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Here at Gold Investments, we have managed to acquire over 50 years of experience in the business of gold bars, gold coins, and gold bullion investment. We are the best team to come to for when you need to buy gold bullion from a trusted gold dealer.  

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Where’s the Best Place to Buy Gold? 

At Gold Investments, one of our most important goals is to our clients’ trust. We’ve acquired a unique position in the market thanks to 50 years of complete transparency and mutual trust with our clients. Needless to say, Gold Investments is a family-owned and operated company with an excellent reputation. We treat your gold assets as if they were our own, and we take full responsibility for them. 

Gold Investments ensures that our clients have access to the best and most reliable storage vaults available. 

These facilities are designed to provide safer storage and better security. As a result, your precious investments are carefully stored in a secure high-end vault. We places a high value on our trustworthy vault storage partners such as London Silver Vaults and other qualified contractors. 

Gold Investments’ gold bars and coins are among the most competitively priced gold bars and coins in the United Kingdom. Our Gold Investments clients can now select the vault storage option that best meets their needs for storing their precious metals, regardless whether they are silver or gold. 

In addition to all of the benefits we provide here at Gold Investments, we also provide affordable gold storage alternatives at the London Silver Vaults for as little as £4 per one oz per year for your gold and silver bars and coins storage. Gold Investments will assist you in deciding which storage option is best for you by outlining each option in depth. 

Using Gold Investments to store your gold is safer for the investor because their assets are closer to them, as opposed to using offshore accounts, which keep the investor’s belongings far away. Offshore accounts do have the advantage of avoiding certain countries’ tax and currency restrictions, but safety is always higher on the priority list for gold investors. 

A Quick Introduction to Gold Investments   

Oliver Temple, the company’s CEO, has over 30 years of experience and understanding in the investment markets. The company prides itself on providing personalised service to all of its clients, both individual and institutional. As the Internet Era progresses, Gold Investments is the only bullion business that now offers the option to purchase and sell online gold with live pricing via their website, all backed up by the same professional service.  

Gold Investments provided a friendly and professional face to investment once investment into qualified gold bullion bars and coins became officially VAT-free throughout the European Union. They continue to do so to this day. In our bank, we always keep a variety of coins and bars on hand. 

All coins and bars that are showcased on our website are in stock, and we always keep a large array of coins and bars in our bank vaults for fast delivery. 


The Go-To Gold Dealer  

Our team of gold trade specialists are firm believers in the fact that no other investment can match the value of gold. One of the most well-known advantages of gold is its ability to provide you with the peace of mind that comes with a safe investment. 

At Gold Investments, we feel that no other investment compares to gold in terms of longevity. Gold investments provide the most reassuring combination of advantages in terms of profit margins. This indicates that gold prices are less vulnerable to possible market fluctuations. 

This is an appealing feature of gold price rates, which are growing more resistant to inflation, stock market declines, and even real estate market declines. Investors who wish to put their money into real assets will be exceptionally attracted to these high profit margins. 

Gold Investments‘ team of professional gold investors will provide you with real-time gold prices taken straight from stock market updates throughout the world. These rates are constantly updated on our website and only include the most recent market prices. 

Furthermore, all of our gold comes from Gold Investments, which is a London Bullion Market Association (LBMA) accredited vendor. This means that each gold item on our website has been certified as being of the best quality and standard gold available in the United Kingdom. 

A History of Gold

Gold refining and trading have existed since 3600 BC, when gold was first smelted in Ancient Egypt. Gold was first described as “more abundant than dirt” in Egyptian hieroglyphs. Even a gold mine plan was depicted on the earliest maps that have been uncovered. 

Following that, designs for golden jewellery were unveiled, as well as funeral masks for King Tutankhamun, which were made of gold since it appeared to be rust-resistant. 

The first gold currency was discovered in Minor Asia in approximately 600 BC, and it was a blend of silver and gold. Following that, the Persians took gold from the Lydians as their primary metal for coinage, and gold commerce as currency began. 

Where Does Gold Come From?   

Gold has long been regarded as one of the world’s most valuable metals. It has always been highly treasured by royalty, and it continues to be so now. Because gold is a limited resource, which means there is only so much of it in the world, its value only rises. It is now regarded as a very stable currency, making it an excellent investment opportunity. 

But, after all, where does gold come from? 

There were only three elements left after the Big Bang: hydrogen, helium, and lithium. Where did gold come from, because it is not made up of any of these components and is instead its own element? 

A huge abundance of gold and platinum has been found in the electromagnetic spectrum of a neutron star collection, which would explain how gold came to Earth millions and millions of years ago, according to the current theory. 

Where Is there gold in the world? 

“Where is gold mined in the world?” you might be wondering. Gold may be discovered in mines and waterways all around the world. South Africa, the United States, Indonesia, Australia, and Canada are home to some of the world’s largest gold mines. 

Primary and secondary gold are the two types of gold found around the world. Primary gold is found in rock formations, and when a significant amount of it is discovered, a gold mine can be established. 

