If you’re worried about the future and uncertain how to protect yourself against the rise in the cost of living, gold coins might just be what you’re looking for. In times of uncertainty, gold is an excellent hedge against inflation, providing you with peace of mind that you’ll be financially secure during economic downturns. 

In the days of instant online stock trading and financial accounts, many of us now see money as no longer a tangible object. It’s something that seemingly exists in cyberspace, as numbers on an account statement and nothing more. And it goes without saying that, in this form, our money is more vulnerable than it’s ever been. 

That’s why many people find it satisfying to buy gold coins, as it’s something solid that you can hold in your hand. Nothing quite beats feeling the weight of the coins in your hand, knowing you’re holding something that’s tangible. For this reason, gold coins have long been a part of traditional investment plans. 

Gold coins are a fantastic way to invest in gold bullion and provide an excellent entry point for newcomers. They aren’t as expensive as gold bars, meaning you can start building your portfolio without spending a fortune. And gold coins are much easier to sell when you need to release finances as opposed to gold bars. 

This makes gold coins ideal for smaller transactions where you might only need to release a small number of funds. And gold coins like the Sovereign and Royal Britannia are exempt from VAT and capital gains tax-free. Plus, they boast low premiums and the flexibility to help you fully realise your investment. 

Here at Gold Investments, we have gold coins to suit everyone, so begin your portfolio with us today. 

Are Gold Bars Worth Buying?

Gold and other precious metals have always played a vital role in helping people diversify their portfolios. There are several reasons why you should buy gold bars, and these include: 

  • Stabilises Your Portfolio 
  • Safeguards Against Inflation 
  • It Can’t Be Tracked 
  • It Can Be Used as Currency 

During times of inflation, other investments, such as stocks and shares, lose their value. The money you have saved won’t generate as much interest, and you’ll find the spending power of your money decreases. The same factors that cause paper-based currencies to decline actually cause the value of precious metals to increase as demand increases. 

The key is to buy precious metals during times of economic stability, as precious metal prices will be at their lowest. Then when economic downturns hit, you can sell your precious metals for much more than you paid. 

Because demand for gold is increasing globally with each passing day, your investment will only grow. Gold also typically holds its value extremely well. Yes, gold prices will dip and rise, but gold is very good at maintaining its value. 

Digital financial assets can be tracked. Your bank can see what’s in your account. With gold, nobody knows you have it if that’s how you prefer to play it. 

And if it comes to it, gold can be used as a currency during really bad economic spells. It’s easy to buy and sell gold bars. All you need is to ensure the gold you are buying is pure and that you have a valid bill from the vendor. 

What Gold Coins Are Worth Money?

On our website, you’ll find a wide assortment of gold coins for sale, and any one of them will be a worthwhile addition to your investment portfolio. We have various options to suit all budgets, like the Sovereign coins, which can be purchased for a few hundred pounds to Krugerrands, which go for over £1,500. 

Bear in mind that prices will vary depending on how the price of gold is doing. On our site, we have a live gold price tracker in the top-right corner. This tracks the price of gold and silver relative to GBP in real-time. We have a price notification option, too, so you can specify the price you want to buy or sell your gold at, and the system will notify you when that price has been reached. 

Whatever option you choose, you can trust that when the time is right, these gold coins can be sold for a decent amount. Obviously, the rarer a coin, the more it’ll be worth, with some coins worth considerably more than we have on offer. Though, these coins are also a lot more expensive to buy. 

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Why Gold Bars Are a Good Investment?

Are gold bars a good investment? The answer is yes, they are. As discussed above, gold bars are a solid investment because they offer a hedge against inflation – the price of gold rises in response to rising living costs. So, when stocks plummet, and inflation is rampant, gold can be sold for an astronomical amount. 

Gold offers invaluable deflationary safety measures and has a proven record of appreciation. It is both liquid and portable, meaning it can be easily sold for cash. Conversely, selling a stock in your brokerage account can take longer and selling other assets, like artwork, can be more difficult as you have a smaller consumer base. 

Crucially, gold is in high demand, with this demand set to increase. The more demand increases, the more your gold will be worth. 

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If you would like to get your hands on pure, 24-carat (999.9) gold bars and gold coins struck by the world’s most reputable mints, you’ve come to the right place. All our products are pure and genuine and come with a vendor’s bill for easy authentication. Our bars bear the mark of the refineries that produced them, including Heraeus, Metalor, Umicore, and PAMP

And when you buy gold bars or coins from Gold Investments, we can offer you the peace of mind that comes with storing your investment in our London vaults. In our vaults, your gold will be appraised and will remain quickly accessible should you ever need to sell. Or we can send your gold to you, providing insured delivery, so you’re completely protected. 

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