Gold Investments is a family business with over five decades of knowledge and experience in gold trading. We’ve been thriving in the UK bullion market since 1981 thanks to the life-long trust that we’ve acquired from our previous customers, whom we now consider family and friends. You’re in the right place to buy gold online.

We’ve partnered with the world’s oldest and most reliable gold mints like the Royal Mint to provide you with a wide range of gold of different origins, shapes, and sizes.   

Gold Investments is the only gold trading company in the UK that enables you to sell and buy gold online with live market prices and the consultation of our gold specialists.  

Our members can help you create your personalised gold portfolio customised to your financial plans. Many of our loyal customers started by buying only a few coins and have built, over time, incredible collections in which we take pride.  

The Best Gold Company Around

Here at Gold Investments, our most valuable asset is our customers’ satisfaction. Our fifty years of experience in the gold business qualifies us to offer you the best solutions for buying and selling gold in the UK. Our gold experts can provide you with competitive pricing with all the tricks and trades you need to excel in the gold market. In addition, we offer detailed information and updates on the gold market, which you can follow in our Gold Investments’ blog.  

Gold Investments is also the ideal place for bullion enthusiasts. If you’ve ever envisioned having your own collection of gold, you’re counting on the right people. Not only do we stock the most original coins and bars manufactured by standard mints, but we also have a team to help you build a gold portfolio tailored to your taste and financial budget.  

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With us, you can buy gold and sell it from the comfort of your home with our friendly and expert service and store it in our certified vaults in London. We accept a range of payment methods and can give you cash for gold sold through us.  

Range of Quality Gold to Choose from   

Though gold does not offer the same regular profits as other monetary possessions, investing in these precious metals becomes increasingly popular during economic turmoil.  

The current global economy is based on a web of ever-increasing debt, with investors who are unlikely ever to be paid back. Because paper money has no inherent value, relying on it as a measurement unit puts such a system at risk of extreme fluctuations and even potential collapse. When banks, flat currency, and other investments become unreliable, people resort to assets with an inherent value to guarantee their financial security.  

Precious metals like gold, which has symbolised opulence and prosperity for thousands of years, is proved to be the most secure monetary asset to invest in. Unlike paper currencies, gold is rare and short-supplied, which means it cannot be deflated by excessive printing.  

If you’re thinking about buying gold, relying on Gold Investments is the best decision you can take. It’s safe, easy, and lucrative.  

Gold Investments is a 50-year family business that we have grown through shared passion and interest for gold. We aspire to have you partake in our journey of prosperity and wealth.  

For this reason, we’ve stocked the most comprehensive range of gold to suit every and any taste. We are ready to walk you through our collection and help you buy your gold at the best rates. Our gold comes in different origins, shapes, dimensions, and each of them carries its history.  

We provide a wide array of low premium gold bars to fulfil every gold investor’s needs. So whether you want to buy a 5g gold bullion souvenir or invest in a 1kg gold bar, you can rely on us to walk you through all your available options and realise your golden visions. Our gold connoisseurs hold over 50 years of experience in the gold business and are here to listen to your questions and demands.  

The gold bars that we supply are pure 24-carat gold (999.9) and are manufactured by London Bullion Market Association (LBMA) licensed refineries such as Metalor, Umicore, Heraeus, and PAMP. Our gold bars come in various sizes, such as the 1 kilogram (32.15 oz), the 1oz bar, the 10oz bar, the 5g bar, the 10g bar, the 20g bar, the 50g bar and the 100 g. Our entire collection of gold bars are 999.9 and carry the stamp of authorised refiners. These bars are free from surface irregularities and have an appealing and elegant aesthetic.  

1/2 oz Australian Kangaroo Gold Coin 2020
buy gold online 2017-britannia-1oz-gold-coin

At Gold Investments, it is our duty to facilitate your gold purchases and ensure that you enjoy investing in gold with maximal ease. For this reason, we offer insured delivery on all your gold bar purchases and encourage you to store your gold in our secure vaults in London. For five decades, Gold Investments has thrived on the trust of our customers, whom we consider partners and family. Rest assured that you are in safe and trustworthy hands.  

We also stock a collection of famous gold coins. We encourage you to buy gold coins because of their low premiums and flexible features when it comes to your investment project. A great benefit of gold coins is that they’re exempted from VAT in the UK. On the other hand, The Royal Mint’s Sovereign and Britannia gold coins count as legal tenders, which means they’re capital gains tax-free!  

At Gold Investments, we partner with the world’s first-line mints, including The South African Mint, The Royal Mint, and the Royal Canadian Mint. Our gold coins are manufactured with skill, excellence, and passion, so you can rest assured that you’re investing in quality gold.  