Gold is frequently discovered in rock formations alongside other valuable minerals like silver or quartz. 

Small streams that have passed through these rock formations and carried small nuggets or flakes that  hold secondary gold. The gold settles at the bottom of the waterway, where it is covered by soil, silt, and sand as the water moves it along. As in the California Gold Rush, the gold can then be sorted and collected. 

The world’s largest gold mine is currently located in South Africa’s Witwatersrand basin, which has produced a significant amount of the world’s gold. 

Where to Find Gold in the UK 

Since the Roman Empire, gold has been frequently mined in the United Kingdom. Between 1860 and 1909, gold production peaked at roughly 3,500 kg. Scotland, North Wales, and Southwest England have the highest gold concentrations in the UK. 

In Northern Ireland, for example, a 30-mile gold trend near Clontibret in County Monaghan is estimated to contain 15-20 million ounces of gold (worth roughly £11 billion). The South Crofty mine near Camborne, also in Cornwall, was changed from a highly profitable tin mine to a gold mine when traces were discovered by exploratory drilling. This gold mine, according to scientists, may be more gold-rich than some of California’s most famous mines. 

Aside from gold mines, substantial stashes of ancient gold coins from the Romans are occasionally discovered using metal detecting machinery at locations throughout the United Kingdom. 

Gold and other precious metals are abundant in the United Kingdom, as they are in many other parts of the world. 

Why is Gold a Popular Investment?

Gold is a one-of-a-kind asset; it’s very liquid while also being scarce, it’s a luxury item as well as an investment. No one is liable for gold, and there is no counterparty risk. As a result, it can be an important part of an investment portfolio. 

In times of market stress, gold functions as a diversifier and a vehicle to reduce losses. It can protect you from inflation and currency risk. 

Investors should be aware of the following facts: 

  • Gold is a mainstream asset that is influenced by a variety of factors other than investment demand. It is also one of the most effective diversifiers. 
  • When compared to other major financial assets, gold offers competitive returns. 
  • Gold provides downside protection as well as a favourable return. 
  • Fiat currencies, such as the US dollar, tend to lose value against gold over time. 

How to Buy Gold

At Gold Investments, we strive to make the process of purchasing gold as simple as possible for our consumers. With the assistance of our team, you will be able to quickly choose the payment option you like. Whether you want to pay with cash, cheques, or bank transfers, our team will take care of you. Keep in mind that we adhere to UK money laundering restrictions, which limit us to accepting cash contributions of up to £7,500. 

Our gold investing team is particularly concerned with the accessibility of the gold services we provide. That is why we offer our customers the option of picking up their purchases in person at our London store. 

Another benefit that the Gold Investments team offers to our clients is the ability to have their purchases delivered to their doorsteps, no matter where they are in the world. For all orders above £1000, we are now giving free silver delivery services. 

One of our close affiliates, London Silver Vaults, offers their well-known excellent storage vault services for only £4 per ounce each year. If you’d like to learn more about Gold Investments’ fine metal services, please contact our metal trading experts. On weekdays from 9:00 a.m. to 16:30 p.m., we would be delighted to answer any queries you may have. 

Naturally, the prices on our website fluctuate on a regular basis as the stock market fluctuates. When our client decides to buy something and clicks “buy,” the price is automatically fixed and does not change throughout the checkout process. This price will remain fixed for the customer for a period of 48 hours after they’ve clicked “buy”, as long as the money for your intended purchase goes through the system. 

When our clients’ intended price point is reached, the Gold Investments team notifies them. One of the many useful services we provide is this alert service.

How to Sell Gold

Gold Investments allows you to quickly and easily sell gold. All gold bar and gold coin values are posted live on our website at Gold Investments. Simply select the sales tab next to the item you want to sell, and the price will be set. Our price limit alert system sends you an email when the price you selected has been reached and encourages you to sell, at your convenience. Setting up an alert is straightforward and quick. 

You can then send your gold to us via insured special delivery or bring it to us in person. 

We hold our website trading times Monday through Friday, from 8.30 a.m. to 6.30 p.m.  Before selling online, you must be a member of our Gold Club, which is free to join. If you prefer, you can call the office on 0207 283 7752 and our courteous staff will provide you with current prices if you wish to sell gold. Until either you or the gold arrive, this price will remain constant.  

All of the gold must be in good condition. All bars must come from a refiner on the LBMA Good Delivery List in order to receive the fixed pricing. If you’d like to start an account in person, talk to us about investing, or sell your gold, do not hesitate to contact us

Please contact us to schedule an appointment to see how we can help you. 

Our Range of Gold Commodities

Our great range of gold bullion includes gold coins and gold bars that are up to the best of international bullion standards. The price of gold bars and gold coins is stated right under their illustration. Buy gold bullion at the best price points with us now at Gold Investments.  

Gold Bars

We provide a large selection of gold bars for sale at reasonable prices to meet the demands of any gold investor. Whether you’re looking to buy a 5g gold ingot as a gift or a 1kg gold bar as a long-term investment, we have got you covered. Our team of experienced gold experts with over 50 years of experience are here to help you through every step of the way. 

