Buying gold for investment purposes has been popular for many years now, as gold has long been a valuable and reliable commodity across the world. Gold is an asset with intrinsic value, and it is a great hedge against economic and political crises. As such, for many investors, the option to buy gold as an investment over other commodities has always been a safe option.  

Plus, given the finite supply of gold, the rare metal looks to only increase in value over time, making it a wise investment choice. So, why buy gold? Well, as you can see from the above, gold is an investment option that will hold its value, even in times of economic crisis, unlike paper money which can lose its value. 

Why Buy Gold Bullion?

Gold has been a valued commodity for centuries and, in this time, people have continued to hold gold for various reasons. Economies have placed huge value on gold over the years, perpetuating its worth, and gold is the rare metal that we fall back on when other forms of currency, such as paper money, is devalued, such as in times of economic crisis. This means that gold will always hold its value, regardless of the circumstances, and as such always be a wise investment

While it is true that gold holds its value in times of economic crisis, unlike paper money, it can be stated that gold can actually increase in value during these times. Gold is generally bought and sold on the market in relation to the US dollar and, when the value of the dollar falls against other currencies, gold prices rise. This is because in these times, people flock to the gold market as it is a commodity that provides financial security. 

Additionally, gold bullion is an excellent hedge against inflation too, as the gold price tends to rise when the cost of living increases.  

As you can see from the above, buying gold bullion is a great investment financially, as it holds it value and, in times of economic crisis, can even increase in value. 

Why Buy Gold Sovereigns? 

There are many types of gold bullion available to purchase for investment purposes, one of which is gold Sovereigns. There are three reasons as to why investors see gold Sovereigns as a desirable asset, starting with their history.  

British gold Sovereigns were first minted during Henry VII’s reign in 1489 and the most famous design dates back to 1817, featuring St George and the dragon. During 2017, the gold Sovereign reached its 200th anniversary, and it is still the flagship gold coin made by the Royal Mint today. 

While each gold sovereign has a face value of £1, the gold coin itself is worth far more because of the gold content it boasts, which is 0.235 troy ounces. The smaller size of these gold coins makes them ideal for investors, as they are easy to buy and sell when required.  

Additionally, gold sovereigns are the ideal investment choice thanks to their status as legal tender under British law. This means that gold sovereign coins are exempt from Capital Gains Tax and VAT, meaning you can purchase them at a far lower entry point than other gold coins. 

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Why Buy Gold Coins?

Gold coins have a long history in trading, which dates back to 6,000BC, and it remains one of the most reliable methods of investment globally. This is because gold coins are a relatively stable product in financial terms, especially when compared to other forms of gold. You will find that gold coins are typically minted verified and, as long as they are bought from a reliable source such as Gold Investments, well defined in terms of purity.  

Additionally, gold coins are produced and minted by governments, not private sources, so they are far more likely to be accepted by traders.  

Here at Gold Investments, we stock a range of popular gold coins for sale, and these are ideal for investment purposes due to their low premiums and the flexibility they offer when it comes to realising your investment. The gold coins on our site are exempt from VAT in the UK and The Royal Mint’s Sovereign and Britannia coins are also Capital Gains Tax free due to their status as legal tender.  

Our gold coins are manufactured by the world’s leading mints, including: 

Why Buy Gold Bars?

Gold bars are an excellent way to preserve your wealth, and they can be sold on for a profit. In general, you will find that gold bars are the most economical way of investing in physical hold, and this makes them an attractive option for serious investors. Gold bullion, such as gold bars, is a great way to offset inflation – where currencies are volatile, the value of gold remains stable. 

At Gold Investments, we offer gold bars in many weights, from 5g through to 1kg – we also sell in troy ounces. Smaller bars are easier to sell and more flexible, but they do not realise as much value as larger bars. Heavier bars offer more value due to lower premiums but offer less flexibility. The size and weight of gold bar you purchase depends on the investment you wish to make. 

Our gold bars are 24 carat gold (999.9) and are manufactured by London Mullion Market Association approved refiners. 

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Here at Gold Investments, we are the oldest gold bullion dealers in the UK, and we have over 50 years of experience in the buying and selling of gold for investment purposes. We offer a personal service to ever client, regardless of their investment requirements, and we always offer advice tailored to your needs. We can help you make the best gold investment possible when you buy gold online, and we can even securely store your gold for you too. 

So, if you wish to make an investment in gold, take a moment to browse through the many gold coins and gold bars we have available for sale at Gold Investments.  

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