Are you looking for answers as to how to buy gold? Has this long interested you, but you’ve never been quite sure as to how to even begin the process? Then you’ve come to the right place as Gold Investments has a long history of helping purchases invest in gold and other precious metals. We’re a family business with five decades of operational experience stretching back to our establishment in 1981. Over the last 50 years, we’ve garnered the trust of many customers who’ve gone onto buy gold and other precious metals from Gold Investments. 

We’ve partnered with the Royal Mint, among many other of the world’s oldest and most reliable gold mints, to provide the best range of gold to invest in. You can sell and buy gold online while consulting live market prices. And our experts will consult with you every step of the way. To get started, call Gold Investments on 020 7283 7752.  

The Best Way to Buy Gold Online 

When it comes to buying gold online, you simply cannot go wrong with Gold Investments. We’re backed by over 50 years of experience, and in that time, we’ve helped countless customers create their personalised gold portfolios. A portfolio can be tailored to your financial situation and requirements, so you can invest smartly. Many of our customers started out by purchasing a few coins, over time progressing onto gold bars. But you can start with gold bars if that’s your preference. 

Through our gold company, you’ll have access to the most competitive prices and the expertise of our knowledgeable team, who will instruct you on the best way to invest in gold online. You’ll receive detailed information and updates on the gold market, and we’re the only online UK gold seller that lets you sell and buy gold online with live market prices. For gold bullion enthusiasts, Gold Investments is the best place to come to buy gold online. 

If you’ve ever wanted your own gold collection but have been unsure how to go about building one, Gold Investments are here to help. We stock an array of coins and bars produced in some of the world’s oldest and most trusted mints. And thanks to our certified storage vaults situated in London, you can protect your investment with world-class security. Buying gold couldn’t be easier, as we accept a range of payment methods and can even give you cash for gold sold through us. 

Invest in One of Our Excellent Gold Investments 

Gold investments quickly became a popular option, as while gold does not provide the regular gains in profit as you’d get from other monetary sources, it is a useful thing to have during times of economic downturn. Let’s look at paper-based money, which is what most cash systems in the world utilise. You look at a lot of countries gripped with economic turmoil, and their local currency is often virtually worthless, with an obscene number of banknotes and coins needed to purchase even something as simple as groceries. 

Throughout the world, the web of ever-increasing debt continues to amount. Investors are unlikely to ever repay this debt. Because paper money lacks any inherent value, it makes for a poor measurement unit, putting such a system at risk. During economic downturns, paper currency and other investments can often become unreliable. In such times, gold can be a solution as it has an inherent value that guarantees financial security. 

Gold was long utilised as a currency before paper money was even a thing. Gold coins are hardly anything new, and gold’s status as a precious metal means its worth is not tied to anything else. Gold is also nowhere near as abundant, meaning its value cannot be deflated the way paper money can be through excessive printing of notes. So, if you’re considering creating a brand-new gold portfolio and investing in gold as a financial security net, get started today with Gold Investments.  

Gold Investments provides a quick and easy way to buy gold online that’s both safe and secure. 

Excellent Choice of Valuable Gold Bars 

At Gold Investments, we stock a wide range of options to suit all requirements. Whether you’re looking to start small or go bigger, we make it super-easy to invest in gold with purchasing options to suit all budgets. 

Our wide range of low premium gold bars is available in varying options to suit the needs of all customers, starting with first-time investors to savvy long-term gold investors. One of our entry options is a 5g gold bullion souvenir that makes for an ideal starting point for your gold portfolio. One of our top-tier options is our 1kg gold bars which are seen as the crown jewel of any gold investment portfolio. Our experts will carefully guide you through the process, informing your buying decision. 

All our gold bars are pure 24-carat gold (999.9) and are manufactured by refineries licenced by the London Bullion Market Association (LBMA), including: 

  • Metalor 
  • Umicore 
  • Heraeus 
  • PAMP 

As mentioned above, you can buy gold bars from us in varying sizes, ranging from a 1oz gold bar to our 1kg gold bar. Other options include: 

  • 10oz 
  • 5g 
  • 10g 
  • 20g 
  • 50g 
  • 100g 

Our entire collection carries the stamp of the authorised refiners that manufactured the bars. All our gold bars are free of surface irregularities, ensuring an appealing aesthetic. 

Buying Gold Made Easy 

We often have people asking us how to buy gold, and the process is very simple. We at Gold Investments have made it super-easy and convenient to start your gold portfolio today. First, we supply a wide selection of gold bars and coins at very affordable rates. Second, we provide access to secure storage vaults where you can keep your gold safe and secure. 

