Looking to bolster your gold portfolio with a stunning coin? Look no further than the 1oz Tudor Beast Lion Gold Coin. With its exquisite design and fine craftsmanship, the 1oz Tudor Beast Lion Gold Coin is a testament to your appreciation for the beauty of gold. Join the ranks of gold enthusiasts who have chosen to embrace this iconic coin and make it a part of their legacy. Read on to learn how you can purchase this beautiful coin through the experts at Gold Investments. 

Why Buy 1oz Tudor Beast Lion Gold Coins? 

If you’re planning on investing in gold, you should definitely consider buying 1oz Tudor Beast Lion gold coins. These gold coins not only hold significant historical value but also offer a great investment opportunity. 

The inspiration behind the Royal Tudor Beasts collection comes from the ten stone beasts that line the Moat Bridge at Hampton Court Palace. These symbols of Henry VIII’s union with Jane Seymour hold immense cultural significance. By owning a 1oz Tudor Beast Lion gold coin, you become part of this rich history and add a touch of elegance to your investment portfolio. 

With Gold Investments, you can trust the value and authenticity of these coins. We provide immediate delivery and have a wide range of coins in stock. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to buy a gold coin that holds both historical and investment value. 

1 oz tudor beasts the lion of england gold coin 2022 back

Why Buy from Gold Investments? 

When considering where to buy your gold investments, we at Gold Investments offer a range of benefits that make us a trusted choice. We provide secure gold storage options to safeguard your investment, ensuring its safety and protection. Additionally, we offer convenient delivery and collection services, allowing for a seamless and efficient transaction process. You can rest assured knowing that you’re dealing with industry experts when you purchase your gold coins from us. 

Gold Storage Options 

When it comes to storing your precious gold coins, bullion, and bars, it’s important to consider the security and accessibility of your investment. While a bank locker may seem secure, it can be expensive and less flexible. Storing gold at home may provide privacy, but it lacks liquidity. That’s why storing your gold in a vault is one of the most secure options. With a vault, your gold is highly secure, fully insured, and easily accessible for buying or selling. 

Security Options 

By storing your precious gold coins, bullion, and bars in a vault offered by Gold Investments, you can ensure the security and accessibility of your investment. We provide a secure vault at London Silver Vaults, where your gold is fully insured and audited by an independent party. This means that your investment is protected against theft and damage. Additionally, storing your gold in a vault allows for easy accessibility, giving you the freedom to buy or sell your gold whenever you choose. 

Delivery and Collection 

If you’re considering buying gold, our team offers convenient and reliable delivery and collection options. We provide FREE delivery for orders over £150.00, and insured UK delivery costs are only £10.00 for orders under £150.00. If you require further information for overseas delivery, simply contact our office for the costs. Once your payment is received, we will contact you to arrange the delivery details. If you prefer, you can collect your gold from our office as an alternative. 

Contact Gold Investments 

If you’ve been taken by the 1oz Tudor Beast Lion Gold Coin and want to add it to your collection, reach out to us at Gold Investments today! Our experts will be more than happy to answer your questions in full and provide you with all the required information concerning the coin purchasing and delivery process. You can give us a call directly at 02072 837 752, or you can complete our online contact form, and we’ll get back to you shortly.