If you’re thinking about the gold market and want to sell your gold online, you have come to the right place. Here at Gold Investments, you can rest assured you can sell gold online safely and comfortably. Moreover, when you come to Gold Investments, you can ensure you sell your gold at the best prices. Not only that, but you will get our expert advice on your investments when buying and selling gold.  

So, if you would like to learn more about selling gold online and how we can help you, you can get in touch with our team here at Gold Investments. You can get in contact with our team by calling us on 020 7283 7752, and a member of our team will take you through our selling gold online services. Alternatively, you can send us an email at[email protected], and we will get back to you as soon as possible. 


The Number One Gold Dealership in the UK

We at Gold Investments take pride in being the number one gold dealership here in the UK. Our extensive experience in the gold dealing industry of over four decades has allowed us to offer you high-quality services. We deal with precious metals, and gold is one of the most valuable assets to work with. So, if you are considering buying or selling gold, you can rest assured we here at Gold Investments are the leaders of gold transactions here in the UK.  

Gold Investments provides you with a large selection of gold bars and coins to buy and sell. By selecting the ideal type of gold to trade with, you may turn your fortune into gold or money. Furthermore, you may be confident that our gold is of the purest and best quality. 

At Gold Investments, we feel that no other investment compares to gold to achieve long-term gain. In terms of profit rates, Gold Investments provide the most reassuring combination of advantages. As a result, gold prices are less subject to market fluctuations. 

No matter what you are going for, with all the gold variety and price rates available, we are sure you will find the perfect match to satisfy our clients looking for the best gold prices. We are glad to assist you in discovering the best gold investment at the best gold price rates for your benefit at Gold Investments. 

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Our Sell Gold Near Me Service

There are various ways to sell gold, but not all of them are equally trustworthy. If you sell your gold to a reputable buyer online, you’ll almost certainly get a better price than you would in a jewellery store or a pawn shop. As a result, you should come to us, the number one company for selling gold online that you can always rely on. 

Here at Gold Investments, we offer you many selling gold services for you to enjoy. We make it easy for you to sell gold online in a rapid, secure, and straightforward manner. Our gold experts will examine and assess your gold using cutting-edge equipment to determine its value and provide you with the best possible gold prices. 

Gold Investments does not only assist you in purchasing gold to diversify your portfolio, but we can also assist you in selling gold. Selling gold bullion can be a great way to get cash quickly while also taking advantage of the current high gold prices. 

The values of all of our gold coins and gold bars are displayed live on our website at Gold Investments. So, you can monitor the price of the gold coin you want to buy daily until it reaches the price you want. After that, whenever you want to make a purchase, simply click the purchase tab, and the price will be locked in. 

Canada Maple Leaf Gold Coin 1/2 Oz
2017 Britannia 1oz Gold Obverse

Why Sell Your Gold? 

Throughout history, gold was used as payment and a measure of worth. It is generally seen as the ideal emblem of wealth throughout cultures. The scarcity and beauty of gold were regarded as essential enough to become a viable trade and negotiating asset long before the establishment of stock markets and a globally recognised exchange system. 

Many people nowadays go towards investing in gold by buying and selling gold items, and for a good reason. Suppose profit is the ultimate goal, the most critical component of the transaction. Even though things have changed dramatically in recent years, the fundamentals of gold trading have remained primarily unchanged.  

The most striking difference is that our gold bartering and investment system is far more convoluted. Gold is currently widely utilised and seen as a means of securing or preserving earned wealth, particularly in times of economic uncertainty or unrest. It is considered a significantly more reliable and trustworthy asset than paper money, which has no intrinsic value or individuality. 

We understand that selling gold might be challenging, which is why we here at Gold Investments offer trustworthy services. You can rest assured you will achieve sustainable growth for profit rates when selling gold here. In addition, we are happy to provide a great mix of benefits so that you have gold prices less susceptible to market swings.  

Why Sell Your Gold? 

Is it a Good Time to Sell Gold? 

One of the fears you might have is the timing of selling gold: when is it a good time to sell gold? While gold has had intrinsic value throughout human history, its true worth can only be realised when it is sold. Gold’s value, like that of other commodities, fluctuates regularly. Predicting whether gold will rise or decline in value is complicated, akin to predicting the stock market. Even the most experienced investors fail to exceed the gold market periodically. 

The ideal moment to sell gold is determined by two factors: necessity and gold price. It’s worth as a longer-term investment, gold’s price volatility can even out over weeks. 

If you have gold that you want to sell at the best possible price, you can use gold predictions and analysis to stay on top of market trends. These can provide helpful gold price information, but their estimates aren’t always correct like everything else in the market. 

When the gold spot price is high, this is the most incredible opportunity to sell your gold and make rapid money. You can always rely on the gold professionals at Gold Investments to help you if you’re confused about whether the current spot price of gold is ideal for you to sell. You can either set up a price limit alert, in which case we’ll send you an email when the price you chose is met, prompting you to sell. On the other hand, you can contact us when you’re ready to sell. 

How Much Will You Get for Your Gold?

We at Gold Investments want to ensure you have a safe place to trade your gold online. So, you can rest assured you will get live prices and expert advice from our team to sell gold securely and at the prices you prefer.  

To ensure the success of our clients’ long-term investments, we promise to provide all required information. All of the necessary materials have been gathered by our gold experts and made available to all of our clients. This ensures you they can sell their gold swiftly and securely. From an exclusive Gold Club membership to current market price rate reporting and verified gold storage vault suggestions, Gold Investments, the finest location to sell gold, has you covered. 

