Have you been searching for a reliable online bullion dealer? Are you hoping to invest in quality gold coin sets? Then look no further, as you’ve now found the experts at Gold Investments! We’re proud to be the number one bullion trader for investors who are looking to bolster their collection of gold coins. You can depend on our staff to deliver expert advice as they help you to expand your portfolio of gold coins and make sensible investments that will yield a profit in the years to come. 

If you’d like to get started with our gold coins and learn more about the options that we have available, reach out to our team of experts today. If you’d like to speak with one of our gold coin traders directly, you can do so by calling us on 02072 837 752. Alternatively, you can fill out our online contact form, where we’ll do our best to get back to you as quickly as possible. Read on to learn more about the gold coin sets that we have available and find out why we’re such a popular bullion trader online. 

The Best Place to Buy Gold Coin Sets? 

Here at Gold Investments, we’re proud to be the first-choice bullion dealer for investors who are looking to purchase gold coin sets. Our staff work closely with all clients to make sure that they end up with suitable gold coins for their needs that will bolster their portfolio. You can depend on every member of our team to offer expert advice as they make sure that you’re left wholly satisfied with our gold coin options. We aim to exceed the expectations of all customers and to leave them pleased with our efforts. 

Our staff have been dealing gold coin sets to investors online for many years, which has allowed them to build up an extensive amount of knowledge concerning the trading of gold coins. As we have continued to deliver gold coins of the highest standard to a variety of clients, we’ve become more confident in our ability to fulfil the needs of every trader. It’s because of the skill and knowledge possessed by our staff that customers continue to choose us when looking to buy gold coin sets online. 

Gold Coin Sets
Gold Coins

At Gold Investments, we believe it is our duty to ensure that all of our gold coins, as well as all of our other products, meet our high standards and are delivered to customers safely. You can rest assured, as we only sell coins that have been manufactured by reliable sources and are accurate in their valuation. What’s more, we make sure that all of our products are delivered by safe means to our customers so that their significant investment is protected and arrives in a timely fashion. 

Gold coins are one of the oldest forms of currency in human history, with the earliest coins being traced back to 6,000 BC! Over the years, gold coins have remained a staple of currency in society, with the precious metal retaining and even increasing its value over the centuries. Gold coins continue to be a vital form of currency and wealth investment for people all over the world. As such, there’s never a bad time to invest in gold coins, as they continue to be a safe and secure investment for our clients. 

As you might expect, there are many benefits to purchasing gold coins, which is why they have remained a popular investment option for our customers over the years. For a start, gold has always been a precious commodity and continues to perform well in the global market. As such, securing your wealth in the form of gold investment, whether it be through coins or bars, is reliable. 

You can learn more about the benefits of investing in gold coins by reaching out to our gold specialists today! Below, you can find out what gold coin sets we have available, as well as what other services we offer related to bullion trading. 

How You Can Purchase Gold Coin Sets from Us?    

For many investors, especially those venturing into the gold market for the first time, the idea of investing in gold bars or coins can be daunting. The team at Gold Investments is aware of how overwhelming gold coin investments can be, which is why they’ve made our purchasing process as simple as possible. We want all of our clients to be taken through a straightforward process so that they end up with gold coins that are suitable for their needs in no time, with the help and expertise of our staff. 

Many first-time traders who are looking at gold coin sets for the first time are unsure of where they should begin or what gold coins mark a solid investment. Of course, you must take into account that certain gold coin investments will be better suited to some people over others. To make things simpler, our team is available to help all customers and to provide them with expert advice. We will ensure that you have a clear understanding of the gold coin sets that we have available to help with your purchase. 

When you first take a look through our selection of gold coins, you will see that we have a wide range of options available. There are a variety of weight sizes available for our gold coins, with many being produced from different certified manufacturers all over the world. You will have the chance to pick and choose as many gold coins as you want from our selection to add to your portfolio. You are sure to put together a suitable gold coin set when you browse through our options and see what we have to offer

Once you’re happy with the selection of gold coins that you’ve put together for your gold coin set, you will get the chance to review your proposed purchase before being taken through to our checkout. We take all clients through a secure checkout system, as we realise that many of our gold coin purchases mark significant investments. You will receive a confirmation email shortly after your purchase has been made, followed by details concerning the postage information for your gold coin set. 