You can browse our gold online, but we recommend giving Gold Investments a call to receive a fully bespoke service from our gold specialists. They’ll provide you with an expert consultation service and assist you in picking the right gold to fit with your investment plans. Perhaps you’d like to invest small or go all-out; whatever the case, our advisors will make sure you have all the information you need to make an informed choice. 

We offer a flexible and practical approach, making it completely hassle-free to invest in gold. We’re the only online UK bullion seller that lets customers sell and buy gold online using live market prices 

If you prefer to do business face-to-face, you’re welcome to purchase gold from us in person by visiting one of our offices located in London. Once you’ve made your choices, you can choose to pay using a variety of payment methods, such as: 

  • Cheques 
  • Bank Transfers 
  • Debit Cards 
  • Cash 

Please note that we do not accept credit cards currently. 

Once purchased, we can safeguard your gold in our certified storage vaults situated in London. These vaults are protected by cutting-edge security features, and your gold is accessible only by yourself and our authorised personnel. If you wish to take possession of your gold, FREE worldwide delivery is available on all purchases that exceed £1,000. 

Gold Storage 

In 2010, the FBI reported that around $1.6 billion worth of precious metals were reported stolen. Gold is a very lucrative commodity and one that’s considered a high-value target for thieves. Protecting your gold purchase is of paramount importance, but where do you go?  

You could store your gold at home, though details of this must be kept strictly need-to-know. It should also be worth noting that gold stored at home isn’t as liquid as it would first need to be assessed by a dealer before being sold. Another option is to store your gold in a gold locker at a bank. This is a good way to store small quantities, but if market prices change on a Friday, you won’t be able to access your gold until Monday, and by then, it could be too late. 

The most obvious place to store any gold you invest in is in a secure vault. This is one of the most secure means of storage well worth considering if you’re about to buy gold bars or coins. In a vault, the gold is secure, accessible, and liquid. Your assets can be bought or sold from a single location, making it incredibly convenient if you ever wish to take advantage of a change in the market. 

At Gold Investments, we provide exceptional storage solutions for those who choose to invest in gold and silver. Our vault storage starts at just £4.00 per ounce per year (minimum charge of £25 per year applies). We offer sizeable discounts for kilo and 100g bars (£50 and £12 respectively). While stored inside our vaults, your gold and silver will be protected, fully insured, and audited by an independent party.  

We hold your gold, and it is in no way connected with our business, so you can trust that when you invest, your precious metals remain safe. 

Gold Price  

Gold prices fluctuate like any other commodity, but this wasn’t always so. From the start of the 19th century until the mid-1970s, the price of gold remained mostly stable. In 1975, the US abandoned the “Gold Standard” and chose to float the dollar relative to gold and other currencies. Today, live gold prices are typically quoted in dollars, meaning that dollar fluctuations affect gold charts. 

In the UK, there’s what’s known as the London Gold Fixing. This is relied on by most to determine prices in global markets and has been utilised as a reliable point of reference since 1919. For over one hundred years, a group comprising five city institutions (currently the main bullion houses) has come together twice daily to agree on the fixed UK gold price. While real-time prices are not fixed and do fluctuate, these ‘fixes’ do serve as a benchmark for live gold prices and holdings. 

As with any other commodity, certain factors can affect gold prices, such as supply and demand, political factors, and interest rates. The good news is that if you’re looking to buy gold, Gold Investments is one of the UK’s only online gold sellers that lets you buy and sell gold online with the help of live market prices. You can find live alerts, price charts, and more on our website. 

Other Options Available Besides Gold Bars 

Besides giving customers the option to buy gold bars, customers can also come to Gold Investments to purchase other investments, including: 

We’re confident that whatever your needs might be, you’ll find precisely what you’re looking for right here at Gold Investments. 

Gold Coins 

At Gold Investments, we stock a fantastic selection of gold coins that will serve as the perfect addition to any portfolio or as a feature in a collector’s collection. Gold coins are worth the investment as they boast low premiums, among other benefits. One such benefit is that coins are exempt from VAT in the UK. Despite this, gold coins produced by The Royal Mint and Britannia are still regarded as legal tender, so they’re capital gains tax-free. 

To bring customers the best selection of gold coins, we’ve teamed up with market-leading mints, such as The South African Mint, The Royal Mint, and the Royal Canadian Mint. When you come to Gold Investments to buy gold coins, you’ll be receiving coins produced with skill, excellence, and authenticity, assuring you of a top-tier investment. 

