Are Gold Bars a Good Investment? Well, Investing in gold has been a popular choice for hundreds of years, as gold has always been a stable and valuable commodity. When compared to paper money, which can devalue in economic crises, gold is a steady investment as an economic crisis won’t devalue it – it will remain valuable and stable, making it a great investment choice. 

With so many gold options available, however, ranging from bars and coins to jewellery, it can be difficult knowing which option to invest in. Some gold is better suited to smaller investors while other gold is better suited for bulk investment. It is important to know which gold will best suit your investment needs, and this is something we can assist you with at Gold Investments

We believe that buying gold bars is a good investment for long-term investors and those looking to purchase as a gift. There are many gold bar options available and we offer a variety of gold bars for sale at low premiums, ensuring we can cater to every gold investor’s needs. 

So, to find out more about gold bars and whether gold bars are a good investment, simply continue reading. We hope to provide you with all the information you require to make a sound investment in gold bars. 

Are Gold Bars 24k?

One of the most frequent questions we get asked by potential gold investors is “are gold bars 24k?”. This is an important question to ask, as you will want to make sure the gold bars you purchase for investment are of the highest quality and purity.  

While we can’t speak for all suppliers of gold bullion, we can say that here at Gold Investments, all of our gold bars are pure 24-carat gold (999.9). Every gold bar we sell is manufactured by London Bullion Market Association (LBMA) approved refiners, which includes Heraeus, Metalor, Umicore, and PAMP.  

Our gold bullion, which again is 24k, comes in many weights, ensuring we can cater to all gold investors. We supply gold in weights including: 

  • 5g 
  • 10g 
  • 20g 
  • 50g 
  • 100g 
  • 1kg 
  • Troy Ounces 

Small gold bars are easier to sell and offer more flexibility, but they do not realise as much value as larger gold bars. Heavier gold bars offer more value due to lower premiums, but they offer less flexibility than smaller gold bars.  

A troy ounce (1 oz gold bar) or 100g gold bars each offer a good balance of value and flexibility. And remember, all of our gold bars regardless of weight are pure 24-carat gold. 

What Gold Bar is Best to Buy?

Now you know a little more about the gold bars available at Gold Investments, such as each gold bar being pure 24-carat gold, lets discuss what gold bar is best to buy. This isn’t a simple answer of “this gold bar is best to purchase for everyone”, as the gold bar you purchase will depend on your investment purposes.  

However, here at Gold Investments, we stock a wide range of gold bars for sale at low premiums, so we can cater to all gold investors’ needs. When you are looking to buy gold bars, you first need to determine the type of investment you wish to make.  

Smaller bars are easier to sell and offer more flexibility, so if you are looking for a short-term investment and will need to sell your gold bars, purchasing a smaller gold bar is an ideal choice. However, if you wish to make a larger investment for a longer period, heavier gold bars offer more value due to low premiums.  

We understand that it can be daunting making an investment choice such as this, so our team will be on hand to assist. We will ensure you make the correct investment choice for your needs.  

How Much Does a Gold Bar Cost?

The next question you might have after what gold bar is best to buy is “how much does a gold bar cost?”. If you are making an investment in gold bars, you will, of course, wish to know the price before you invest. You will also want to have an idea of how much your investment can look to grow in value the longer you hold onto the old bars. 

This is something we can advise you on here at Gold Investments. If you are buying gold bullion in the form of bars, we always recommend buying the biggest gold bar you can afford. This is because the effective premium you pay per ounce will be less than if you were buying gold bars of smaller sizes.  

However, the price for each gold bar will vary depending on the purity and the weight. It stands to reason that a heavier gold bar will cost more than a lighter gold bar, and prices will also vary depending on where the gold bar is sourced. 

We utilise a live gold tracker on our site, so you can see the current value of each gold bar in relation to the US Dollar. This gives you the most accurate price for each gold bar, helping you decide which gold bar to purchase. 

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