatic landscape. 

The primary allure of these coins lies in their value as an investment vehicle. Gold Britannia coins in particular are coveted for their status as a safe-haven asset. Historically, gold has demonstrated an impressive ability to retain its value over time.  

Diversification is another key advantage. Gold’s low correlation with other assets means it can fortify investment portfolios that include stocks or bonds, mitigating risk. 

Britannia coins hold a distinct advantage in the UK as legal tender, making them exempt from Capital Gains Tax. Additionally, their collectability factor can significantly augment their value, provided they are acquired from reputable dealers at fair prices. 

Buying King Charles Britannia Coins from Gold Investments

Purchasing King Charles Britannia coins from Gold Investments is a seamless and secure process. Our website displays real-time prices for all coins and bars, ensuring transparency and convenience. When you’re ready to buy, simply click the purchase tab, and the price you see is the price you pay. We even offer a price limit alert system, automatically notifying you when your desired price is reached. 

Rest assured, all the gold bars and coins showcased on our website are in stock. You have the flexibility to collect your purchase from our London office or opt for insured special delivery, providing peace of mind throughout the transaction. 

You can make purchases on our website 24/7. If you prefer a more personal touch, our office is open from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm, and our dedicated team will provide you with live prices and guidance. 

Selling Your King Charles Britannia Coins

When it comes to selling your King Charles Britannia coins, Gold Investments offers a straightforward and efficient process. Our website features live prices for all coins, ensuring complete transparency. To initiate the selling process, simply click the sales tab at your preferred price point, and the price will be fixed. 

For added convenience, our price limit alert system takes the guesswork out of timing your sale. It automatically sends you an email notification when your chosen price is met, inviting you to proceed with the sale. Setting up these alerts is quick and hassle-free. 

You have two options for delivering your coins to us. You can securely post them via insured special delivery or visit our office in person to complete the transaction. 

To sell your King Charles Britannia coins online, joining our Gold Club is a prerequisite, and membership is free. 

Storing and Protecting Your Investment

After acquiring gold or other precious metals as investments, safeguarding them becomes paramount. In 2010, the FBI reported a staggering $1.6 billion worth of precious metals stolen, underlining the critical need for secure storage. 

Several options are available, and a prudent approach involves a combination of strategies. While bank lockers may seem like a secure choice for small quantities, they can be costly and inflexible. 

Another option is keeping your precious metals in a home safe, providing control over their location, but secrecy is essential. 

For the utmost security and liquidity, consider storing your investments in a vault. Vaults offer centralised access. Gold Investments, for instance, provides secure storage at London Silver Vaults at £4.00 per ounce per year (minimum charge £25 per year). This ensures peace of mind, protecting your investment against unforeseen circumstances and theft. 

Future Prospects for King Charles Britannia Coins

The future prospects for King Charles Britannia coins appear promising on several fronts. These coins, featuring the inaugural coinage portrait of His Majesty King Charles III, hold historical significance, making them attractive to collectors seeking a tangible connection to British heritage. 

From an investment perspective, Britannia coins, particularly in gold, offer stability and a hedge against economic volatility. Gold, often viewed as a safe haven asset, tends to retain its value over time, making these coins a compelling choice for investors. 

Moreover, the collectability factor adds an extra layer of potential value appreciation. As these coins become rarer over the years, their desirability among collectors is likely to increase. In addition, the innovative security features incorporated into these coins enhance their authenticity, making them a reliable choice for both collectors and investors. 

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Why Buy Your 1 oz King Charles Britannia from Gold Investments?

When considering your purchase of the 1 oz King Charles Britannia coin, Gold Investments stands as the preferred choice. With a legacy spanning over 40 years, we are one of the oldest and most reputable gold bullion dealers in the UK. Our extensive experience in buying and selling gold and silver bullion ensures you receive expert guidance and competitive prices. 

At Gold Investments, we offer not only the highly coveted 1 oz King Charles Britannia but also a wide range of coins and bars to meet your investment needs. Our commitment to excellence is evident in our live pricing system and price limit alerts, providing transparency and convenience. 

Furthermore, our UK-wide delivery service and secure storage options in London ensure your investment is handled with the utmost care and security. When you choose Gold Investments, you’re choosing a trusted partner for your precious metal investments, backed by decades of expertise and a commitment to customer satisfaction. 


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Gold Content 1 oz
Min. Gross Weight 1 oz
Purity 24ct