All you have to do is pick the gold coins that suit your fancy, and we’ll deliver them to you with full insurance. After reading through this article, you should know that gaining our customers’ trust is our utmost priority. So invest in your peace of mind and store your gold in our secure London vaults.  

We have a collection of popular 22ct bullion gold coins that you would want to invest in, including The South African Krugerrand, first produced in 1967, the American Gold Eagle, the Britannia, and both the British gold sovereign and half sovereign. The Canadian Gold Maple Leaf and the Australian Nugget are also available, both being 24K and 99.99% pure.   

Most gold coins are minted in 1/10oc, 1/4oz, 1/2oz & 1oz form. However, our previous clients have opted for one-ounce gold bullion coins like Britannias and Krugerrands or smaller coins like the British Sovereign.   

Buying gold is a lifelong investment that is safe from inflation, currency fluctuations and significant economic changes. Small investors and foundations consider owning legal tender bullion coins a good investment, mainly because of their advantageous divisible features. Our customers buy gold coins and keep them in their possession or rely on us to store them in our secure vaults in London.  

If you would like to learn more about our gold guide or buy gold and sell it online, please don’t hesitate to contact our friendly team today. We are happy to assist you in whatever you need.   

The Buy Gold Process Here at Gold Investments   

At Gold Investments, we strive to make the buying gold process as simple as possible for our clients while also guaranteeing that their purchases are safe in our vaults. With our friendly and expert services, we aim to make investing in gold as pleasurable as possible for you.  

For a wide range of investors, gold is considered the most secure resource to invest in. Gold is an excellent asset with inherent value and stability in the face of all types of disasters, from economic to political. Unlike flat money, gold is a scarce metal which means that its value will only rise with time. As a result, old and wise investors consider gold the most solid and promising investment.  

Here at Gold Investments, we aspire to encourage people like you to invest in the most profitable business, gold trading. For this reason, we offer standard quality gold at affordable rates along with secure vaults to protect your gold possessions.  

Gold Investments has been thriving for 50 years on our customers’ earned trust. We work hard to provide you with the consistent and high-quality services that you deserve. Buying gold has never been made so easy. Our friendly gold specialists are ready to assist you in picking the suitable gold for your investment plans.  

Gold Investments is known for its flexible and practical approach to gold investment. We’re the only bullion house that enables you to buy gold and sell it online while following live market prices on their website.   

We also offer you the option of purchasing gold by coming to one of our offices in London. To facilitate your gold investment experience, we’ve made it possible for you to pay in a wide range of methods. These include cheques, bank transfers, debits cards, and cash. However, please note that we do not accept credit cards.   

We’ve arranged an offer for our gold enthusiasts that includes free delivery on gold purchases that go over £1,000, wherever they are in the world. But, of course, you can also buy gold directly from our offices in London.  

Besides this range of services, we can also ensure that your gold is safeguarded should you choose to store it in our certified storage vaults in London.  

Gold Investments has been tracking live prices of coins and bars since 1981, so you don’t have to. You can follow the gold market price changes in real-time on our website now.  

Additional Metal Available   

Besides offering a wide range of coins and bars of gold, we also provide you with the opportunity to invest in silver coins and bars.  

One of the most significant advantages of purchasing silver is that, as with gold, it is one of the ultimate money currencies. Because there is a finite quantity of it, it cannot depreciate like paper money and so retains its worth. In times of economic crisis, the price of silver is known to rise, making it a fruitful and solid investment.  

Another advantage of purchasing silver bullion is that it is less expensive than gold, making it easier to sell for a smaller financial investment. In addition to that, owning physical silver provides you with a tangible asset that is accepted worldwide.  

As with gold, we offer a wide range of silver bars and coins manufactured by the world’s leading mints, including The Royal Mint, The Royal Australian Mint and Austrian Mint. Our collection includes the 999.9 pure Feinsilber Silver Bar, such as the 1kg Umicore and the 100g Heraeus), and 1 Oz Silver coins like the Britannia (2021), Silver Australian Nugget, Silver Eagle, and Maria Theresa Thaler.  

Buy your silver coins and bars now and find them delivered to your doorstep.



1oz Silver Britannia (2021)
Silver Eagle coin

Why Come to Gold Investments for Our Gold?   

Gold Investments is an accumulation of five decades of knowledge, partnerships, and experience. Our 50 years have paved the way for the best bespoke personal service as we’ve grown to know our life-long customers’ tastes and gold requirements. Whatever your needs might be, we are the gold experts you want to rely on.  

Gold Investments welcomes everyone, whether you’re new to the gold business or have been investing in this passion for years. At Gold Investments, we make sure you get all the guidance you need in building a diverse and appealing gold portfolio.  

