Are you looking to invest in gold bullions? If you are looking to find the gold price per gram, Gold Investments is the company to invest in gold at a competitive price. We can sell and buy gold bullions as either gold bars or gold coins ranging in various weights. With over 40 years of trading and staff members with over five decades of experience, you are sure to invest in premium gold.  

If you would like more information about our gold or want to know the price of gold per gram, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us. If you would like to speak to one of our specialists directly, please call us on 02072 837 752, or email us at [email protected], where a team member will respond promptly. The team at Gold Investments are more than willing to help you. 


A Guide to Gold Price Per Gram  

The price of gold is determined by its changes in sentiment rather than the annual production of gold. As well as that, the cost of gold is driven by supply and demand. So, the price of gold is constantly changing every millisecond. The value of gold is protected from inflation, currency, and financial climate changes. This allows gold to be the go-to investment for small investors and larger investment organisations, as gold symbolises purity, royalty, and value.  

With our investment-grade gold bullions, investors are sure to have pure and valuable gold that holds significant financial value. However, gold coins only hold a small premium on the gold price per gram in the market. When buying investment-grade gold to invest in, it is stamped duty-free and tax-free. This means that you do not have to pay VAT when investing in gold bullions within the UK or the EU because of the EU Gold Directive of 2000

However, if you are looking to invest in gold bullions to manage your pension funds within the UK, you can invest in your choice of gold by using your Self-Invested Personal Pensions (SIPPs). By investing with gold bullions to manage your personal pension, gold bullions are topped up as a form of tax relief. So, depending on the tax band that you fall into, you can claim up to 40% back from your gold bullions. 

We offer a wide range of weights of both gold bars and gold coins that are pure in appearance and without surface impurities and irregularities. Each of our gold bars is 999.9% fine, and either bears the stamp or chop of the approved refiner designated by the London Bullion Market Association. Our gold bars come in metric weights of: 

·        1Kilogram 

·        5 Grams 

·        10 Grams 

·        20 Grams 

·        50 Grams 

·        100 Grams 

We also supply gold bars in imperial weights of: 

·        32.15 Ounces 

·        1 Ounce 

·        10 Ounces 

Our gold coins come in weights of: 

·        1 Tenth Ounce 

·        ¼ Ounce 

·        ½ Ounce 

·        1 Ounce 


What is the Current Gold Price Per Gram?    


The current price of gold per gram is ever-changing, with the cost changing every millisecond. However, we sell gold bars and gold coins at a set price depending on the weight, on our website. However, as stated above, the cost of gold bullions depends on the demand and the sentiment of gold. Every day at 10:30am and 3pm, a fixed gold price per gram is determined as a reference point in the ever-changing market.  

When purchasing or investing in gold with us, once you press the purchase button, the price you clicked will be fixed and that is the price you will pay. By using our online gold price market, you can keep track and watch the inflation or deflation of the value of gold in real-time.   

The gold price history has fluctuated dramatically over the years. From the beginning of the 19th century to the 1970s, the gold price per gram in the market was stable, priced at $20 per Ounce. However, by 1980 the price of gold bullions soared to $600. The price of gold is commonly quoted using American dollars. As the value of the dollar fluctuates, the live price market fluctuates to correlate with the dollar’s value. 


Benefits of Investing in Gold?


There are many benefits to investing in gold. The main advantage is the investment of assets outside of the standard banking system. In addition, due to gold not being affected by the financial climate and the world’s economic state, gold bullions are the go-to investment for many people and organisations. However, gold bullions can also be used as a legal tender in most places. 

With the economic issues that we currently face from Brexit, Covid-19, and the potential economic collapse, the price of gold bullions has soared. The soar in price is due to its high demand as a haven of financial safety.  

The investment of gold is the ideal method for building and protecting wealth, as gold is not affected by stock markets or bonds. If you are accumulating a large amount of funds from business, investing, or shares, it is recommended to invest in gold bullions to protect your large amount of funds. You will also be exempt from paying VAT and Capital Gains Tax, which is beneficial if you want to protect your investment funds. 

Simply select the “buy” button to establish the starting pricing point for the gold coin of your choice, With the scarce supply of physical gold, the demand is ever increasing. However, as this may seem to be a disadvantage, it holds a primary beneficial aspect of retaining its value longer than standard money investments. This allows the value to gold to increase even through financial crisis and reduces the risk of banking-related risks.


How to Invest in Gold  


If you are looking to invest in gold, our team at Gold Investments offer the best advice within the industry as we are the oldest traders in the UK. We also provide the highest quality of gold bullions for you to buy and invest in. Over the years, we have earned the trust of all our customers as we offer the best transparent advice. We aim to gain mutual trust with our customers, so they invest confidently whilst using our gold trading agency. 

When choosing us to invest with, we offer you competitive rates of gold bullions and a live price market designed for investment purposes. In addition, we ensure that your gold bars or gold coins are stored in the best and most trusted storage vault facilities, which hire better guards and provide safer storage. As a result, you can choose your desired storage vault to keep your gold investments safe and secure. 

It is advised to speak to one of our professionals when you are looking to invest in gold bullions as we can give you the best advice at the current time you are looking to invest. Moreover, with our transparent service, you are sure to know what is precisely happening throughout the process of investing or buying gold coins or gold bars. So, if you want more information or want to start investing, please do not hesitate to contact us today. 





Why Choose Gold Investments? 


So, why should you choose Gold Investments when investing in the gold market? With our family-owned and run business, you are sure to be investing with the go-to most trusted gold trading agency in the UK. We offer competitive gold price rates, so you know that you are also investing in gold at a reasonable price that matches the current live price market. By investing in gold with Gold Investments, you secure your wealth that is not affected by the financial climate. 

Whether you are looking to pay with cheques, debit cards, or cash, we can help you invest in gold with the best advice in the industry. We provide outstanding customer service, so you know that your investments are safe and secure. If you are looking to sell your gold bullions, we offer a competitive cash price if you allow us enough time to secure payment for you. We aim to help you diversify your gold investment portfolio and make gold investment more manageable

With over 40 years of trading with Gold Investments and some of our specialists with over 50 years of experience, we have built up a wealth of knowledge about the gold investment and gold trading industries. This means that you are sure to receive the best advice and information when choosing to invest with Gold Investments


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