After your purchase has been processed, we will get to work on gathering your gold coins and preparing them for delivery. You can expect your package to be with you shortly, with the goods being handled by a reputable courier. Getting your gold coin set to your door in the best condition possible is vital to us, so you can expect the delivery process to be safe and swift. As you can see, the process of purchasing gold coin sets from our team couldn’t be simpler, so get started with us today! 

Our Range of Gold Coin Sets

At Gold Investments, we understand that our clients will be interested in a variety of gold coin options to add to their portfolios. After all, many investors are looking to build up varied coin collections with gold items produced by mints from all over the world. With this in mind, we’ve continued to expand and improve the selection of gold coins that we have available for our clients. We’re proud of our gold coin range, as we believe that it covers the most valuable and interesting areas of gold coin investment. 

As with all of our products, it’s of the utmost importance to us that our gold coins come from reputable sources and have been manufactured by proven mints. As such, we’re delighted to have gold coins that have been produced by The Royal Mint in the UK, The South African Mint, The Royal Canadian Mint, and many more. The quality of our gold coin sets is a testament to their origin, as all of these gold coins sport unique designs that are sure to impress investors who are looking to bolster their portfolio. 

Our team understand that every customer will have different goals in mind when it comes to investing in gold coins. Naturally, these goals will depend on how much investors are willing to spend on gold coins, with some customers looking to invest hundreds and others thousands of pounds. To make sure that we have suitable gold coin options available for all customers, we have a diverse range of coins that are suitable for everyone. Taking a look through our selection, you’re sure to find coins within your budget

We realise that many gold coin enthusiasts and investors will want to have a diverse collection of gold coins rather than simply investing in many of the same types of coins. As such, we’ve continued to broaden our selection of coins, allowing us to cater to the needs of all investors. Whether you’re looking for older gold coins that have survived through the ages or new mints to add to your collection, you’ll find an exciting range of gold coins when you take a look through our sets online. 

As mentioned before, gold coins have been an important part of civilisation for thousands of years, and we at Gold Investments firmly expect that to be the case well into the future. As such, we’re always looking to further broaden our selection of gold coins, introducing new mints and products to our clients. No matter what you’re looking to add to your gold coin collection, you can expect our staff to help you acquire the more obscure coins as we continue to update our online catalogue

Why Come to Gold Investments for Gold Coin Sets?

We at Gold Investments have been operating as bullion traders for many years and, over time, have worked with many investors who have looked to expand their portfolios. Our staff have gained plenty of experience over the years, which is why they’re confident in being able to assist all investors. No matter what type of bullion investment you’re hoping to make, we can ensure that you end up with a gold coin set that is suitable for your portfolio aims. 

For over 40 years, we’ve been delivering gold and silver coins and bars to clients who are looking to invest. It’s because of our long and impressive history that we’ve become the number one online bullion trader for investors. Thanks to our excellent reputation, we’re the first-choice team for gold coins for first-time and veteran investors alike. It’s because of this experience, along with the excellent local reputation, that you should reach out to us for gold coin sets and gold bars. 

Another reason why you should choose us at Gold Investments when looking to purchase gold coin sets is because of our safe and secure delivery options. We have an impressive track record when it comes to getting goods to our clients in the best condition possible. However, we understand that investors will always have concerns when it comes to the delivery of gold coins and bars. It’s for this reason that all of our deliveries are fully insured, giving you peace of mind concerning your gold coin orders. 

It has always been important to our team that we develop lasting relationships with our clients so that we can help with their gold coin portfolios in the future. With our gold club, which you can read more about below, and our personalised services and advice, we have built a viable bullion trading community that is open to everyone. It’s because of our growing community and the personalised service that we deliver to our clients that investors continue to choose us for gold coin sets. 

A final reason why you should consider us when choosing to purchase gold coin sets is because of the online resources that we have available. On our website, you will find useful guides on how to buy and sell gold, as well as where to store your gold coins and which safes are most suitable for domestic use. With this vital information, you will be able to make better decisions when it comes to buying gold coin sets and when you need to store them safely on your property. 

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The Only Bullion House Online Where You Can Sell and Buy Gold Coins 

We at Gold Investments aim to be the number one bullion house for online investors who are looking to purchase gold coins and other gold products. We’re proud to already be the go-to online bullion house for many investors, but we want to draw in even more potential clients who are interested in purchasing gold coins. To do this, we have made sure that we’re offering the best rates possible for our gold coin sets. When you purchase from us, you can rest assured that you’re getting the best rate possible. 