We provide a wide variety of quality gold bars and coins manufactured by the most skilled and reliable gold mints. You can rely on our expert guidance on how to buy gold for investment purposes. Take a look at our gold guide now and start investing in the world’s most precious metal.  

Over our 50 years in this gold trading game, we’ve learned all the tricks to play it smart and safe. As a result, we can help you set your gold prices and grow your own loyal customers. At Gold Investments, providing people like you with investment solutions is a speciality we take pride in. So start your investment with us now and guarantee your success in the market.  

Gold Investments outdoes other companies for its flexible and technical approach to gold investment. We’re the only bullion house where you can buy gold and sell it online using live market prices on our website. You can now invest in gold from the comfort of your home, at your convenience.   

One of the assets we take the most pride in is our Gold Club that we’ve nurtured for over fifty years. So if you’re looking to get the most out of gold business, subscribing to our Gold Club is the best decision you can take.  

Choosing to become a member of our Gold Club will allow you to sell and buy gold online and keep up to speed with the gold market’s latest tricks and trades. Subscribing to our free Gold Club means becoming part of our family. To honour investors like you, we offer you more comprehensive access to our coins and a golden chance to enter our monthly prize draw. All for free!  

Gold Investments is a family project built to encourage people to invest in the world’s most secure and promising market, the gold trade. For this reason, we cater a range of services aimed at facilitating your investment.  

Besides accepting an extensive range of payment methods, we have international standard stock vaults where you can safely store your gold. We also offer insured worldwide delivery on all your bullion purchases so you can get your possession at your doorstep, wherever you are. You can also pass by our offices in London, where we’ll be happy to assist you with whatever you need.  

Gold Experts You Can Trust   

At Gold Investments, earning and maintaining our customers’ trust is our number one goal and priority.  

Your gold is only as good as the location where you store it, which is why we offer you our certified storage solution with London Vaults. Usually, when investors buy their gold, they are most likely to search for storage facilities offshore. That’s mainly because they want to protect their investments from their country’s restrictive laws or potential economic crisis.  

The key solution is to store your bullion in a secure place where you have the most control over it while limiting the power that others (such as governments and their banks) have over it.  

Why choose to keep your bullion possessions abroad when you can store them safely at a close distance? This is where Gold Investments comes in to help.  

During our fifty years in the gold business, we’ve earned the trust of our customers, who now purchase their gold from Golds Investments and rely on us to safeguard them. As a Gold Investments customer, you have the option to use our reliable and secure storage vaults that we have designed just for you.  

You can now store your gold coins and bars in our London vaults at the cost of a mere £4 per one oz per year (minimum charge of £25). Our gold experts are always available should you need any assistance or guidance in deciding what storage option to choose.  

Providing Gold to the Highest Standard   

At Gold Investments, our experts are ready to guide you through the process of investing in, purchasing, or selling gold. The experience they’ve accumulated for 50 years can guarantee you the most professional consultations in the gold business.   

At Gold Investments, we take pleasure in providing personalised advice to each customer, whether individual or institutional. Whatever your needs and requirements might be, you can count on our quality bespoke services.    

As a UK family based business that has been prospering since 1981, we’ve aimed to offer our customers quality services in return for their enduring and valuable trust. Investors who started their journey with us are now excelling in the gold business and overtaking the market. We are here to offer you the consultation that you deserve, from live market gold rates to certified bullion vaults.  

Our experience has broadened our horizons in gold stocking and help us understand the variety of tastes and needs. At Gold Investments, we harness our fifty years of knowledge to offer you the best bespoke services and gold investment solutions. Our team has set up the perfect website to make this knowledge accessible to you and facilitate your gold investments.  

Gold Investments is the only bullion firm that allows you to buy gold and sell it over the internet. Live rates are also available on our website, which is backed up by expert assistance. Our website, which includes catalogues and a unique buyer’s guide, is meant to assist you in buying your favourite piece of gold.   

Our experts are always ready to respond to your questions and provide you with advice tailored to your specific needs.  

Contact Us Today  

Now that you’ve read through our page and learned about the process of buying gold and selling it, we can’t wait to help you start your journey in gold investment here at Gold Investments.  

Our gold specialists and enthusiasts are ready to walk with you every step of the way to ensure that you have the best experience in gold investment. So whether you’re looking to gift a gold nugget, invest in gold, or stock your bullion possessions, we are the people you want to speak to. You can surf through our website to buy gold or visit us in our London offices.  

We are eager to listen to your needs and requirements and provide you with personalised consultation and solutions to fulfil your goals. Telephone 020 7283 7752 or email us at [email protected].  

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