Our gold bars are pure 24 carat gold (999.9) and are made by LBMA-approved refiners such as HeraeusMetalorUmicore, and PAMP. All gold bar purchases come with insured delivery, and you can store your gold in our safe London vaults

Gold Coins  

We have a variety of popular gold coins in stock that are great for investing because of their lower prices and the freedom they provide when it comes to realising your investment. In the United Kingdom, gold coins are VAT-free, and the Royal Mint’s Sovereign and Britannia gold coins are capital gains tax-free due to their legal tender status. 

Our gold coins are produced by some of the world’s most prestigious mints, including The Royal Mint, The South African Mint, and The Royal Canadian Mint, ensuring their high quality. 

All gold coin purchases come with insured delivery, and you can store your gold in our safe London vaults. 

Where to Keep your Gold Coins

After you’ve decided to invest in gold, the following step is to decide where you’ll keep your money. 

When it comes to storing precious metals, there are a few possible choices. It’s crucial to consider each choice carefully, as it may be more cost-effective to use numerous storage services. 

Here’s a quick rundown of the various secure gold storage options available, so your new gold investment is as safe as possible. 

Vault Storage 

Another highly secure option is to keep your gold investment in a vault. There are a few advantages to this as well, two of which are quick access and diversification. 

If you keep your gold in a vault, you’ll have the convenience of being able to buy, sell, and store your precious metals all in one location. It also remains in the investor’s full ownership. 

You may learn more about vault storage charges here

Bank Safe 

A bank locker in the United Kingdom may be the first place that comes to mind when thinking about where to store gold. Many individuals find this choice to be useful, but there are a few things to bear in mind. 

To begin with, while a bank locker may be affordable, the person renting the bank locker is normally responsible for insuring the contents separately. 

Second, depending on how quickly the gold can be resold, holding gold in a bank locker may be a viable option for some investors. If you have gold in the form of coins, such as American EagleKrugerrand, or Sovereign, the resale time can be quite short because they are all recognised currencies that do not require an assay to authenticate the gold. This makes them more liquid and, if needed, easier to resell. 

Home Safe 

Some investors may believe that keeping their gold at home is the best approach. If you decide to go for this method, make sure to take extra care to protect the safety of your investment

When purchasing a safe for your house, it is typically recommended that you pay for it in cash, keep it in a secure, hidden area, and inform as few people as possible about it. The fewer people who know you have gold in your home, the better. 

Most homeowner’s insurance policies include cash-related things, although the amount of coverage is typically limited. You might want to look into getting a new insurance policy to protect any gold you have in your home. In this scenario, it’s also worth noting that having your gold insured by an insurance provider means that someone else is aware that you have gold at home. 

Other Precious Metals Available

We at Gold Investments have not only managed to offer one of the largest selections of gold bullion stocks available in the UK, but we have also managed to cover the silver market. If you’ve been looking for the best selection of silver bullion available in your area, Gold Investments is the place to go. 

Before getting too deep into the silver bullion market, any investor should have a few things in mind. Silver bullion investment is comparable to gold investment in that it has shown to be a long-term investment. Paper money, unlike silver, has a lot more room for value depreciation. 

Silver has a timeless value due to the limited amount of silver available. 

When it comes to investing in silver, our customers frequently choose valuable and tangible assets that are widely accepted and exchanged. Furthermore, when an investor chooses to trade in silver, he or she is choosing a safe investment that has proven to be resistant to cybercrime and hacking, as silver is not as vulnerable as other digital assets. 

Silver is a low-risk investment because it is far less expensive than gold. To satisfy their needs, a client can now sell a tiny denomination of silver rather than a whole ounce of gold. Furthermore, silver is more useful for international trade. 

You can browse the silver alternatives available on the Gold Investment website by scrolling through the silver section. You can also contact us if you’re looking for a specific kind of silver that isn’t listed on our website. 

Every single item we sell in our store is supplied by a London Bullion Market Association licenced refiner, which has been a fact in the metal dealing sector for 50 years. One of our key focuses here at Gold Investments is ensuring the purity and quality of the commodities in our store, as this helps us maintain optimal profit margins. 

Regardless of market swings, Gold Investments strives to maximise your future gains by selling all of our stock markets at the lowest premium above spot. 

Why are we the Best Place to Buy Gold?

At Gold Investments, our top priority is to improve client service. We strive to assist each and every client in achieving the gold investment solutions they require in order to benefit from every customer interaction. Our clients can also benefit from customer counselling to assist them improve their financial portfolio. 

All live market prices will be broadcast on our website by our team of gold trading professionals. These broadcasts are guaranteed to be real-time live market price relays that will assist you in making the best option possible regarding your next move. 

Furthermore, we are committed to offering a wide range of payment options to all of our customers. Whether you choose cash, check, or bank transfer as a payment option, our team of gold trade experts at Gold Investments can make it happen. In addition, if you give us enough time to secure the payment, we can offer you fair cash prices for the gold you want to sell


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