At Gold Investments, our team can help you sell many types of gold, from gold coins to gold bars, with the click of a mouse. Although selling your gold in one of our London stores is the fastest way to make money, you can also sell your gold online from the comfort of your own home. 

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Live Gold Prices

Gold’s price fluctuates like that of any other commodity in today’s global markets. However, live gold prices may allow investors to keep a close eye on price movements and provide the information they need to make buying and selling choices. 

Live gold prices are updated on a regular basis and can provide near-instantaneous pricing data for the spot gold market. In addition, on charts, live gold prices can also be seen. This gives investors a way to spot price patterns in the gold market and hunt for precise locations of support and resistance to purchase or sell at. 

We are happy to be one of the first platforms to offer live gold prices all day, every day. With Gold Investments, you can keep an eye on the live gold prices so you can find the perfect price range to sell your gold.  

Sell Gold Bars

Gold Investments is the place to go if you want to sell your gold bars online. We can offer competitive prices and competent guidance on your investments because we have been in the gold dealing business for over four decades. On the day you send us gold, we pay extremely close to the spot London gold price. Sign up for our Gold Club for free if you wish to sell your gold bars to us. 

Because gold bars have high value, they provide protection against the volatility of other commodities. As a result, gold is known to be a safe investment. However, there are occasions when investors demand cash liquidity and selling gold is a great way to get it. 

Gold bars give security against the volatility of other metals due to their high value. As a result, it’s a risk-free bet. So, if you aim to sell your gold bars in a secure and timely manner, Gold Investments is the place to go. However, it’s vital to remember that the total value of gold bars shipped should not exceed £2,500 per shipment, as Royal Mail will only cover shipments up to that value. 

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Sell Gold Coins

With Gold Investments, you may sell your gold coins safely and securely online. We accept all minted coins as long as they are bullion coins, regardless of origin or dealer. You can trade-in your South African Krugerrands, Canadian Maple Leafs, Australian nuggets, and other collectable coins. 

Compared to bars, gold coins are a far more flexible way of selling gold since you can control the amount of gold traded much more readily. Gold bars have a lower spread. Coins are struck at a consistent weight, allowing easy international trading. 

Because the live price stated is based on the gold spot price, we must receive the gold within three working days of when the price is quoted for Gold Investments to help you sell your gold coins and bars as conveniently and securely as possible. If you don’t, the price will be void, and you’ll have to issue a new one for the day the gold was received. The approximate worth of gold being sent should not exceed this value in any shipment, as Royal Mail will only cover items up to £2,500. 

Other Gold Investment Opportunities Available

Alongside us being known for the best platform to sell your gold online, we also offer our clients a vast number of trading services. Here at Gold Investments, you can buy a selection of precious metals, including gold and silver. We are happy to provide you with an online platform so you can invest in gold. In addition, we offer prestigious gold and silver coins and bars from the oldest bullions here in the UK.  

At Gold Investments, our gold specialists are always ready to guide you through the process of investing in, purchasing, or selling gold and silver. Their almost 50 years of experience in the gold market guarantees you the most competent gold and silver consulting. Furthermore, Gold Investments takes pleasure in providing personalised advice to each of its clients, both private and institutional. 

Our exquisite gold collection is available for purchase online in the form of bars and coins. Our step-by-step instructions will take you through the process. Visit our gold shop in London if you want to examine it first-hand and have a tangible sense of it. On our comprehensive website, we will walk you through the process of purchasing gold in the UK for investment, as well as how to preserve and store it. 

Our customers are our top priority, and we strive to provide them with adequately suited solutions for selling and buying gold in the UK for investment purposes. On our comprehensive website, we will walk you through the sensitive process of buying and selling gold in the UK for investment purposes, as well as how to safeguard it and store it properly. At Gold Investment, we make diversifying your portfolio simple and straightforward. 

Why Use Our Sell Gold Near Me Service? 

Gold Investments has been trusted to purchase and sell gold for more than four decades and provides prestigious quality gold at cheap pricing. We take pleasure in being a family-owned and operated company. As a result, you have access to a wide range of distinct gold types at your fingertips. 

Our long-term clients have complete faith in their gold deposits with us. In their 40 years of service, our members and staff have developed profound expertise in the gold market, and they are more than qualified to lead you through your trip to buy gold. We can provide you with competitive rates and knowledgeable financial advice. We pay incredibly close to the current London gold price on the day you deliver us the gold bar or coin you want to sell.  

From live market data to licensed storage vaults, we provide the best guidance on how to preserve your financial assets. You can trust Gold Investments by selling and buying your gold.  

With our approved storage solution, we ensure the safety of your investments. In addition, London Silver Vaults provides the most refined gold and silver storage. 

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Now that you have read all about how to sell gold near you, we are confident you will choose Gold Investments when you plan to sell your gold online. You can rest assured knowing that Gold Investments is the leader in trading gold online safely, securely, and at the best prices. Not only that, but we offer you live prices around the clock. Our experts are happy to share their advice when it comes to investing in gold online. We aim to diversify your portfolio and help you through the investment journey.  

If you want to learn more about how Gold Investments can help you, you can contact our friendly team. You can get in contact by calling us on 020 7283 7752, and we will be happy to answer all your questions about gold investment. Alternatively, you can get in touch by sending an email to [email protected], and we will get back to you as soon as possible.