To make sure that our customers are always getting the best possible price for our gold coin sets, we constantly update our prices based on the live bullion market. On our website, we have live figures that show the current exchange rate for silver and gold prices next to your chosen currency. By taking advantage of this information, you can make sure that you’re getting your gold and silver coins for the best price available. 

Gold coins and silver bars
Gold Coin Sets

We want to cover all aspects of the bullion trade online, which is why we also allow clients to sell their gold coins and other bullion items. Our team will buy certain gold items from you and even help to facilitate selling your gold coins to other investors. Offering a complete platform and comprehensive service to our clients is essential, which is why we’ve continued to expand our capabilities over the years. You can learn more about our gold and silver selling options by speaking with one of our bullion experts. 

Other Coins We Offer   

At Gold Investments, we understand that there are many investors that will be interested in coins other than those made from gold. As it has always been our aim to cater to the needs of as many clients as possible, we’ve continued to expand the selection of coins that we have available. Along with our high-quality gold coin options, we also have silver coins, silver bars, and other ranges of coins and sets. Rest assured, all of our other products meet the same high standards of quality as our gold coins. 

After our gold coins, our most popular products are our silver coins. These coins are a great choice for first-time investors who are looking to learn the ropes of the precious metals market before making significant investments. Silver coins are more affordable, yet this does not mean that they’re any less precious, with many silver coins fetching a tidy sum. Silver coins are also perfect as a gift for a coin enthusiast if you’re looking to please without breaking the bank. 

Continuing on into our range of silver products, we also have a selection of quality silver bars available for would-be investors. Once again, these silver bars are an excellent option for first-time investors who have a little bit more capital to play with but want to get to know the market first. Our silver bars are available in a range of different weights, so you’re sure to find an option that is suitable for your budget. What’s more, all of our silver coins and bars come from reputable sources and are of exceptional quality. 

As well as having standard gold coins available, we also have a selection of other, less common gold coins available to be bought in sets. These other coins include the likes of Hong Kong gold coins, Piastres, Bahar Azadi gold coins, and much more. Some of these coins are extremely rare, so they will make a wonderful addition to your collection. We’re always adding new coins to our range, so be sure to check out our website regularly to see what new options we have available for gold investors. 

Other Gold Products on Offer 

As we’ve continued to expand and improve our selection of products, we’ve managed to attain more than just gold coins for investors who are interested in other gold products. Clients can also reach out to us for a selection of high-quality gold bars, all of which come from reliable sources and are of exceptional quality. Whether you’re looking to buy a large number of gold bars in order to make a long-term investment or you’d like to gift a gold bar to a loved one, we have options available for you. 

As with our gold coins, we understand that all clients will have different needs and budgets when it comes to investing in gold bars. It’s for this reason that we’ve continued to expand the selection of gold bars that we offer so that we have affordable items available for every customer. You can depend on our knowledgeable team to provide you with useful purchasing advice concerning our gold bars and answer any questions that you have about how these bars are delivered to customers. 

 Our Gold Club

If you are a keen trader of gold bars and coins, why not sign up for our gold club. At Gold Investments, we’re always looking to keep up with our community of traders and to help them to make smart decisions when it comes to investing in gold coins and other forms of bullion. To help our clients improve their investment tactics and their portfolio of coins, we’ve established the Gold Club, which is an online community where you can keep up to date with live changes in the market. 

Being able to see live market updates will help you to make better investment decisions when it comes to buying and selling both gold and silver. What’s more, the Gold Club will allow you to get more out of your portfolio through information in e-newsletters that will be sent out to you regularly. You’ll get quick access to a larger stock of coins, as well as information on upcoming releases. Best of all, the Gold Club is absolutely FREE to join, so join our growing community today and take advantage of our team!

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Get in Touch with Us Today! 

So, would you like to take advantage of the excellent gold coin sets that we have available? Then be sure to get in touch with us at Gold Investments today! Our friendly team of gold and silver investment experts will be more than willing to take you through our gold coin options and help you to make a suitable investment. You can depend on our staff to be clear and helpful at all times, as they give you the information that is needed to make sensible investments in gold coin sets. 

If you’re unable to reach us during business hours, fill out our online contact form or email your queries to [email protected]. Our staff will look over all of your questions thoroughly and get back to you as quickly as possible with the required information. Alternatively, you can speak with one of our gold coin specialists directly by calling us on 02072 837 752. Whatever contact method you choose, you can rest assured in the knowledge that you’re dealing with a reliable team of gold coin experts.