Just speak with our specialists, who will talk you through our selection of gold coins. They’ll help you make your choice and then arrange to have them delivered to you. All our coins are fully insured for your peace of mind. And if you wish to store your coins somewhere safe, we recommend our certified London storage vaults. 

Our selection of coins is numerous and includes the popular 22ct bullion coins, such as The South African Krugerrand, first produced in 1967, the American Gold Eagle, the Britannia, and the British Half and Gold Sovereign. Customers will also find the lucrative Canadian Gold Maple Leaf and the Australian Nugget. Both of these are 99.99% pure 24K.  

We can supply 1oz gold bullion coins like the Britannia and Krugerrand. Customers can purchase smaller coins too, like the British Sovereign. Most gold coins are minted in 1/10oz, 1/4oz, 1/2oz, and 1oz variants. 

The choice to purchase gold is certainly a wise one as gold represents a lifelong investment owing to it being protected from inflation, currency fluctuations, and sizeable economic fluctuations. It’s little wonder why many investors are choosing to add gold coins to their portfolios in a world where global debts continue to mount. 

Silver Bars 

If you’re looking to diversify your precious metals portfolio, then silver bars are a fantastic investment option. While silver does not have the same value as gold, it is still valuable and highly sought-after. Silver is widely considered to be one of the greatest forms of wealth alongside gold. As with gold, silver does not depreciate like paper money does, as only a limited supply of silver exists in the world. Whereas paper money has no inherent value of its own, silver does and is a tangible asset that’s accepted worldwide. 

While paper-based money can be stolen digitally if criminals gain access to your bank account, silver is a physical asset. It cannot be hacked or stolen digitally, and it cannot be wiped out the way digital currency can. Silver bullion is cheaper to purchase than gold, so it is regarded as more accessible as a smaller financial investment is needed. It’s also easier to sell should the need arise. For example, rather than selling a full ounce of gold, you can sell smaller denominations of silver, and silver, like gold, is widely accepted all over the world. 

At Gold Investments, we supply authentic silver bars that can be easily purchased online. Even though silver is not worth as much as gold, it is speculative, making it a great choice for any investment portfolio. Case in point, with silver, you can buy low and sell high very easily. Please note that a 20% VAT is charged on silver, so silver usually makes for a better long-term investment option that will enable you to recoup the VAT cost. 

Silver Coins

Silver coins are especially in high demand as old silver coins are highly sought-after by collectors and investors alike. Silver coins have a long history and are believed to be the oldest mass-produced coin in the world. Silver coins would appear as early as centuries BC and become standard currencies in many ancient cultures. In those days, the coins we know today more closely resembled flattened bits of silver with uneven edges and rough shapes. Weight and purity were the defining factors of worth. 

Here at Gold Investments, we stock a variety of silver coins, from the 1oz Silver Britannia to the Silver Eagle and the Maria Theresa Thaler. We have options that are perfect for any portfolio. As with silver bars, silver coins are a solid investment, especially during periods of economic uncertainty, as they are safe from inflation. And as silver coins are cheaper than silver bars and a lot cheaper than gold coins and bars, they are a great entry point for newcomers. 

All our silver coins are struck by the best mints in the world, such as The Royal Mint, The Royal Australian Mint, and the Austrian Mint. You can purchase your coins quickly and easily from us, and we’ll arrange for fully insured delivery. Alternatively, you can store them in our certified London vaults. 

Why Choose Gold Investments When Buying Gold? 

Gold Investments is led by Oliver Temple, a man with over 30 years of experience and knowledge of investment markets. We take immense pride in providing customers access to the best choice of gold and silver bars and coins, providing options of significance for the discerning investor and the passionate collector alike. If you’re looking to start or expand your portfolio, you’ve come to the right place. 

With the digital age firmly upon us, the way people buy gold is changing. Gold Investments makes this super-easy by being the only bullion house that offers the ability to buy and sell gold online while consulting live prices. These prices come via our website and are backed by our professional service. 

 Delivery and Collection 

We provide worldwide shipping with insured UK deliveries costing £10 for orders under £1,000. Overseas delivery costs will apply. FREE delivery is available on all orders over £1,000. For full delivery details, click on our delivery information page. 

Gold Club 

Join our Gold Club today to receive regular updates and e-newsletters concerning the gold market. You’ll also have access to more coins in our stock and other great benefits. Plus, you’ll be automatically entered into our monthly prize draw. 


If there’s anything you’re unsure about, you’ll find answers to the most common questions on our FAQs page. 

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