Investing in gold has been a popular choice of investment for many people for hundreds of years now, as gold has always been a valuable commodity across the world. You will find that gold is much more valuable and stable than paper money, as paper money can be affected by economic crises and fluctuate in value because of it. The value of paper money is always changing, but the value of gold, while it does vary, stays quite stable in comparison. 

As such, any form of gold makes for a great investment, whether as part of an investment portfolio or as a one-off investment purchase. However, with so many different forms of gold available for investment, it can be difficult knowing what type of gold is best to buy. The most common types of gold available for investment purposes are gold bars and gold coins, both of which are known as gold bullion.  

Here at Gold Investments, we are the oldest gold bullion dealers in the UK, and we are on hand to assist you with any form of gold investment. Whether you wish to look at gold coins for sale, gold bars for sale, or you simply wish to find out more about gold investment first, we are available. We can offer expert advice alongside a large range of gold for sale. 

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Which Gold Bullion to Buy?

If you are contemplating making an investment in gold, you will most likely find yourself wondering which gold bullion to buy. There are two main types of gold bullion for investment purposes, and those are gold coins and gold bars. Which gold bullion you buy will depend on your own circumstances and investment purposes, but both make for great investments. 

Gold coins are a solid investment for a few reasons, one of which is, of course, that gold holds its value better than paper money, making it a stable commodity. As with any investment, the initial cost of investment will play a part in the return on investment you can achieve – the lower the initial cost, the more you stand to gain if you sell.  

The great thing about investing in gold coins is that specific gold coins, produced by The Royal Mint, are exempt from VAT and Capital Gains Tax, making the initial investment cost lower. This is because these coins are classed as legal tender in the UK. So, if you invest in The Royal Mint’s Sovereign or Britannia gold coins, you will save money on both VAT and CGT. 

As for gold bars, these are another great investment option for long-term investors and those wishing to purchase a gift for someone else. All of our gold bars are pure 24-caract gold (999.9) and they are manufactured by London Bullion Market Association (LBMA) approved refiners. As such, you can trust in the quality and value of our gold bars. 

Whichever gold option you choose, you can trust that you are investing in a stable and valuable commodity when you buy gold bullion from Gold Investments. 

What Gold Bars Should I Buy? 

If you have decided to buy gold bars for your gold investment, there are many options you can choose from. Here at Gold Investments, we stock a wide range of gold bars for sale at low premiums, ensuring we can cater to every investor’s needs. Whether you are looking to buy a gold bar as a gift, or you wish to make a larger investment for your portfolio, we will have gold bars to suit your needs. 

All of our gold bars are pure 24-carat gold (999.9), and these are all manufactured by London Bullion Market Association (LBMA) approved refiners, including Heraeus, Metalor, Umicore, and PAMP.  

In general, gold bars are the most economical way of investing in physical gold, which makes them an attractive option for serious investors. We offer gold bars in a variety of weights, from 5g through to 1kg, and we also sell gold bars weighted in troy ounces.  

Our range of gold bars includes: 

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Should You Buy Gold? 

So, now you know more about the different types of gold available for investment, you might be wondering whether you should buy gold for your investment portfolio. Well, we at Gold Investments believe that gold is a solid investment for both beginners and experienced investors, as it is a stable commodity that will hold its value, even in economic crisis. Gold bullion is a way to offset inflation – currencies are volatile, but the value of gold remains stable across the world. 

If you wish to buy gold, but you aren’t sure how to buy gold, we are on hand to assist. Our site makes it simple to buy any gold for investment purposes and, thanks to our live price tracker, you will always know the current value of each gold product.  

If you wish to purchase at a specific cost, we offer a price limit alert system, which will automatically let you know when your price has been reached, inviting you to buy. 

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After reading all of the above information, you should hopefully know more about the different types of gold you can invest in, and why gold makes a solid investment for your portfolio. If you have read the above and wish to buy gold coins or gold bars for your own investment portfolio, you certainly need look no further than Gold Investments, as we are the oldest gold bullion dealers in the UK. 

We have many years of experience in buying and selling both gold and silver, so you can trust our expert team to assist you with your own requirements. We will offer helpful advice throughout the investment process. 

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