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Our selection of the finest of gold is available to buy online and can be found in bars and coins. Our helpful guidelines will help you through the process. If you would like to examine it first-hand to get the physical experience, you can visit our gold shop in London. We will guide you through the experience of buying gold in the UK for investment, how to protect it and how to store it here on our extensive website. 

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Our loyal customers have complete trust in their gold investments here. Our sophisticated expertise in the gold market since 1981 has our members and staff more than equipped to guide you through your journey to buy gold in their fifty years of service.  Here at Gold Investments, we provide you with detailed information and insight on the gold market, which you can check on Gold Investment’s Blog.  

We also offer the best advice on how to protect your investment portfolio- from live market data to certified storage vaults.  We ensure your investments are safe with our accredited storage solution. In addition, we offer the most refined gold and silver storage by London Silver Vaults. 

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Our customer relationships are our priority, offering our clients perfectly tailored solutions to buy gold in the UK for investment.  We will guide you through the delicate process of buying gold in the UK for investment purposes, how to protect it and how to best store it on our extensive website. 

In addition, we accept different payment methods to ease your experience to buy gold here. Here at Gold Investments, you can also buy gold online at live market prices with our professional service and store it in our certified London Silver Vaults. With us at Gold Investment, we make diversifying your portfolio easy and accessible.  

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We are excited for you to indulge in our gold buying experience. We are ready to help you with the exquisite experience of buying gold in London to expand your investments. You can get in touch through telephone: 020 7283 7752 or through fax: 020 7283 7754.  

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