Making an investment in gold has been a popular choice for hundreds of years, as gold is a valuable commodity that holds its stability and value, even in times of economic crisis. For many who have made an investment in gold, they often wonder if it is worth selling their gold or if they should hold onto it. This is something gold investors are constantly considering. 

Some people do purchase gold as an investment to use as a hedge or insurance against other markets crashing. Some investors, however, do purchase gold for the sole purpose of making money, which will mean selling your gold. Essentially, the ultimate goal for many when making investments in gold is to sell at some point for a return on investment. 

In cases where you have purchased gold for the purpose of selling for a profit, you will need to identify when it is worth selling your gold. To do this, you will need to keep an eye on the price of gold, which is something we make simple at Gold Investments with our live gold price.  

We track the value of gold in real time, constantly updating the price in relation to the Dollar. This means that, if you are considering selling your gold, you will know exactly how much you can get for it, ensuring you sell for a profit. 

Are Gold Coins Worth Anything?

You might be wondering if gold coins are worth anything because you have gold coins you wish to sell or you are considering making a gold coin investment. Like with other forms of gold, such as gold bars, the value of gold coins isn’t fixed – the price will depend on certain variables, such as weight, gold purity, and the current gold market price. It is their fine gold content that makes them valuable – gold coin prices are calculated through multiplying the pure gold content by the current gold market price. 

There are some cases where a gold coin will be worth more than the value worked out with the above calculations. This is the case for certain collectible coins, as these are far rarer than other gold coins and, as such, will be worth much more to certain buyers. If coins are produced to a higher standard or it is a commemorative coin with limited numbers made, it could be worth more. 

Additionally, there are some coins that are exempt from VAT and capital gains tax, such as those produced by The Royal Mint. This means you will pay less for the purchase, as you won’t be paying tax or VAT, which can make your return on investment much higher. 

Here at Gold Investments, we can assist you with valuating your gold coins price based on the live gold coins prices.  

Can Gold Coins Be Sold?

If you find yourself asking if you can sell gold coins, the simple answer is yes, you can always sell your gold coins. Gold coins are actually a much more flexible means of selling gold, as you can manage the amount of gold traded much more easily than compared with large bullion bars. Additionally, gold coins are minted at a standard weight, making then easily tradeable internationally. 

Here at Gold Investments, we can assist you when you wish to sell gold coins. You can sell your gold coins safely and securely online with Gold Investments, as we accept all minted coins, regardless of origin or dealership, as long as they are bullion coins.  

We list all live gold coin prices on our site, so you can see how much your gold coins are worth at the time. All you need to do is press the sales tab at the point you would like to sell for, and the price will be locked in. We also offer a price limit alert system, where you can set a price that you wish to sell for, and our system alerts you when this price has been reached, inviting you to sell your gold coins

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Can Gold Bars Be Sold?  

As with selling gold coins, you can also sell your gold bars online through Gold Investments too. Gold bars are often purchased as an investment as they offer protection from the volatility of other commodities, as gold bars retain their high value. This makes them a reliable investment option. However, if you require cash liquidity, selling your gold bars can be a great way of making this happen, and we can help with this. 

As with the gold coins, all gold bar prices are listed live on our site, ensuring you know exactly what your gold bar is worth at any time. Knowing the current market value can help you sell at the right time, ensuring you get the highest return on investment possible. Again, all you need to do is press the sales tab at the price point you wish to sell for, and your price will be locked in. 

If you want to keep an eye on the value of your gold bars and set an alert for a certain price, our price limit alert system can help. Just set the price you want to sell your gold for and, when that price is reached on the market, you will be alerted. 

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